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Random freezes/stutters while gaming on high-end PC

Games Stuttering on High-End PC – Gamers reported stutter and unsmooth games on high-end PC all of sudden. Fix #2: Run the game in Fullscreen (windowed) mode. It appears on PCs and laptop and it's not exclusive to a. my mouse still stutters whenever i move left or right really fast. Dell audio stutter #1. 3) Click the Details tab. linustechtips. I've been mainly gaming on all high settings (incl. I've even seen a little of this on the windows desktop too May 28, 2018 · Hi, my Game starts "stuttering" shortly after the first couple of minutes. 120. Even on this high end PC with high FPS (60-80) its still stuttering. The score was normal. 1. Aug 01, 2021 · This Video Will Help You To Fix Valorant LAG, Stutters, and Boost FPS in Valorant Episode 2 Act 3. Oct 06, 2021 · This video will help inboost fps, fix lag, fix fps drops in both low end pc and high end pc while playing valorant after the episode 2 update ️💖 thanks for.

2021.11.30 16:03 JoshVox Random freezes/stutters while gaming on high-end PC

Last year I built myself a nice setup for both working from home and gaming. I love casual gaming on many types of games and 90% of the time, my PC performs beautifully (either on my ultra wide 3440x1440 monitor or my 4k TV).
There is nothing wrong with the performance of my the computer but every now and then I get these horrible 1-2 freezes every 10 to 30 seconds which makes the games unplayable. Sometimes restarting the game fixes the problem but most of the time I have to restart my computer entirely for the problem to go away.
The weird thing is that when the problem is not happening, it really isn't happening. I had an 8 hour non-stop session over the weekend where I didn't get a single freeze or even frame drop in Sekiro on ultra. Today I launched the game and the freezes started happening again. Restarted the game and they were gone.
It is very annoying to not know when and why these freezes are happening and having to reboot my PC randomly because it started to happen again.
I tried a couple of things but I also have no idea how to pinpoint the issue and that why I'm asking for your help, at least to give me some ideas of things to test!
One thing I need to specify, the PC has 2 graphic cards because it is a functioning hackintosh, but I physically change the input from one card to another (with a DP switch box) when gaming so only the 3080 is connected.
What I did: - Remove USB peripherals like external drives and such - Update my graphics drivers and also trying older versions - Check into the page file size and location (it's handled by Windows and on my main nVME SSD) - Restart my graphics driver when it happens with CTRL+SHIFT+WIN+B, this didn't fix it. - Change power settings and graphic settings in nVidia control panel (everything to highest performance possible) - Remove background diaporama which I read can cause freezes
And now the most important, my specs: -AMD 3800x -RTX 3080 (for gaming obviously) -570x for Mac (not connected when gaming) -Gigabyte x570 aorus elite -2x16Go RAM -1Tb nVME SSD for Windows and games -2Tb SSD for smaller games and files
The problem is happening in all games and both on my monitor and my TV but only like 1 out of 10 times, however I have the impression that when the PC was sleeping it is way more likely to happen.
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2021.11.30 16:03 PeskyEskimo Crystal Palace: Angus Kinnear programme notes

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2021.11.30 16:03 CasseyBouknight [H] 1000 .edu mails Working with amazon prime and many more student discount sites [W] $4 paypal for each

This are real Edu mail accounts given by real colleges in the USA. Place an order.
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2021.11.30 16:03 Rampant99 Casual Attire

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2021.11.30 16:03 PougleHall The trailer for the next Winter’s Edge trailer is now out on StoryFire.

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2021.11.30 16:03 GoldenSquid_212 I’m already stressed out enough in school

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2021.11.30 16:03 sangjoon245 Has anyone got the Mihoyo email for the AnimeNYC Merch?

I was one of the first 60 people on the line. Some girl working there came around taking our emails on a clipboard and then after writing mine down, I left.
I still have yet to get any notification/remindeetc. from Mihoyo, so I was wondering maybe that girl lost the clipboard or forgot it? Or the email just didn't send yet.
Anyone else?
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2021.11.30 16:03 ayymacvey Ally's Ring help

so I've been grinding for the Ally's ring and I've darkened all world tendecies, killed 5/6 of the black phantoms (just about to kill Garl Vinland) and now all my world tendencies are white now and the little shit still wont give me the ring. btw I've killed the king so idk if it has any effect or not, like it does leveling up from the maiden.
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2021.11.30 16:03 KnowledgeOptimal9901 Thank you in advance

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2021.11.30 16:03 lastnoblesteed Superman Comic Day 42: Superman vs the Strongman (Action Comics #28 Vol. 1)

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2021.11.30 16:03 halfofzenosparadox Now I’ve Clotted on Lovenox

Greetings from your neighborhood medical mystery.
Going in for my 6th surgery of the year next week. I go to a major medical / research facility and my Dr. Finally broke today and was like, ya, this is getting to the point of something I’ve never seen before.
I was on xarelto before and clotted. Now I’ve been on Lovenox and reclotted.
NOW hes finally thinking this is a blood issue as something is causing this. He said maybe i just have thick blood (huh?).
So reaching out to the group for ideas, thoughts, hunches, advice, anything.
See hematologist next. I have been negative for all the major genetic factors. Need your best off the wall suggestions. Anybody tested negative for APS then later turned positive?
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2021.11.30 16:03 pawseds Drew this to celebrate when the new trailer dropped! It was also for an atmospheric perspective assignment

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2021.11.30 16:03 Ahmed_Alfaitore222 Famous Explorer

So I'm playing expedition 1 and I'm stuck with this mission every agent I met only have race standing rank no explore dose anyone know how to solve this
Thanks for reading
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2021.11.30 16:03 Foxxthemisses Like the Colorado sky

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2021.11.30 16:03 LyonArtime Why are all my LFGs this region Tar themed 🛢🛢🛢✨ [12/3/21 7pm est]

DM: Cadaverousdragonmeme Datetime (7:00pm EST)
Seeking aid in the recovery of the undead known as "One Long Gone" Its bones are under Zya N'Zya's control, within her (now on fire) tar pits.
Since hand delivering this couatl skeleton to Zya, we've learned that it is, in fact, the remains of the former Loa of Souls who the demon Zerlgut killed and usurped. As a dead Loa, One Long Gone is the only individual the company is aware of with firsthand knowledge of the 'Incarnation' ritual Zerlgut used to make Loas mortal. Using this ritual is our only shot at killing Zerlgut before Fusion-Dance-Kyserendor, and therefore our only way to prevent the Tiamat-blessed chaos dragon from becoming the new Loa of Souls.
One Long Gone is insane. We're banking hard on its capacity to answer questions, and a desire for revenge against Zerlgut. I've personally defeated One Long Gone in combat already; it poses more of a psychological than physical threat. (120ft AoE Wis Save, Short Term Madness on fail, Long Term madness on 5+ fail, one 6d4 Slashing atk per turn.) Of greater concern is Zya herself, and her now-ever-flaming skeleton army. We strongly suspect (from Zya's audible screams) that the volcano eruption lit the Tar Pits aflame, trapping her in a burning-to-death loop. If true, we'll need some way across the tar that isn't on foot.
OoC time allowing, we'll take the bones to the Saurial Death-Speaker currently chilling in town, and learn as much about the Loas as we can.
Valued Skills:

Name Level Class Watch
Gen 6 Cooler Wizard 1
Hyx 6 Clinging to Life 2
Please apply with Name, Level, Race, Subclass, Time Available, Number of Adventures, Priority (First, Second, Only), and broad skill set.
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2021.11.30 16:03 coi-coi OneLedger is backed by KuCoin Labs, Johhny where is the OLT/USDT pair?

Johhny I'm tired of having to trade usdt for eth to trade OLT. I want to be able to deposit USDT and get straight to trading without the extra steps.
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2021.11.30 16:03 Throwaway_298384 Is anyone else getting local spoofed area calls?

It's gotten really bad now, automated spam calls from the "CRA" / "Border Services" / "Service Canada". They keep using the same sub-net as my phone number. (It's a cellphone, but I have a 416 area code.)
Let's say my number is 416-582-1234, I keep getting calls from 416-582-****, the last four digits always rotate. It's never the same number twice.
Also certain random 416 numbers call me saying I called them, but I try to explain that it's all VoIP ID spoofing. It's not possible to use a spam call blocker app because these are all spoofed local numbers. I've asked a few friends and they've experienced this, anyone else?
(Disclaimer: I'm in I.T. , I've already checked if I'm compromised, even changed phones. It seems like a foreign spam campaign. My custom phone blacklist wildcard rule works fine, just hope no-one of the other 9999 numbers in my sub-net ever need to call me.)
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2021.11.30 16:03 sometimesisleeptoo What's His Rap Name?

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2021.11.30 16:03 oliverrtree Nikocado? Would you guys want him on the podcast?

Just curious I feel it would be fun.
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2021.11.30 16:03 centraldogmamcdb [USA-MA][H] Intel Core i7-5820k, Intel 730 240gb, 4x8gb G.Skill Aegis DDR4-2400mhz [W] PayPal

Looking to sell the following:
Intel Core i7-5820k 6c/12t CPU - asking $60 shipped. Works fine, no issues.
Intel 730 240gb 2.5" SSD - asking $40 shipped. CDI attached. Drive wiped with diskpart.
G. Skill 2x 8gb DDR4 2400MHZ CL 16 RAM - asking $40 shipped. Light use.
G. Skill 2x 8gb DDR4 2400MHZ CL 17 RAM - asking $40 shipped. Light use.
Bundle price for the cpu, ssd, and RAM is $160 shipped.
If interested, comment in thread and send a pm. Thanks for looking.
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2021.11.30 16:03 MalvinoXDD argentina but its something wrong

argentina but its something wrong submitted by MalvinoXDD to mapporncirclejerk [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 16:03 United-Mouse-1605 Msi optix g271 speaker reccomendation

Hello! I just got my first monitor which is the optix g271 and I did see that it didn't have speakers built inside of it to start with, I'm just wondering which speaker would be reccomended with it? Thank you! The price will not bother me either.
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2021.11.30 16:03 MAJINDURAG Boking a table at ZZAN impossible?

Has anyone here successfully booked a table at this place? I've submitted a booking over a week in advance and I end up being declined 3 days before the reservation date.
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2021.11.30 16:03 Magvo Raytracing on xbox series x

Anyone knows when raytracing will br available for the xbox series x? Im still not able to turn it on.
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