forgot tasers were a thing and was confused why i only got results for them looking up "TASes"

2021.11.28 18:22 ananononnanannananon forgot tasers were a thing and was confused why i only got results for them looking up "TASes"

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2021.11.28 18:22 Morellius Owned by My Farm

So dont know if this is the right spot, but can anyone help med figuring out how to change my farm name in farming simulator 22?
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2021.11.28 18:22 TheWorldofDave Big Wheels over the New Mexico Backcountry.

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2021.11.28 18:22 goatybeans Warm kitty, fuzzy kitty...

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2021.11.28 18:22 Jasmindy A few days ago I finally felt pretty again for the first time after 3 jaw surgeries! My face was pretty swollen for almost a whole year now lol, so that felt quite refreshing :D

A few days ago I finally felt pretty again for the first time after 3 jaw surgeries! My face was pretty swollen for almost a whole year now lol, so that felt quite refreshing :D submitted by Jasmindy to MakeupAddiction [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 18:22 Whole-Brilliant5508 One UI4 Beta: Typing Lag

Currently running the latest Beta program software for One UI 4 on my Note 20 Ultra. However, I noticed that ever since the update, I have noticed a bit of a random minor lag when typing. I even increased the touch sensitivity just in case but it doesn't appear to have made a difference. Tried switching between Google's Keyboard and Samsung's keyboard and vice versa to no avail. Anyone noticing the same issue?
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2021.11.28 18:22 Uly52 I am insane

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2021.11.28 18:22 UbaidHunts Battlefield has ended

Following are some issues that are in the game and i dont think so they will be fixed anytime soon.

  1. Its the first game in long time with no sever browser.
  2. It has no chat system.
  3. No scoreboard.
  4. AI making the game unenjoyable and dull.
  5. No support for inactive portal servers.
  6. Poor poor poor User Interface. Missing features.
  7. Wastage of money and resources on Hazard Zone.
  8. Lack of Domination, tdm, rush, frontlines and other modes like grind and outpost from bfv.
  9. Maps are uselessly big. Open patches without any cover. Just a farm for vehicles to make kills.
  10. Vehicles spawning is crap.
  11. Start screen is life less and STUPID. Dice tried to copy call of duty but forgot that bf2042 has 128 players instead of 12 players, which ask for fairness in spawning times for all players. Also, with BF1 we were at best position for spawning screen. Simple and plain, just some REAL SOLDIERS (not the ones who know cheeky lines) crying out loud to kill people.
  12. Game atmosphere and environment is not immersive and it is too fancy for fallen nations.
The game is missing a lot of trivial features. And i haven't yet started on specialists. I don't know who approves a game like this to release and sell at 70$. I just can't understand. Clearly, the game needed another 6months for development. The game has lost its charisma. Bf1 was the last battlefield game for me. When BFV was released everyone thought that this is the worst Dice can deliver, but they proved us wrong in BF2942. It is just a full stop for the series.
P.S. Aka-Art (youtber) has left the game already. And I am afraid that many people and content creators will do so once Call Of Duty Warzone new map will drop.
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2021.11.28 18:22 threadcrasher O Brasileirão é o campeonato mais disputado do planeta?

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2021.11.28 18:22 RunAway_SoundCard Did I get boned?

I'm new too the community, decided to give this game a shot. Pledged up and got a 76 dollar starter. Never received an activation email and can't login to my account or even get past logging in on the client. How long of a wait can I expect with my support ticket? Should I just do a charge back through Master Card? Thanks in advance for any input fellas.
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2021.11.28 18:22 TheWorldofDave Big Wheels over the New Mexico Backcountry.

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2021.11.28 18:22 BoyauxDeMoule ITAP of a pole and this is my first pic edit on PS

ITAP of a pole and this is my first pic edit on PS submitted by BoyauxDeMoule to itookapicture [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 18:22 Greg_Robes1863 Has anyone purchased a Shopify store from Noah Brewer?

A friend mentions that He is someone worth while buying a store from he wants 1k upfront and 10% of the stores profit seems a little shady. TIA
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2021.11.28 18:22 TheWorldofDave Big Wheels over the New Mexico Backcountry.

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2021.11.28 18:22 eldus74 OOT Decompile is complete, a tool like sm64pcbuilder2 for OOT Would be awesome!
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2021.11.28 18:22 Tattoobutterfly Marvel/DC artist goes for his 3rd sell out through Ernest In Disguise 🚀

Marvel/DC artist goes for his 3rd sell out through Ernest In Disguise 🚀 Marvel/DC artist goes for his 3rd sell out through Ernest In Disguise
Ernest in Disguise has the metaverse in meltdown. The community is in a frenzy as people battle it out for the final few whitelist spots available. The reason for the hype you ask? Doxxed Marvel/DC artist Carlos Dattoli is leading the charge and going in for a THIRD sell out NFT project. There is so much hype behind this one that even A-class celebrities are jumping on it with Amber Rose, NeYo, The Game and Dimitri Vegas taking a liking to the friendly Alien from the Cryzal Galaxy.

The limited edition 3D NFT collection has a tiny supply of only 6000 timeless pieces. The project is about to hit 20,000 discord members as people pour in trying to secure their own Ernest NFT. It is clear the community has found an affinity with Ernest and are pricing in all the future value he plans to deliver. Such utility includes the spaceship special airdrop, personalised Ernest merchandise as well as a fully fledged comic on the story of Ernest. The team clearly has a long term vision for the brand as they promise to employ a sweep the floor mechanism to buy back floor price Ernest NFT’s using royalties. They also will have an Ernest In-Siders DAO for exclusive members of the community in which they will reveal unique market alpha to help the community gain an edge.

With the minting commencing at 8pm EST on the 28th of November time is running out to get involved with Ernest. As NFTs struggle to find their place in this hypercompetitive market, Ernest is standing out as a beacon of hope. The team believes in their vision that the meaningful story of Ernest, the incredible artwork and future utility of the project can bridge the divide between the world and the metaverse. This will be the drop of the year! Join us in the Ernest invasion!
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2021.11.28 18:22 Bowserjr2017 New world on PS4

Looking to start a random new world (I will make the world)
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2021.11.28 18:22 xxxMwahxxx Boyfriend Impersonating Me tl;dr [18+]

I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year. We are long distance. We met on second life.. I don't login anymore, unless he wants me to. The only reason why we login now is for his sexual kinks..(he has me messaging other men for sex. So, he can read the messages and get hard...I know, it's toxic. I could do without completely. I don't need it,, but he says I do, but that's beside the point. Just trying to give you a back story on our relationship. He has insecurity and trust issues and asked for my password info on all social media accounts. Me being Me, had no issue sharing this information with him because I wanted him to see I wasn't flirting or talking to anyone else. I caught him one night logging into my account Impersonating as me. Messaging people on my friends list that I don't even talk to. I started to get random messages from people saying how they were doing etc. Nothing too serious, just was shocked her would impersonate me just to get information. He told me to change passwords and he would never do it again. And to never give him passwords again. So I forgave and put it behind us. Fast forward several months later, he had another episode where he felt he couldn't trust me and demanded I give my login info again. So he could see I was being faithful. I was reluctant because I didn't want to go through the impersonation crap again and insisted he told me not to give it to him. But, he said the reason why I wouldn't give it to him was because I was cheating on him. And if I didn't give the login information to him we would break up. So, after about two days I gave in. Gave him my login information just to prove I had nothing to hide. I figured I could trust him. But, I just received a message from some girl on my fb asking if I had been talking/hanging out with her the night before on a chat network (where I met my boyfriend), I said no. Then she goes to tell me someone was on my account asking her if she would like me to lick her pussy...etc. She said "I" kept asking her to cum with me all evening. Sorry TMI. She showed me the proof. I was mortified. I never spoke like this to her, so luckily she figured out quick it wasn't me. How many other people has he done this with? So here I am. Disgusted, disrespected, I feel betrayed again. I feel ignorant giving him my password information. I love him obviously. He says he will never do it again. To change my password. Same bull he said before. Can someone explain to me why he is doing it? He says it was just a joke, that it is just a stupid thing he did, but he keeps impersonating me. I have asked him why,, but always the same answer, it was a joke. How is it a joke if he keeps doing it's? He said he was going to tell me, but I've been busy with the holidays. We haven't had much time to talk. But, he didn't tell me about it before when he did it.. I caught him. Same as this time.. I find it hard to believe he was going to tell me. Has anyone dealt with this before or impersonated someone they loved? I am just trying to understand this from his point of view.
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2021.11.28 18:21 BlueBacon12 How quickly do you prefer a response to the first conversation on tinder/dating?

When you first match and during the first conversation, how quickly do you prefer to have the other person respond regardless of the first mover? (All with standard day/night schedules in mind)

View Poll
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2021.11.28 18:21 Cataracts97 I’m down a ton . Is this the end of EGC? I’m gonna hold all the way but this dip has definitely beat me down.

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2021.11.28 18:21 Reuben119 Hacked Client of mod to work alongside betterminecraft

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2021.11.28 18:21 billythebeefpuppet Job resume question

Currently in the process of updating resume and wondering if I should really get detailed with the odd jobs and the flip flop between my 2 longest jobs. Explanation, out of high school I worked for Scotts lawn service. I put in two years and looked for something else. For a year I had odd jobs that at most lasted a couple of months before I tried something better. Then I spent two years working for trugreen. Went back to Scotts lawn service for 6 years, then Scotts had a corporate merger with Trugreen. So now I work for trugreen yet again. Scotts and trugreen are basically the same job only difference was the uniform and branding. For 15 years total I've been in the lawn care industry. On my resume should my work history be simplified to Trugreen 15 years and the career highlights within this company? Or should I go into detail with the dates and odd jobs and the times spent with every company? I don't even recall the details of the company's I worked for between my lawn care jobs it was 13 years ago. Advice would be greatly appreciated! *Currently looking for employment other than lawn care *
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2021.11.28 18:21 Kighla Should I be worried about my cat gaining weight sort of quickly?

Hi all! I have two ragdoll cats, brothers, both 6 years old named Leon and Phoenix.
Phoenix has always been the bigger of the two.. he is less adventurous and doesn't play as much. Leon had always been smaller and skinnier, very active and playful.
We lived in an 800 SQ foot duplex their whole lives but bought a house in August and moved in with the cats in September. The new house is more than twice the size and has stairs and Phoenix actually lost a pound in the time we have been here. Leon however appears to have gained a bit... if you look at him from top down his belly is round and sticks out and he is def chunkier. I would imagine he has gained at least a pound.
He is still playful, he still runs around and acts the same. However he has always had anxiety issues and often have loose stool. When we moved to the new house it was happening to him almost daily so we started using feliway diffusers and we now mix pumpkin into all of his wet food and he has not had any issues with loose stool in over two months (it used to be at least once a week even before moving) and he also has stopped his bad habit of chewing/eating fabric almost entirely. The chewing thing we always noticed was worse if he seemed stressed (like if we went on a trip for a few days).
I'm wondering if I should be concerned about the weight gain. He's just always stayed the same weight until now so I wonder if this could be due to something bad.. But then I also wonder since his anxiety and IBS seems better maybe he is just more interested in food since it upsets his stomach less?
I know many will say "just take him to the vet" and if I worry a lot more I will BUT if there are things I can check to see if his weight gain is "normal" or due to something bad myself that would help me decide easier.
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2021.11.28 18:21 Pwnah Peerless Warrior

Ahh yes i finally completed all the challenges this week. Oh whats this? Get 5 killing sprees against people who spawn with rockets, grav hammers, swords and grapplehooks... also you only have 1 day left to complete this!!!
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2021.11.28 18:21 Onix_glow My tier list of strongest to weakest new gen leaf shinobi

My tier list of strongest to weakest new gen leaf shinobi submitted by Onix_glow to Boruto [link] [comments]