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[DRAFT] 2021 Bathurst 1000 Drinking Game

2021.11.28 17:13 JForce1 [DRAFT] 2021 Bathurst 1000 Drinking Game

I've taken several different drinking games from over the years and updated/added to them to create the below. I'm open to suggestions/corrections etc before finalising it so it can be shared and people can enjoy it for The Big Race. Of course people should drink responsibly, and if you're going to be drinking make sure you have a lift home/a place to stay - no driving.

• All cadriver combinations are put into 2 hats - one for the top 10 on the grid, one for 11 downwards • Each participant chooses one cadrivers combo from each hat ○ Each participant must then drink based on their cadriver drinks • Crompo/Skaife/Larko names are put into a hat • Each participant chooses a personality from the hat ○ Each participant must then drink based on their selected personality • CaDriver Drinks - each participant must drink if their selected cadrivers: ○ Overtakes someone ○ Is overtaken ○ Radio messages are broadcast ○ Contact with another car ○ Participant must skull entire time their selected cadrivers are up on air-jacks during pitstop ○ If given a time penalty, must skull the entire time they're serving the penalty □ i.e. if a 5 second penalty is given, then whilst the car is stationary for 5 seconds, person must skull ○ Finish vessel if selected cadrivers retires from the race • Personality Drinks: ○ Crompo § Refers to "buying a ticket to the final hour" § Mentions texting with Bradley § Is/has been checking the technical and/or operations manual ○ Skaife § Says "100 percent" § Tells Crompo to "stop it" § Has a dig at Larko ○ Larko § Climbs underneath a technical demonstration car to show something § Tries to use a camera himself to show something § Hurts himself trying to do/show something • General Event Drinks - Everyone drinks ○ Take a drink whenever the following occurs: § A safety car is deployed □ An additional drink must be consumed every time the safety car crossed the start/finish line § James Courtney passes someone without contact § A kangaroo is spotted on camera § A team makes a mistake during a pitstop § Crompo says "300 kilometres an hour" § Someone mentions "The Lap of The Gods" • Finish Vessel: ○ All participants must finish their vessel whenever the following occurs: § Red Flag § A car hits a kangaroo § A car runs out of fuel § A BJR car retires 
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2021.11.28 17:13 LostinSanDi3go 5 minutes into using the poke radar omfg

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2021.11.28 17:13 stegtsushi this feels like the calm before the storm

think my wife is about to divorce me cuz i can't stop abusing shit. if anyone wants to talk that might help. everything feels so hopeless. and i'm addicted to self destruction. and i'm scared of it. dont know how to be better than this. i wish i did. i want to stop using because i don't want to lose her. any advice ?
ask for snap or wickr if you would rather talk there friends ?
thanks guys, how you are all doing good
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2021.11.28 17:13 Toobusyy Seed

World generation keeps fucking me over, If someone have a one side crimson/corruption on medium world i would appreciate alot, preferable not on the same side as jungle, because thats what happens to me on every world i make 🤦🏻
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2021.11.28 17:13 TwinleafTom Recommendation under $1k

Hi everyone. I currently have a Sony Bravia X90j and my sound bar is a Sony HTS350. I'm looking for a significant upgrade, but would like to keep it under $1k. Any responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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2021.11.28 17:13 ConsiderationFit7974 Far Cry 6 Vs Cyberpunk 2077 Vs Fallout 4 | Which Is The Better First Person Open World Game

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2021.11.28 17:13 theexcaliburxxx How to release Soviet puppets

Trying to release some puppets for the soviet onion achievement, it says i need to complete a focus that i cannot find in the tree. NO STEP BACK DLC obviously please help thanks!
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2021.11.28 17:13 the-nyc-manatee Wrong timezone??

The sleep log on our snoo app is showing everything exactly 5 hours off the correct time, but as far as I can see everything is set correctly. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong or how I can fix it??
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2021.11.28 17:13 sgm1232012 Every artist has…

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2021.11.28 17:13 GoldbergArt VESSEL, acrylic dutch pour on canvas, me, 2021

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2021.11.28 17:13 mylora03 Need a Regirock raid!! Only one missing

Hey, looking for a regirock raid… always goes away!! 😥 some help here! Code is. 2602 1394 0695
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2021.11.28 17:13 Lorenzo_Scipioni [Fan Art] Devilman by me, if you want to see my stuffs, here's the link below

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2021.11.28 17:13 GoldenCoconut1 [QUESTION] Vanced usually gets very laggy on my Xiaomi Mi10T Pro

I'm using the latest version on the latest version of MIUI. After a few mins of using the app, the video starts stuttering heavily, and scrolling down the page also becomes very laggy. Force closing the app and clearing cache usually solves it but it always ends up happening again. Any ideas how I can fix this please?
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2021.11.28 17:13 RiderOnTheStorm1970 the master of puppets solo but I’m blindfolded

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2021.11.28 17:13 TeslaLegacy Esta semana en la ciencia del 22 al 28 de noviembre del 2021

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2021.11.28 17:13 LogicalDay447 How long did it take you to learn to roll?

How long did it take you to learn to roll?
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2021.11.28 17:13 Emjay5784 Avoidant ex came back!!!... uh, then after 4 months, dumped me again...

For any of you who are pining over an avoidant ex and hoping they'll come back, please consider my story a cautionary tale.
My ex (43 m) and I (35 f) dated for 2 years. I knew he was avoidant fairly early into the relationship (he'd never been in love, never lived with a woman, never had a serious long-term relationship), but it did seem like things were progressing forward and I was hopeful he was becoming more secure. I definitely have anxious tendencies, although most of the time I'm secure in relationships. I think part of the reason we lasted was that we went through lockdown and lived in several temporary spots together, and I wasn't triggered by other women as I had been when we were living apart in NYC. He did his best to keep me at an arm's distance emotionally the whole time, always mentioning his "doubt" about me being "The One," and while it was painful I kept hoping eventually he would fully relax into the relationship.
January 2021 he broke up with me fairly abruptly and traumatically. I was a fucking mess (shoutout to this community for getting me through it), but I always had a feeling he'd come back. While he wasn't fully committing, things had seemed relatively good and we had just moved into a new house in a new city and it looked like we were starting "adult" life together. The months after the breakup were so hard. It got slightly better once I moved back to the city, but I was still a total mess and we did see each other a handful of times over those few months (and slept togethehad really nice nights when we did). Finally, in May, I cut things off completely and tried to focus on moving forward, though I was still thinking about him most moments of the day when he reached out at the end of June.
At first, it was amazing. It was so good to see each other - we both cried as we embraced. He pursued me, sat with me and discussed my concerns about getting back together for hours, showed me affection he hadn't shown me since early on in our relationship... I should've known how the movie would end, but I so badly wanted to believe things were different this time. About six weeks in, he started pushing me away again and expressing his doubt. He had told me he loved me and "took it back." He did some very objectively shitty and inconsiderate things, none of which I describe specifically here for anonymity reasons. He stopped taking an interest in my life, stopped discussing the future, and decided not to reintegrate me into his family or to reintegrate into mine. Of course, at this point (September) I started becoming extremely anxious. Any time we got in a fight he either broke up with me or threatened to. I felt muzzled and desperate to try to make things work. I convinced him to go to couples' therapy, and he did one session (which actually seemed really promising and helpful) and decided it "wouldn't work." Once again, he had decided that I just wasn't "The One" and he couldn't "get there" with me. I tried to hold things together, walking on eggshells until a couple of weeks ago when he broke up with me again. He said he wants to go out and find the "great love" he couldn't find with me... yet, over the days we talked about it all and broke up (I was still living/staying with him until I moved out) he cried more than I've ever seen him cry. He's now traveling nonstop for the next 6 weeks - exactly what he did the last time - while I will now spend the holidays alone hoping I'll hear from him, sigh.
I feel so tired and broken, and sadly I still fucking love and want to be with the guy. I know he's not a bad person at all, just a bad boyfriend with serious blind spots. And if I'm honest, I would still take him back if he came back wanting to (genuinely) work on himself and us. But I guess the reason I share this (beyond just to vent - thank you for listening) is as a cautionary tale for anyone who's been dumped by an avoidant and wants them back. I don't regret giving it another shot as I think it will help me accept he is the way he is and it's not realistic or fair for me to hope he changes; however, for anyone who has the strength to say "No" to their returning ex (unless they've done SERIOUS work in therapy and can truly show they understand their issues and want to work on them), consider saving yourself and looking for healthy love elsewhere. I'm now exactly back where I was almost a year ago with nothing to show for it but plummeted self-worth and lost friendships (they have no airtime left for me). And while this breakup really sucks, the (second) relationship kind of sucked as well.
Any words of wisdom and encouragement are welcomed, but I'm just grateful to know I'm not alone in this pain either way. Kudos to all of you courageous humans who opened your hearts and loved someone... heartbreak is some spiritual shit. We'll get through this <3
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2021.11.28 17:13 PsychonautSurreality Misfiring on all cylinders

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2021.11.28 17:13 atcbro23 No plastic piece in rear tire wheel well on 2021 CX-5 CE?

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2021.11.28 17:13 Casdom33 My lil chonker checkin to see if anyone's watchin her eat 😸😸

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2021.11.28 17:13 bigbootyboy769 Fat ass/small dick or Big dick/small ass?

View Poll
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2021.11.28 17:13 yasarpro00 Bubble ball?

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2021.11.28 17:13 WokCano PR: In a flooded metropolis, most folk get around in boats, like a contemporary Venice. The 'shady underground' is actually underwater, and investigators, police, and SWAT teams often have to don diving gear to deal with the city's criminal underbelly.

Original prompt by: jpeezey
He looked bored, staring out of the window. He finally got used to it, the view when you are in the Undertow. The scenery was different in Undertow, you saw schools of fish instead of flocks of birds. Corals and seaweed instead of flowers and trees. It was literally a different world. The blue ocean water was a different hue than the blue of the sky.
The city used to be above the waves, planted in Terra firma like most cities. Then the Calamity, earth shook and the city fell into a giant basin, almost completely intact. The sea came rushing in, greedily swallowing the base of the city. The water rose and when it finally stopped, half of the city was below water. Somehow it treated the whole city almost equally, a divide of the horizontal separating the city above from the city below. It was called Equatoria since then, a grim joke of a grim fate.
Time passed and people adapted. Boats became the major form of transportation, sailing down watery canals like cars used to on streets. Bridges became the new sidewalks, strung between the buildings like the strands of a great web. Everyone learned how to swim at least a little. Those that did not left, if they were still alive. Life approached a new normal, and Equatoria became a different place.
Much like anything else, crime adapted too.
Gangs and organized crime divided up the city. Chased away from Topside, they made the Undertow their new home. The crafty discovered tunnels that connected buildings, allowing them secret ways to move illegal things. Others made boats that hid in plain sight, or developed submersibles that traveled the sunken streets. The old adage, "sleeping with the fishes" became even more literal. Eventually people learned to stay away from the places below water.
Just like crime, the ones that fought it had to change too.
The man sighed deeply. At first he was entranced by the view in Undertow. He was fascinated by the differences. Now he was bored of it. Underwater currents were not the same as the wind. He wanted to hear birds and other noises instead the ever prevalent sound of water pushing, dripping, flowing.
This far deep one could still see the debris from before the city sunk. Cars buried in rubble. Bones from those that perished from the Calamity. Some looked fresher than others, making the man grin. Those that tried to stop the gang ended up regretting it, but never for long. An arm moved, pushed by the current. With a sick grin he waved back.
He closed his eyes, leaning back into his chair. He was supposed to be keeping watch, but nothing needed to be watched. The gang blocked off all the tunnels leading to their underwater base save for this one. He was confident that there would be no disturbances. He heard a tap and ignored it. Then the one after that. And the one after that.
He opened his eyes with a start, recognizing the sounds. He grumbled, rising from the chair. He had been waiting for a crew to return from a smuggling trip, and the tapping was the password. He saw another flash of movement outside the window but it did not show again, probably a fish.
He tapped against the heavy airlock door and got the return reply. He peered into the peephole and saw the gang's mask peering back. With a grunt he unlocked the door, turning the wheel and pulling it open. The deep ocean smell of brine and moistness struck him bodily before a body struck him literally.
He stumbled, crying out as he tried to push the sopping wet body off of him. A heavy blow struck him in the face and he tried to fight back before a second one winded him. His mouth gaped like a fish on land, desperately trying to breathe.
A heavy wet glove covered his mouth. "One shout and you join your friend. Comply and you get to live. Otherwise you can join the poor souls your gang have sunken around your hideout."
The failed guard groaned against the glove. His eyes focused on the dark grey wetsuit, at the stylized patch on the chest: a light grey behemoth with a tattooed fin. "You're a Shark," he mumbled.
The man grinned down at him, a carnivorous expression. "That's right. When there's blood, they send a Shark to sniff it out. You're good as got my friend, trust me when I say that the more helpful you are, the better this ends for you."
The guard groaned. "I'll help! But I thought Sharks mostly worked alone. There's too many here, even for you to deal with."
The Shark smile grew even wider. "Good thing I'm not alone then." After he got the information he needed he pulled out a water proof radio. "Mako Shark to Siren, intrusion completed and here's some info."
"Many thanks Mako," a strong feminine voice replied. "Give us 3 minutes to get into position."
"Thank you Siren, when you're ready, sing the song."
The gang ceased to exist that afternoon. Mermaids made controlled breaches all around the underwater hideout, forcing the panicked gang members to run into carefully prepared locations. The ladies of the Underwater Specialist Assault Squad, working in tandem with the Shark, captured the gang and led them off to be tried and sentenced.
They destroyed the base as their second to last act. Leaving only after they buried the bones of the gang’s victims gently in the coral reef, single blooms from top side flowers encased in plastic nestled gently in the sand. A reminder of the land above, a memorial for those below.
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