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2021.12.09 10:24 chris1the1spice I recreated a Hot Wheels fastback with a little personalization on it that's what the TEN is the share code for it is 618-164-396

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2021.12.09 10:24 itsallaboutoil Ders çalışın

Az ya da çok, soru çözümü ya da konu anlatımı fark etmez ders çalışın. Ders çalışmayı öğrenin. Üniversitede çalışmayan adamı sikiyorlar. Kendimden biliyorum.
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2021.12.09 10:24 rundownruled Doakes is one stylish mutual fucka

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2021.12.09 10:24 potatoesrose How insane does this sound? I don't know what to do about my family situation

Hi everyone. I don't know what to do about my family situation, hopefully I can get some insights/perspectives from here. Thank you in advance for reading this. Bear with me it'll be a long one, sorry about that. You can read after the *** if you'd like to skip the background information.
I (24F) live with my mom (44F) and her husband (43F), whom she met around 2 years ago and married a year ago, as well as living with my sister (22F) and our dogs. In my country and culture it is a very normal thing to still live with your parents because your parents would expect you to, especially for women, unless if you've moved out to another city/country or get married.
My mom met this guy (her now husband) from work about 2 years ago. At that time, she was already in a 7 years relationship and he was also already in some years of marriage. They both cheated from their partners to be together. What was worse is that this guy's wife was 8 months pregnant at the time. Before meeting this guy, my mom's relationship was already sort of half-dead because she had tried to break up a few times with him throughout the years, but he had tried a few suicide attempts so my mom wouldn't leave him. I'm not trying to justify my mom's action because cheating is still wrong, no matter what, but I just wanted to give a background info.
It was a whole other drama when both of my mom and her now husband got caught cheating. It involved the police, crazy threats, and black magic (I'm an Agnostic and I don't believe in things like this, but it seems like most people in my country do believe). After all that, they still decided to be together.
Just to give you an idea, both my sister and I hate our mom's husband very much. We don't like my mom's ex either because he was possessive and jealous, whereas my mom was never the jealous type, but god this man is so much worse. He's very immature for his age and he has an acute level of being jealous, possessive, and obsessive. My mom used to be able to go out with her friends and to socialise in her previous relationship, but with this man, she has never had a single friend since they got together.
He also got my mom to stop working because he'd get jealous if he sees my mom interacts with any guy in any way. They both were working in sales and marketing field. The thing is, he has not been working full-time either for more than a year now, so his income is kind of uncertain. Imagine how selfish it is to stop my mom from working when he cannot really support her financially too. My mom was good at her job and she made pretty good money before quitting. Mom had tried to ask if she could work again considering their financial situation, but he would pick a fight and threatened to break up/divorce.
This relationship/marriage between my mom and her husband is very toxic. They have had so many fights, before and during their marriage, which obviously involved both of my sister and I since we live in the same house and we were worried about our mom. He is very verbally and emotionally abusive, I'm not sure if he ever got physical because my mom would always try to protect his pride in the end. Their cause of fights never made sense either. Even a relationship of 14 year old kids are much less fragile than this one. It's mostly about his non-sense jealousy. I have never seen my mom this anti-social before. She doesn't have anyone on her contact other than family, meanwhile this guy still has access to everyone, yet he's the one who'd always get jealous over nothing. They got separated and almost got divorced for 3-5 times throughout one year of being married too. Yet somehow they always managed to get back together (always in less than a week after the fight). I know it's difficult to get out of a toxic marriage, but still it really sucks dealing with this.
So here's the thing. Yesterday I was looking for my birth certificate to renew my passport, which my mom told me is in her wardrobe inside some folders. She wasn't home but she already told me to just grab it from her bedroom. So in the same folder as my birth certificate, I found this paper with my mom handwriting all over it. It was an agreement letter that she and her husband made, which they made formal with an agreement stamp (it only costs $1 though). They both signed on the paper.
Here's what the paper says in short: They were signing to agree that if either one of them cheats in this marriage, the cheated one has the right to physically hurt the cheater until they become disabled for the rest of their lives, and the cheater cannot sue them in any way. By cheating this means any form of cheating, such as texting and anything else.
How insane is this? What kind of crazy people agree on this? I took a photo of the paper and hid the paper in my bedroom. I have no idea how long ago this paper was created because they did not put any date, but I found this very shocking. Their last big fight was almost a month ago. This is just insane. I told my sister immediately about it and we don't know what to do with this information. They both have no right to set punishments like that on cheating since that's how they got together in the first place.
My mom was never a jealous person, and I don't think she is now too. I know the situation too well that I know even if my mom would want to cheat, she doesn't have any access to it. She threw out her simcard with all of her contacts in it when they first got together, she has no social medias, and she's always with her husband 24/7. I don't even feel like she's my mom anymore. She never even had alone time just with her daughters since they got together (except when they got separated for a few days). The thing is, despite all that, he would still suspect her and not trust her. So I'm now more worried that he'd falsely accuse her one day and hurt her like the agreement says.
Honestly I don't know what to do. My sister just now said that she's got a feeling that our mom and her husband started noticing that they lost the paper, and that they are acting weird now. I'm not planning to hide it forever, I just panicked, you know. And it's not only about the paper, but about their whole mess.
Before you ask me about us moving out, believe me my sister and I have tried moving out, because fortunately I have a well-paid full-time job so I could afford renting a house/apartment with my sister and our dogs if I wanted to. It's just that, I have my own problems with work and everything else, I don't need to deal with this too, although I know she's my mom and I worry for her too. But I can't keep dealing with this, it's stressing me and eating me out, especially the nature of my job is quite stressful.
So, just a few weeks ago we finally brought this up about moving out, I wrote her a long heartfelt message explaining why it would be best if we live separately. I wrote it sincerely without hard feelings although at that time I was super pissed because they just got back together again after what my mom said would be the last time. I also told her we would still come visit her every week and she could reach us out anytime, since we'd be living only 5 km away. We've contacted housing agents etc. already, I was just about to pay the down payment.
I texted her instead of telling her in person because I knew very well she wouldn't let me finish. She and her husband were not home at the time I sent the text. As they got home, her husband was about to leave her because he claimed he didn't want to be the reason that a mother lives separately with her daughters. So my mom obviously was furious at us, telling how we shouldn't leave and if we are happy now that the husband is leaving. Also told us how it's our fault that the husband left. She eventually told us to just leave, so that she could drink some pills and never wake up again. So... she also said something about wanting to kill herself. Honestly, we moving out would mean they could be together and we wouldn't be involved in any of the drama, we didn't ask her to divorce the guy because we knew it would be useless and it's not what she wants. I am not in any relationship (with a guy) but somehow it feels like I am also in a toxic relationship now.
So yeah, because of that event, we decided to stay, mostly because we feel threaten that our mom would hurt or even kill herself. And now with that agreement letter I found yesterday, it feels like it's clear to us that we should stay here to look after her in case anything happens. It really sucks. Just so you know, my sister and I are not fully taking our mom's side in this case too, she is dumb and was wrong for cheating when they become together in the first place, and we don't get what she sees in him. She also chose the man whom she's only met 2 years ago compared to her own daughters. Maybe we are just the safety nets.
I'm sorry for the super long message and if I posted this on the wrong subreddit. I don't know what to do. Or if I should not do anything at all. I don't feel safe living here after reading the letter. I still have a dad who lives not so far away, but I'm not sure if my sister and I could leave our mom alone this way. Thank you in advance. Have a good day, everyone.
TL;DR Mom has been in a toxic marriage with this man. Yesterday I found an agreement letter they made, in case one of them cheat in the marriage, the one being cheated on could harm the cheater physically (until one become disabled for the rest of their lives), and the cheater cannot sue them. This includes cheating via texting, mainly. For reasons, I cannot move out too from this house. I don't know what to do.
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2021.12.09 10:24 treeguy201 BUY AND HOLD.

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2021.12.09 10:24 necreativnenko Does education matter that much in dating, I get a feeling my degree is the reason some guys decide not to pursue the dating further. Opinions?

so I’ve noticed that quite a few guys get quickly uninterested when they find out about my degree. I don’t feel like lying about it obviously but not sure if I should do anything to make it sound less “unattractive”. For context, I am 21 and doing my PhD as I was allowed to skip a few years of school and graduated early. I, by no means, make academia the setting stone of my personality and I don't boast about it ( I don't think it makes me a better person for that matter) but obviously if asked I talk about it. I am not looking for pity, just discussion because I might as well be the one doing something wrong.
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2021.12.09 10:24 seatommyboy MSI RTX 3060 Gaming X 12gb

I just recently upgrade from an MSI GTX 1660 Super X to an MSI RTX 3060 Gaming X 12gb gpu. I'm liking it a lot, but using MSI Afterburner, I cannot seem to enable voltage control/monitoring on this card.
Before I insalled the 3060, I uninstalled, Afterburner and the gpu drivers. I didn't want any conflicts. I have checked the unlock voltage control, monitoring and force constant voltage. I've even tried all 4 different options for voltage control (reference design, standard msi, extended, and 3rd party) to no avail. The option to monitor gpu voltage in osd/graph isn't there, and the slider is disabled.
Is it voltage locked or am I just not doing it right?
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2021.12.09 10:24 thegoldend6 #BattleReport - 500pts Tyranids v Orks

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2021.12.09 10:24 piixky Anyone ordered from safegenericpharmacy before?

ADC makes payments really difficult and beautybliss doesn't seem to ship to my country.. safe generic pharmacy accepts PayPal and delivers to my country. Wondering if anyone has used them before?
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2021.12.09 10:24 thurston_p_kil Grumpy pants doesn't like his sweater

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2021.12.09 10:24 Snoopsnap Found in my baby spinach. Product of USA/Mexico

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2021.12.09 10:24 SchuminWeb New Kensington Crossing Retail Development Signs Tenant for its Largest Space

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2021.12.09 10:24 cshake93 Who to Root for This Week

Here are the teams to root for in Week 14 that will increase the Steelers' playoff chances.
Thursday Steelers# over Vikings. This is a must win, especially given the remaining schedule (Titans, @ Chiefs, Browns, @ Ravens). A win and the Steelers would move to 7-5-1. We could jump the Colts (7-6), who are off this week, for a Wild Card spot. Sunday Buccaneers# over Bills. Bills have remaining games against Carolina, the New York Jets, and Atlanta, in addition to the Patriots at New England, so this is a must lose. The Panthers would drop to 7-6 and 0.5 games ahead of us for a Wild Card spot. Chiefs# over Raiders. Up-and-down remaining schedule for Vegas with Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, and the Chargers. A loss at KC would drop them to 6-7. Browns# over Ravens. According to 538, the result of this game does not impact the Steelers' chances of making the playoffs. A Ravens' loss, which would drop them to 8-5, though, does double more than our chances of winning the division. If the Steelers also win, the Browns would remain 0.5 games behind the Steelers at 7-6, and games remain between all three teams. Cleveland (LV, @ GB, @ PIT, CIN) and Baltimore (GB, @ CIN, LAR, PIT) both have tough remaining schedules. 49ers# over Bengals. Cincinnati has a difficult schedule remaining also (@ DEN, BAL, KC, @ CLE), so could easily lose a couple games down the stretch. San Francisco may not be likely to win this game, but if Pittsburgh wins, Cincinnati would fall behind the Steelers for a Wild Card spot with a loss here. Giants# over Chargers. Not likely to happen, but the Chiefs are going to win the AFC West, and a loss here would put the Chargers at 7-6, 0.5 games behind Pittsburgh with a win over Minnesota. submitted by cshake93 to steelers [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 10:24 Prize-Union-5087 Capital one

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2021.12.09 10:24 TwoZeroFoxtrot Type 60 Recoiless Rocket carrier, and friends.

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2021.12.09 10:24 jeppa35 dumbbell flyes soreness

Everytime I do dumbbell flyes I'm sore for like 4 / 5 days. I'm only using 8kg dumbbells, so I'm quite sure I'm not going too heavy. I also have this soreness when I do the exercise every week.
I think that this has something to do with the stretch part of the movement. Can it be that my pectoral muscles are short and are stretched / damaged too much?
Anyone who recognize this? Thanks!
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2021.12.09 10:24 33Fanste33 Hol up

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