what are the chances GME choose immutable x or arbitrum or Polygon?

2021.12.03 20:23 uttftytfuyt what are the chances GME choose immutable x or arbitrum or Polygon?

Should we invest in those just to cover all possibilites?
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2021.12.03 20:23 Satans_Apron Why did you serve a mission?

When I got to my mission, the president asked me why I was there, and at the time I couldn't tell the truth so I said "because this is where I'm supposed to be."
He accepted that, but said I should be there because I loved the Lord... Truth was I didn't even LIKE the Lord! I was there because I never felt I had the option not to be there, and I figured I might have a bit of an adventure away from home in a foreign land.
How about you?
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2021.12.03 20:23 unaona ➰➿❓❔❕🔠🔡🔢

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2021.12.03 20:23 Natsuuu_ Imagine being british

I mean the accent is just DISGUSTANG
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2021.12.03 20:23 PinFew2244 Imagined Distortion by me, mixed media, 2021

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2021.12.03 20:23 bearvenus Came across this abomination shortly after finding about this subreddit… he’s a plague

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2021.12.03 20:23 Arckhunter @Arckhunter : NASA TV Coverage Set for Crewed Soyuz Mission to Space Station via NASA https://t.co/lJFI0cXxt7

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2021.12.03 20:23 Evaleenora The joys of winter.

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2021.12.03 20:23 Ulichstock We must become monke

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2021.12.03 20:23 Rippymcbaked224 What Does this Lower Extremity Functionality Test Score mean?

Good Evening Everyone!
Long story short, I suffered a terrible injury a little over a year ago. The injury never healed with PT so I had to have surgery to reconstruct my Ankle Ligaments, having Ruptured my a main ligament and severely sprained another, along with severing a bone spur I didn’t know I had.
I finished PT a month ago, even though I don’t feel as good as new, with difficulties still existing. But they said that I had reached my maximum heal, and to continue my exercises at home.
I didn’t get my records from PT until now and noticed a LEFT test was done with a score, and I don’t know how to interpret it. The Score was 26 and the Impairment was 79. What does this mean?
Iv accepted that I’m not “back to normal” and only hope it gets better with time. I’m just unsure if this means I should see another surgeon or not.
Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.12.03 20:23 tommylelizard Know where to get a maf or rebuild one?

So I have a 84 na2+2 z31 and it was running fine for a while, then one day it went into limp mode, and after going down the list of what could be wrong I found that my maf was broken, anyone have any idea why this might have happened, and also anyone know where I could get a “new” one or get my existing one rebuilt
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2021.12.03 20:23 sumFugginGuy [WTS] TREX Ragnarok g19, tlr1 (IL)

Looking to sell a Trex arms ragnarok for glock 19 with tlr1 in ranger green with thigh strap and mid ride ubl, like new never larped looking for 90$ shipped including g&s fees

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2021.12.03 20:23 Amphicyonidae Looking to Add Some More Variation To My Core/Abs Exercises. Any Suggestions?

Currently training and running 5000 metres at university. Don't get a routine from my coaches, so I try to make my own sets. However, I'm currently feeling a bit burned out with what I know now, so I'm looking for some other exercises I can add in to mix in.
I have some different exercises for different muscle groups that I focus on, which I try to mix and match. Just want a few to add into the pool for each (or any to take it if needed)
Upper Abs

Lower Abs
Combined Abs
Lower Back
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2021.12.03 20:23 Arion2020 Cost of rings

Disclaimer: Not getting married. No where near getting married.
If the cost of an engagement ring being “2 months salary” is a lie fabricated by the diamond industry, what should one be paying for a decent ring?
I have seen rings that look fantastic (both male and female) for around €250/300 from a jeweler (not custom made, in the slightest) but to me that feels a bit little if these rings should hopefully last the rest of your life.
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2021.12.03 20:23 Psycholarocco It was a million to one shot, doc. A million to one.

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2021.12.03 20:23 Kingplayer_Br redditor is insecure about his intelligence levels

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2021.12.03 20:23 dan0live Getting chased in the dark and the fog by monsters

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2021.12.03 20:23 Pamjaguar Norm ♥️

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2021.12.03 20:23 Educational-Crab-595 What are some cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022?

WONO is on my top scanner. It is a freelance exchange with an easy-to-use and transparent platform. It’s a combined marketplace for hiring freelancers and finding employers.
Wono would be the first freelance exchange in the world, using crypto as the payment between freelancers and customers.
The Wono tokens have NFT-certification. That means a freelancer may upload his CV or qualification certificates that would be approved by the platform, giving more rating to a freelancer.
WONO staking token follows the HRC-20 (Huobi Eco Chain, HECO) standard and can be transferred over HECO chain.
The token can be held in all HECO-compatible wallets, like Huobi, Alpha or Math.
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2021.12.03 20:23 burtzev [Global] Groups Tell UN Food Agency to Ditch 'Toxic Alliance' With Pesticide Association | Common Dreams

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2021.12.03 20:23 Mystery-man_ The face one makes when he’s about to cut Steel

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2021.12.03 20:23 Symarip Ist es schon zu spät für das meme?

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2021.12.03 20:23 SuperMoonRocket You pool extension pole + vacuum head handle make a pretty good Christmas light hanger.

Way better for hanging lights on trees than the cheap crap that’s out there. here’s the vacuum part.
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2021.12.03 20:23 Temporary_Attempt139 How do you think the When You Die music video was made?

The video for this MGMT song is wild. Was wondering how you might go about making something like this. Could it be done with Photoshop and Premiere or would you need to do a lot in AfterEffects?
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2021.12.03 20:23 Eatyurhelmet My friends dad is finally getting him pulled out of his shitty school after way too many red flags

So one of the bois (my friend group from middle school) goes to this one school that doesnt particularly have a good reputation but has a really good engineering program but since this school year started there has been 3 separate gun threats, one of which a kid was arrested cuz he was found with an actual gun in his backpack, an off campus shooting over break where a kid shot another kid from the same school and killed him and then turned himself into the police, and now there was a whole battle royale fight at his school today and another kid got arrested which was the last straw for his dad to finally pull him out of that shithole. I personally go to an IB school so ive never seen a school fight in person but hearing his stories im really glad I go to a chill school with a bunch of nerds.
To anyone that lives in the Tampa area do not attend middleton high school that place is insane and I wouldnt be surprised if a school shooting happened there in the near future
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