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Question about YM40 126622 Rhodium Demand

2021.12.03 18:44 killspike22 Question about YM40 126622 Rhodium Demand

Hey there, I just got on a "waitlist" / interest list for a YM40 Rhodium about 2 months ago at my local AD (NYC area), and I'm wondering how the demand on these are.
As far as I know a year ago, these things were a sub alternative to those who can't get a sub and weren't sought after and went on discount. But I'm guessing due to the market now, people are gobbling these up just the same??? What's the demand on these things (are there actually hundreds of people interested in the YM40 rhodium?)
So realistically speaking, how long will I need to wait to get a call back? (No purchase history)
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2021.12.03 18:44 divinelysinful Thought this belonged here!

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2021.12.03 18:44 purply_rifle3 Orchestra

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2021.12.03 18:44 Planty_in_the_burbs What is this on my sweet potato vine?

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2021.12.03 18:44 Chetdizzy Saint Nicholas

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2021.12.03 18:44 noobwithboobs I just discovered spider mites will migrate towards water from a dry plant D:

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2021.12.03 18:44 toastbed Zekrom on me 8377 2111 3880 adding a few

8377 2111 3880
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2021.12.03 18:44 Gstar99_ mary (frozy x londoni)

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2021.12.03 18:44 vegetablesrgood666 My boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex.

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now (recently moved in). He has this ex.. a little bit about her..They lived together like 6 or 7 years ago. Apparently she broke up with him, they didn't talk for a long time but eventually reconnected as friends. Shes lives on one coast and we live on another coast so there's some distance. Right before we first met, she broke up with a long term boyfriend and he went and visited heslept with her. Now that was right before we met so I obviously can't be bothered by that but I noticed that they were always talking. Her name was always popping up on his phone and naturally I did a little snooping a few times. It never seemed like anything inappropriate minus sending selfies and pictures back and forth. But she always very friendly with him and she talks to him about guy issues she has etc. This eventually got to me because at the time I wasn't sure who she was and our relationship was fairly new. it all came out after I asked him who she was and I put the two and two together and figured out she was the one he went and visited. So naturally that made me upset, it was our first argument. His reasoning was that he doesn't care for her like anything other than a friend, he never planned on going to visit her to sleep with her and that she was his confidant. I asked him if he was still in love with her and he said absolutely not he only cares for her as a friend. It bothered me that he had so recently slept with her and all throughout our relationship was constantly talking to her. I did not give him any ultimatums and I did not tell him to cut off ties with her, my response was if you care about me you will distance yourself from her and cut down the constant communication. He did for the most part but not as much as I had hoped. I guess I was hoping he'd draw a fine line with her and stop communicating completely because of how upset it made me but he'd still respond when she messaged him. Recently it seems to have started up again, nothing inappropriate but he's still being super chatty with her, she mentioned that she would be in town at the end of December and she really wanted to see him and possibly me if that wasn't weird. His response was he wasn't sure if wed be in town or not. Not no, not yes that's weird and obviously she doesn't have any boundaries because he never made any with her and she thinks it would be perfectly fine to visit him a year after the first argument we had. I saw her last text to him was confirming the days she would be in town andfor him to let her know when he'd want to get together so she can clear that time for him. Didn't mention me this time. He didn't respond to that at all. Which upsets me even more honestly. He didn't tell her no, he left it open. So what if he does decide to visit her when she does come down? I don't know what to do or if I'm being crazy. It would've made me happy to see him say no and that would not be ok or that he didn't want to, I don't want him to be mean to her I just want him to make it all stop. I don't think he would cheat on me with her but it would be a huge deal if he saw her when she was down. And now I'm stressing out I don't know if I should confront him about it or see what he does when she's in town. It also really bothered me that he never told me this. So it really feels like he's keeping it from me. Helpppp
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2021.12.03 18:44 ldegoldegol I accept follows on ig, snap, and reddit

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2021.12.03 18:44 F1lthyG0pnik A DBD Killer Concept: The Myth/Slenderman!

As promised, I said I would do a Killer concept for Slenderman. So, here we are. NOTE: The Myth is Slendy’s Killer name.
The Myth uses its terrifying powers to traverse the map with ease and hinder the Survivors’ senses.
Basics Height: Tall Movement Speed: 4.2 m/s Terror Radius: 32 meters Weapon: Terrifying Tendrils
Active Ability: Slender Walk Press the Active Ability button to instantly teleport to a desired destination. Slenderman can travel through walls and obstacles by doing this, but cannot change his vertical elevation. There is a slight delay immediately after using a Slender Walk before you can use another one.
NOTE: The Myth’s Power is heavily inspired by the Nurse’s Power. Both the Blink and Slender Walk have 3 charges, but there are stark contrasts mechanically. Nurse can travel long distances and has more freedom of movement, at the cost of needing more travel time. Slender Man, on the other hand, cannot travel as far and has less freedom of movement, but travels to the desired destination much faster than Nurse.
Passive Ability: Selective Vision The Entity has granted the Myth permission to choose who sees it and when. If the Myth looks in the direction of a Survivor during a Chase and view of the survivor is unobstructed, that Survivor will suffer from the Blindness and Deafened status effects. The Obsession is unaffected by this.
Perks Something Awful: The extent of your true power remains hidden to the outside world. 1 randomly chosen Dull Totem on the trial grounds will become a Trapped Hex Totem. When a Survivor cleanses or blesses this Hex Totem, that Survivor suffers from the Exhausted status effect for 40/50/60 seconds.
“He gets inside your head like a virus.” -Wren
Urban Legend: Tales of your strange terror are spread by word of mouth. Survivors performing Cooperative Actions within your Terror Radius will have their Auras revealed for 7/8/9 seconds.
“Always watches, no eyes.” -Unknown
The End?: Your greatest achievement is yet to come. The Endgame Collapse timer progresses 50/75/100% quicker.
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” -Unknown
Will BHVR ever add Slenderman into the game? It’s BHVR, so probably not. Anyway, leave thoughts in the comments. I hope y’all enjoyed!
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2021.12.03 18:44 KidNextDoor21 Dm to chat about my bengali friend

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2021.12.03 18:44 Rairaijin Is it acceptable to refer to homosexuals as fairies/Fey in polite conversation?

I'm curious if it's considered derogatory to refer to homosexuals as fairies/ Fey because an older relative asked about Santa Monica and West Hollywood the first description that came to mind was "think magical sparkly fairy land with alot of shiny clubs and discos frequented by equally colorful people". I am wondering if this description is a little overboard considering it's difficult to explain alternative sexualities to someone born before the 70s. Is it acceptable to refer to homosexuals as fairies/Fey?
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2021.12.03 18:44 CookieFace999 Political rework of Baltic Federation

Government rework
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2021.12.03 18:44 Kesselya [Art] Holy Symbol & Warlock Talisman for my Curse of Strahd Fairy

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2021.12.03 18:44 Jared6185 White Phosphor Noir/Purple $32 each or both for $62

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2021.12.03 18:44 tawnie_kelly ...and it works!

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2021.12.03 18:44 Spaceman2509 What is the coolest star you have Visited

Idk just got bird
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2021.12.03 18:44 TrashPanda3450 This is concerning……

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2021.12.03 18:44 The_Larslayer My brother in law wanted to taste a piece of my chocolate. He opened it in the middle and broke of one piece, not at one of the ends... What

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2021.12.03 18:44 Minazuka [No Spoilers] I made an arcane playlist on spotify (Kenkills playlist on youtube)

Hey guys,
I was studying and vibing to the
songs that make you feel like a villain 😈 an Arcane playlist 🔥 On youtube, but when i tried to find it on spotify to play it offline I couldn't find it :/.

I decided to make the playlist myself so there it is:
ORIGIAL VIDEO BY KenKills: (I tried contacting him to see if he was okay but couldnt find him on any social media, so if you see the get in touch with me :p)
Hope you guys enjoy it, I might make other playlist :p
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2021.12.03 18:44 Alegria-D Pretty inconvenient but the new wheel mini game shows a coin icon at Canterlot even when the real shops are all empty

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2021.12.03 18:44 Reminate16 Winter class

With UTM making classes mostly in person in winter I was wondering if there was anything I can do. I live 1 and a half hours drive away from UTM (which isn’t as bad as people the live another country or province). But I would have to pay 2 thousand dollars a year for bus and train fair. Is there anything I can do financially about this because I don’t have 2 thousand dollars to spend only on bus fair for the semester.
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2021.12.03 18:44 arma14x Which word do you use more often in response to a question?

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2021.12.03 18:44 Expensive-Hat New car needed some borderlands flair!

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