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17M Eccentric kid who enjoys videogames

2021.11.30 14:36 missile500 17M Eccentric kid who enjoys videogames

Hello! Im here mostly bc O feel a little shit about myself, I dont really have much social life irl so here I am!
Im a British Year 13 student studying Maths, Further maths, Chemistry and Biology at A level
Interested in: Strategy games Warhammer lore Maths Topical events (civil discussions about politics) But thats something that often results in, well, immediate death so lets not go there lol
Really just looking for chill guys to talk with, M/F i dont really mind.
Ive been told i can come across as patronising sometimes tho, so i apologise in advance for all my misdeeds.
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2021.11.30 14:36 Better_Arm1787 Can someone please eli5 NFTs and how to go about buying or looking into them at least

As per title. Any and all feedback/comments welcome
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2021.11.30 14:36 jasonleetx BS1-7, 90% bonus clear (ella doesn't need lvl 89, lvl10-40+ will do depends on equipment)

BS1-7, 90% bonus clear (ella doesn't need lvl 89, lvl10-40+ will do depends on equipment) submitted by jasonleetx to RevivedWitch [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 Top_Location The Margin: Twitter’s new private media policy puts into question posting videos from scenes like George Floyd and Jan. 6

The Margin: Twitter’s new private media policy puts into question posting videos from scenes like George Floyd and Jan. 6 submitted by Top_Location to CitadelLLC [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 Spiritual_Sundae2334 Can you bleach a 6 year old's hair?

Currently in school for hairdressing but I've been doing hair since I was a teenager! My neighbor's 16 year old girl has been diagnosed with Cancer :(, as a show of support her family and friends are cutting their hair short and dying their hair a pastel pink to match Maddie's new wig
I'm happily doing all of the cutting and dying for free, only issue is Maddie's 6 year old little sister REALLY wants to be included in this. Her mom said she trusts my professional judgment if its healthy for her hair...
If she had a level 6 I'd just use a high lift color then a conditioning semi-permanent pink. BUT Maddie's little sister is adopted and has level 3 brown hair (she's asian). I was thinking of doing foils, keeping the bleach off her scalp until the very end to get her roots an orange colour then just blending the roots to the ends so she has pastel ends and darker pink roots?
Is this a horrible idea? I can't find any research on how bleach interacts with young hair... Are there any risks to her scalp? Are there any risk factors you could help make me aware of?
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2021.11.30 14:36 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Twinzer] [Titanium White Twinzer: Muddy] [Saffron Holiday Bow] [Illuminata] [Holiday Gift] [Xmas Lights]

[Crimson Twinzer] [Titanium White Twinzer: Muddy] [Saffron Holiday Bow] [Illuminata] [Holiday Gift] [Xmas Lights] submitted by RLCD-Bot to RLCustomDesigns [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 BillyIdolRunner2023 ESE330 with Milutin Stanacevic

For anyone who took ESE330 in the recent spring semester, just asking out of curiosity, when did you take the final exam for that class?
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2021.11.30 14:36 sharpyshoot PVCs were actually Lyme Disease

Hello everyone,
Back in August I posted about having PVCs develop out of almost nowhere. For some background, I’m a 21 year old male who has no history of heart disease and am pretty athletic.
I went to the ER where blood work and EKGs were run, and was sent home being told it was due to caffeine. I followed up with my GP who agreed and told me not to worry. Come late august, they didn’t stop and I was sent to get an echocardiogram done, which came back completely normal. Again, I was told it was due to stress and anxiety. I asked my GP for a Lyme disease test, and she didn’t want to give me it. Which I found strange.
I was prescribed a beta blocker, and upon taking it I had a severe reaction. Non stop tremors, panic attacks, and my legs felt like they were a hundred pounds each. I was told this was normal and would pass with time by two ER doctors on two separate occasions. Spoiler alert, it didn’t get better.
I then started getting really worried. My muscles were twitching non stop, my body was weak, and the right side of my face went numb. I went to the ER again where they sent me for a brain MRI due to a suspected stroke or tumor. That came back fine, and I was told it was anxiety.
I then went back to my GP and was referred to a neuro for an MS work up. My neuro examined me and told me I had benign muscle twitching and anxiety, but put in orders for spinal mris. Feeling something was off, I strongly urged him to test me for Lyme since I am an animal control officer, and my GP refused to test me for it.
Well, a week after being told by my neuro and cardiologist that my neurological symptoms and PVCs were due to stress, my Lyme disease test came back positive.
I have had Lyme disease in my blood, muscles, spine, and brain for 3 months. There is a chance I may never be 100% okay again because my doctor didn’t listen to me.
If you feel like you’re similar to how I feel, please advocate for yourself and get tested.
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2021.11.30 14:36 Top-Wafer6464 Looking for a Manager

Looking for a Manager submitted by Top-Wafer6464 to AxieScholarships [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 JRRClocks BIG empty caves. Isdoraijung galaxy (019)

BIG empty caves. Isdoraijung galaxy (019) submitted by JRRClocks to NoMansSkyTheGame [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 The_DarkMatter Which Elite spec artwork is your favourite?

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2021.11.30 14:36 invader_84 Corsair CX750F and Gigabyte Aorus Elite RGB connector

Just wondering if anyone can direct me on how to get the PSU RGB controlled through the PC via the motherboard. There are plenty of RGB headers available, addressable and no addressable but when I plug in the 4 pin connector form the PSU it won’t work. Not sure if I’m missing something.
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2021.11.30 14:36 fizio900 With Harrow being the next Prime, i feel like pointing out a weird Signature-interaction: Knell gets its mag size increased by 1 when held by Harrow, but it also doubles its reload time.

Which kinda defeats the purpose of having double mag size being a bonus for using that weapon with that frame. It's not easily achievable with mods either...
I know Scourge makes headshots easier (in theory) and Penance's buff to reload coupled with a reload mod/secondary merciless quickly put reload time back in its place, but it's still weird that it can happen.
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2021.11.30 14:36 chanmanketchum All my first grade classmates noticed our teachers purse from the wall was leaking what looked like red blood and when asked about it she said these words, “You bad kids have drove me absolutely crazy till the end of the school year, you guys wanna see what in the bag?”

She looked at us and slowly reached into her bag crying yet laughing like a maniac, but then the bell rang for dismissal.
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2021.11.30 14:36 johafor [UPDATE] Mac Pro 6,1 completely dead after CPU change/upgrade

This is an update to my previous post; Mac Pro 6,1 completely dead after CPU change/upgrade
I have since disassembled the machine again. Taken everything apart and cleaned it with non conductive electric cleaner spray before letting it dry for half a day before putting it back together again. No change.
When I connect power to the computer it is completely dead. No lights or anything anywhere. When I press the diagnostic switch on the PSU board, I get two green lights. I think it is #2 and #4. Not sure what that is supposed to mean.
I am leaving it as it is for now - a paperweight.
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2021.11.30 14:36 AdventurousExternal9 Everyone go and check my latest post I’m trying to catch some zoophiles and we report them.

You don’t need to upvote my post I just need people to catch an eye out just in case downwind gets too comfortable and shows they’re true colors (I am not a furry)
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2021.11.30 14:36 zoloftgang BRUH - Kavanaugh posting piracy judgements and limiting comments. He’s gone mental

BRUH - Kavanaugh posting piracy judgements and limiting comments. He’s gone mental submitted by zoloftgang to h3h3productions [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 FredFuzzypants Atlanta-based AI Firm Wins Global Construction Tech Contest

Atlanta-based AI Firm Wins Global Construction Tech Contest submitted by FredFuzzypants to ConstructionTech [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 refrigeratornews Trivia Host

Greetings! We are a local trivia company looking to add to our amazing arsenal of trivia hosts. Hosting trivia is an easy and fun part time job that allows the host to make each trivia event their own. Work one or two nights a week for good money at one of The Triangle’s local watering holes. If you are an outgoing, punctual, and personable person who thinks they are good for this position please send a message or dm and we will reach out with more information.
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2021.11.30 14:36 StephRepcam1 Hey, Knicks' Nation. With the recent release of Nike's city edition jerseys, I figured I'd take a stab at creating a version that utilizes New York’s most notable feature, the subway system, and its mosaic lettering as a design system for the players' uniforms. Open to criticism!

Hey, Knicks' Nation. With the recent release of Nike's city edition jerseys, I figured I'd take a stab at creating a version that utilizes New York’s most notable feature, the subway system, and its mosaic lettering as a design system for the players' uniforms. Open to criticism! submitted by StephRepcam1 to NYKnicks [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:36 Consistent-Rush-7929 My third eye feels weird

As the title says my third eye has felt strange all day, kinda throbbed and then developed a headache. At this time, the machine I was working on started to malfunction in a strange way. Now I just have a headache. Yes, I've eaten, yes I've drunk water all day. Mostly, I'm worried and weirded out as this is new to me. 1) should I be worried? 2) Is this abnormal?
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2021.11.30 14:35 Limp-Government2965 $MDC | Monster Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

I believe you have seen a lot of bad monsters but this Monster Doge will make you the happiest holder ever seen.
Who chooses to follow Monster Doge will be rewarded in DogeCoins 💰 every 20 minutes. Do not wait any longer and join our ever-growing community and enjoy the Monster rewards. 🔥
Thanks to a magical reflection, the followers share among themselves 7% in DogeCoins for each sale and 8% in Dogecoins on each purchase every 20 minutes which are magically awarded to Monster holders 💰 .
Thus, as a holder, you do not need to do anything it will automatically go to your wallet as DogeCoins.
Our anti-whale measure allows the sale of only 1M $MDC per transaction, which avoids the collapse of the chart and reward the holders.
Just hold a minimum of 10,000 $MDC and you will receive DogeCoin every 20 mins.
Do not wait any longer and join the adventure of MonsterDoge!
On Transactions:
Total Supply: 1 Billion Coins,
🥞 7% DOGE Reflections
💧 1% Auto-Liquidity Pool
🤓 2% Marketing Fees
More Goodies:
🔒 Liquidity Lock: 1 Year ⏰ Every 20 minutes Auto-Payments
✅ Anti-Dump + Anti-Whale Functions
✅ 7% Auto-Doge Reflections (This will make us lots of $$$)
✅ Endless Marketing Budget
✅ Reflections APP 🔥 COMMUNITY TIME 🔥
Contract: 0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x98c1Ae43c7ca05da957bbEc60891E1Ca0Ea123B4
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10#readContract
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2021.11.30 14:35 fantasyman1-13AS Fantasy Drag Race US S01 EP02 Lip Sync Results/EP03 Vote

The results for the lip sync are in!
Monica Beverly Hillz wins her second lip sync in a row, earning herself a title of Drag Race's first lip sync assassin. Joey Jay sashays away in 8th place.
This week, the queens have to channel Oprah Winfrey through their outfits, either selected through supplied garments, taking one they already brought, or making one on the spot. Then, they have to read mock news stories from a teleprompter. After that, they have to sell products, reminiscent of Oprah on her "My Favorite Things" specials. Finally, they conduct a celebrity interview.
Here is the link to vote. Remember to vote based on how the queens would do in the challenge, not who you like the best!
Here are the current track records:
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2021.11.30 14:35 DarkWalker11 SURVEY - What do you expect on December's Dev Team Update??

View Poll
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2021.11.30 14:35 Shashimy123 Did a late commishion for GalaxiaInkling

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