Everybody Plays Anything! Dec. 3rd

2021.12.03 19:41 PuritanPuree Everybody Plays Anything! Dec. 3rd

Welcome to Everybody Plays Anything, the place for all Fire Emblem fans to post their playthroughs of their favorite non-FE games (or FE games, I don't care)! Feel free to start up any game your heart so desires!
Current ongoing playthroughs:
PuritanPuree - Oldschool Runescape, Genshin Impact
Gravity_Queen - Final Fantasy XIV
lycheetea - Judgement
GullibleParsley08 - Trails of Coldsteel 2
Beddict - Final Fantasy XIV, Genshin Impact
NN010 - P5R, FF XIV, FE3H, Mass Effect trilogy, Scarlet Nexus, It Takes Two
pinpac12 - Granblue Fantasy, FEH, MHGU, Digimon Cyber Sleuth
Toadinator2000 - Gravity Rush
ZeroIV4 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
PokiBash - Payday 2
TheFlamingHighwayman - Mstroid Dread
RaisonDetriment - Psychonauts
that_wannabe_cat - A mish mash of things really
Hopefully lots of you will join in on the fun! Enjoy everybody's playthroughs!
Yesterday's Update
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2021.12.03 19:41 JustHere4CoDZombies Need 2nd opinion

I am getting 2 airsoft guns, The CYMA sport M14 and either the JG T3K1 or ASG AUG A1. I just need some advice or a second opinion. Note: I'm a HUGE military/Firearms nerd.
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2021.12.03 19:41 MountainMan7215 Is there a coach in your program’s history that you absolutely despise?

I’ll go first, being a Wisconsin fan, I despise Bret Bielema and Gary Anderson equally. But mostly Bret Bielema because he is now at Illinois.
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2021.12.03 19:41 Ok_Organization_3210 My father unexpectedly passed away recently and these were the last gifts we got each other. He got me into Halo 20 years ago we were so excited for Infinite.

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2021.12.03 19:41 claimbaggage About to take up an offer for a room rental for my family

So my husband, baby daughter, and I are about to take up an offer for a room on the second floor of an old couple's home. It's a beautiful home in an affluent, relatively safe area for ~$900. We'll be looking at the room tomorrow but I'm pretty paranoid as I've invested way too much of my time in true crime and have never spoken on the phone/met with the homeowners before. We looked at various websites about the listing, searched the homeowners' names on social media and Google, etc. so it's likely not a scam. Has anyone had experience living in another person's home? If so, how was the experience? Is there anything we should be wary of? Any thing we should bring (eg pepper spray)? Possible red flags?
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2021.12.03 19:41 NetMassimo Eitan è tornato a casa: “Amici e il gatto Oliver, la sua vita è qui”

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2021.12.03 19:41 Mattinthebox0123 H: VE25 gp W: Q2525 fixer

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2021.12.03 19:41 Acceptable-Ad8851 [Self] in progress

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2021.12.03 19:41 StaplesTechSM WCTH Season 6.....before the editing.

As most fans of the show remember, Season 6 went on a temporary hiatus after episode #5 so the producers of the show could edit out all scenes involving Abigail(Lori Loughlin)due to the College admissions scandal. As a fan of the both the series and the character, I would be very interested in seeing the original unedited episodes for Season 6. Unlikely, those episode will ever see the light of day, but it would be interesting see them all the same.
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2021.12.03 19:41 PopApprehensive3248 I’m sorry this may be a super stupid question but do you have to write for the SAT?

I’ve been using khan academy and it’s all multiple choice for the English section and I thought the essay was optional?! I have the test tomorrow please let me know!
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2021.12.03 19:41 Alfrreddo Uh, yeah, thanks Converse…I guess

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2021.12.03 19:41 unimportant_Fly after crocheting for 2 years I finally finished something

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2021.12.03 19:41 MeHoMaTin Pretty much a photo dump of Sulley and Nina asleep on the sofa 🥰

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2021.12.03 19:41 BigBruhSayer123 First time and the second time stacking sugar; bonus: the krone trailer struggeling

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2021.12.03 19:40 Carbonauts The election scenario in Succession sounds like a nightmare

I’m rewatching Season 3 Episode 6 and according the White House side Michelle-Anne, “Six months till Election Day and no candidate. Super Tuesday’s gone, ballots are already finalized. The delegates will choose at the RNC, of course…”
Like holy shit. Can you imagine a sitting President stepping down in May of an election year, and having no primary process to decide who the party currently in control of the White House nominates to replace him?
This election storyline is gonna get bananas.
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2021.12.03 19:40 AndrewSeaflower Questing about buying Polish SIM cards in stores like Biedronka

I've seen some packages from Orange and Play for like, 5pln or 15pln (depending on data amount). Do these packages include a SIM card? Do you need to show an ID or anything to buy them? I Just want a pay-as-you-go number that I can top up whenever I need to.
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2021.12.03 19:40 jacobws51 AG & TM will save the identity TH in SM:NWH

I was looking at how they could progress and conceal TH’s identity moving forward. And then I remember the trick that Bruce Wayne and Superman did in the DC. Super dressed up as Bats and they both appeared together. Either AG or TM could potentially do the same. That would lead them to carry on as they were before the spell. I do believe that Stephen will need to cast some undo spell tho to make it right and as it was.
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2021.12.03 19:40 DeaconpraX I have to add myself! I always make fun of idiots in Cars.... Now people can make fun of me LoL

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2021.12.03 19:40 monkmachie Why does nobody play portal?

It's the best mode, servers stay alive and none of the crap about having to find another server every round. I just don't get why nobody else plays.....
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2021.12.03 19:40 Hot_Nothing_4337 Husky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥

Husky inu is a new coin that is setting out to transform the crypto industry. They will focus on bridging the gap bHusky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥 together. We are the first project that not only has real world utility, but will give back to the world in REAL-TIME You do not want to miss out on this coin
Husky Inu is a decentralized Meme Token Based on the Binance Smart Chain,
Also known as the Shusky or the Siberian Shiba, the Husky Inu is a designer dog that is thought to have been developed in the United States some time during the last few decades. Their two ancestor breeds, the Siberian Husky and the Shiba Inu, are Spitz type dogs that share many of the same characteristics
Husky Inu will power a meme Dog NFT platform
📈Token Metrics
Name : Husky inu
Symbol : HuskyInu
Supply : 1 Billion
💰 Token Taxes
1% Auto LP Acquisition
7% Distributed to Holders
2% Marketing.
✅ No Presale
✅ Fair Launch
✅ 100% Rug Proof
✅ 100% Liquidity Lock
Contract: 0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x72f58B852d31127791A63e49DdC6bf0E1Ed105Cb
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06#readContract
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2021.12.03 19:40 HistAnsweredBot I'm a non-citizen living in the Roman Empire. What's to stop me from murdering a travelling citizen, taking his identity documents, and moving to the other side of the Empire?

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2021.12.03 19:40 GhostGrandpa How much voltage and amps should I give my light setup

This might not be the best sub for this question.
I have a bunch of Red Green and Blue 3watt led's and a long RGB strip. I have been thinking about making a stage light consisting of three LED's, 1 Red, 1 Green and 1 Blue in each Light. It says on the internet the Red one needs 2.4 V and Green and Blue need 3.2V and 750mA. The other light will be Strips cut into equal length and glued on a surface next to each other and connected in series, it says the strip needs 12volts.
I will in the end have 10 of the 3watt lights and 10 of the strip lights. My guess is that I would need a 5v 750mA psu for the 3watt lights and just use a 3 watt resistor on each color so they wont fry out, but which resistors to use? and would a 5v 750mA be enough to power 30 LED's. And which psu for the strip lights?
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2021.12.03 19:40 HelloControl_ Path (EOS-1, HP5+1, 70-200mm f/2.8)

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2021.12.03 19:40 kdno_be Just Hammond things

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2021.12.03 19:40 dat--ashe Turning my open wounds into the funny, pt1

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