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Watch 👍 Setting Goals To Achieve Your Dreams Thanks Appreciated ❤💯

He listened to my concerns and was promp with his follow up. Thanks Jimmy for your positive attitude. You make it much easier to bring my car in. No one is happy to bring their car to the shop. At least you make me smile 09/21/2021 - Nice work again Jimmie. Thanks for getting me in before my vacation drive sweet,I Love sex.I can Host or visit Your place And Car call also Available.I am able to your area like your house or hotel or others house.📱full of fun!👉 Always Ready For fun and Discreet sex with a young or older man💦NO MAX AGE💦 specialy Fuck your own style Any Place👱♀

2021.11.28 18:44 DandyShandy1975 Watch 👍 Setting Goals To Achieve Your Dreams Thanks Appreciated ❤💯

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2021.11.28 18:44 Kronic_Repulse1 My plant looks good so far what should I do next ?

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2021.11.28 18:44 EestiMentioned [/r/ico] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 18:44 silverfish138 What is your GPA?

View Poll
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2021.11.28 18:44 tropadoratao Aryane Steinkopf

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2021.11.28 18:44 FaZe-Obama How can I become more than an extra?

Hey everyone. I’m a child actor from New England that has mostly done theater up to about a half year ago. My first film experience began when a casting agent from Boston Casting called me, asking for me to do an audition for a new Stephen King movie (Salem’s Lot). I had three days to practice as Danny Glick before my audition. Unfortunately, I did not get the part, but I was able to become an extra for the movie. I was originally had 2 scenes booked, before I was given a 3rd (don’t know if that means anything). Since then I haven’t gotten another part, and I’m worried that I won’t get another chance. If I do get a chance, I doubt it will be anything more than an extra. And I don’t want to be an extra for the rest of my career. I know that sounds immature and childish, but I want to change and help people with my performances, like the actors that I love have done to me. I hope you understand what I’m feeling
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2021.11.28 18:44 Shot_Spray439 Qui est chaud pour se branler je suis soumis

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2021.11.28 18:44 glitter_kween in response to my post on this sub: car polish did the trick for watermarks on top of the dryer

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2021.11.28 18:44 SpanishMeme A veces salen incluso peor

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2021.11.28 18:44 tbagan976 NZXT H1 Mini Pro vs Streaming Plus

Been looking at prebuilt PCs for about a month now and these seem like two of the very best deals. So far I’m seeing mixed reviews from customers (some recidivist duds or dead gpus) and content creators, but it seems like lately NZXT has fixed some of their issues.
Specs for Streaming Plus: $1799.00 (after 10% discount)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X GPU: GeForce RTX™ 3070 TI RAM: 3000MHz (max speed) 16GB (2x8GB) Storage: 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD GPU: GeForce RTX™ 3070 TI Interface: PCI Express 4.0 Motherboard: B550 ATX Motherboard CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken M22 Power Supply: 750W Gold
Specs for H1 Mini Pro: $1439.10 (after $100 off sale and 10% discount)
CPU: Intel Core i7-10700KF GPU: GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) 3000 MHz (max speed) Storage: 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD Secondary Storage: 1TB 2.5" HDD Motherboard: B560i ITX Motherboard CPU Cooler: 140mm AIO Liquid Cooler Power Supply: 650W SFF Gold
My budget at the highest is around $2,000 but I’d prefer to stay much lower. However the value of the 3070ti and 5800x seems like a no brainer. I plan on doing a decent amount of gaming, some content creation (video editing), and school work, especially spreadsheet work.
It’d be nice to hear from anyone who owns one of these or any of the NZXT builds on how they’ve held up. Thanks!
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2021.11.28 18:44 Bad_Bobby2009 Look at Your Cargo, Bitch! You look like a giant Toilet on rails!

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2021.11.28 18:44 k0NRAD_ Chirping noise from seagate barracuda compute

The seagate barracuda compute (2tb 7200rpm) came in the mail and was installed last night. This chirping noise occurs roughly every 10 seconds. Is this a defect?
short video of hard drive chirping noise
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2021.11.28 18:44 makeitra1n_ MacBook Pro 13" M1 can't AirDrop

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2021.11.28 18:44 NS-Slime My cute puppy

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2021.11.28 18:44 granmeat VAMP CAMP Collection! 30 for 0.007 ETH

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2021.11.28 18:44 myselfandme2 At Fitz’s in the Delmar Loop

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2021.11.28 18:44 Massive-Couple I want to lust

Went into an escort website, and found someone I'd like to lust to
Got cash I. Hand and out of nowhere these impulses got so strong
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2021.11.28 18:44 silentrocker Underground Diaries Ep1 Introducing Metal Music in Nepal

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2021.11.28 18:44 Perfect-Restaurant LF:gigantamax Drednaw FT: flexible

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2021.11.28 18:44 SpanishMeme Arte por accidente

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2021.11.28 18:44 monkey-fighter Is there any ability for someone who uses coffee pods (specifically Keurig) to recycle their pods?

My family use one of these Keurig machines and despite the pod boxes saying they're recyclable, it seems they're not recyclable in Toronto at least. I know Nespresso pods have a feature for you to take the pods back to the store to get them to recycle it, is there some kind of program like this for Keurig pods?
Looking for genuine advice on this specific question, I'm not going to be able to convince them to switch machines or not drink these pods, but if there's a method for me to at least help recycle the pods, I'd like to know so I can push for this (and also to let some of my friends know who use these machines as well).
I don't mind if that means washing the pods out, collecting them for a while and driving an hour out of the city to some specific recycling facility that can recycle them, I'd just like to know what options are available!
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2021.11.28 18:44 SomeChoiceWords [S][USA-PA] Fujifilm X100V Silver w/ warranty + some extras

I've been toying with letting go of my beloved X100V and since it has become more of desk ornament than camera I think it is unfortunately time to list it.
Purchased at Unique Photo in Philadelphia 12/30/20 with Mack 3YR Diamond Warranty Under 1500 For Digital Still, Video, Lens, Flash. I have all the original packaging and receipt, the warranty covers 1 full replacement of the camera and unlimited repairs, no claims have been used at this time - the camera must be turned in to file a replacement claim so theft and loss are not covered and it currently has 2 years and 1 month remaining.
I've added a Squarehood Model V lens hood and 49MM Tiffen Pro Mist 1/4 diffusion filter. I've never put any strap on the camera and the body is in excellent shape with no blemishes, it functions perfectly as well. Shutter count is currently 1100 exactly though that may increase slightly between now and time of sale. Several sample images are in my post history if you're curious to see those
Located in Philadelphia but I work in South Jersey so I'd be willing to do a local sale in those areas. Otherwise, I don't mind shipping.
Looking for $1200 net, I'll also include a 32GB SD card if asking price is met. Paypal and Venmo accepted.
Timestamp + Images
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2021.11.28 18:44 SlimJadey1584 I’ve been targeted [karma]

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2021.11.28 18:44 gooldukc How do yall protect your books? I’ve seen people plastic wrapping the books, but i’ve read that its bad with humidity. Im scared that my manga’ll get mold and stuff like that. What do you do to avoid that?

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2021.11.28 18:44 Mindless-Bed-8334 Quackity's status/future

With two big lore streams back to back, I wanna evaluate the new MAIN CHARACTER that we should focus on. Quackity. We know that Quackity is going to devolve mentally so lets start from there.
Also can I say that one thing no one seemed to notice is that, Charlie calls Big Q "Quackity from Las Nevadas" escept when Purpled hits Charlie into the lava, Charlie (while falling into the lava) screams "QUACKITY" and thats really cool and sad how he loses his innocent nature in that one moment.

Slime Arc: With CharlieSlimecicles cruel death, Quackity is devastated as already seen. I think he will soon remember all the odd details Charlie said about being in the ground, and Quackity might try to find a way to speed up the life regeneration process, because out-of-plot-wise it wouldn't make sense to throw away a really unique character, one that Quackity had a arc about.

Karl Arc: Quackity is angry with Karl and probably Sapnap due to the new events that unfolded at Keneko Kingdom. And with Quackity stated that there are no enemies YET, its likely Quackity will try to fight with the Kenekos. Sapnap, wanting to remend the friendship, will try his best to stop this war from happening, being in a Ranboo predicament where he wants to choose people but may be forced to choose sides. The war (if it happens) will likely be caused by Karl or someone from KK to perhaps destroy, help destroy, or partly destroy Las Nevadas, causing Quackity to get angry.

Techno Arc: HE. IS. BACK. I feel like Quackity would lose hope in fighting due to Charlie's death. But remembering LEGACY and how much it means, Quackity will protect Las Nevadas at all costs, Likely causing many potential members to get rejected, likely a rough conversation with the rest of LN and a fight with Techno in some way.

Dream Arc: Well, Quackity wasn't wrong when he said Dream broke out. We see in Techno's stream that Dream is already re-stacked with netherite tools and armor, making him powerful again. He also mentions Quackity torturing him to Sapnap, which will likely also be a factor into the potential KK V LN war. Quackity will be ready for Dream inevitably coming to kill him, very likely siding with tommy, tubbo, and a majority of the smp to take down Dream. But one note thats very important... Quackity will likely reflect Purpleds actions onto Dream, I mean... HE HAD THE BOOK. HE HAD THE POWER. HE HAD THE SKILLS. HE'S THE REASON PURPLED WENT POWER HUNGRY... RIGHT...? Quackity will take his anger on Dream, thinking its his fault Charlie was dead. He caused it.

Purpled Arc: Quackity won't go for vengence, but unless Purpled teams up with Dream during LN's inevitable demise, I think that if Purpled tries to destroy LN, Quackity will go at Purpled full force in a fit of rage, similar to the way he screamed at Sam during the Techno escape, and how he was when he dueled Techno and got a scar. While Purpled anger was justified, his revenge wasn't. It was clear to Quackity that he wanted to befriend and make up for what he did, and Quackity hoped Purpled understood, but now the tides have risen. And being kind isn't a option anymore.

Speaking of Sam. SAM ARC: With Techno and now Dream escaping, Quackity is sure to get angry, like really angry. He may follow up on his threat towards Sam.

Now for some of Techno's potential quests and future events.

Dream Arc: As we saw on stream, Techno and Dream are buddy-buddy, but that won't be for long, trust me. As we saw in that stream, Dream was begging Techno to leave Ranboo, with Techno responding with a no every time. Now this is just the start, at first after escaping in Techno's Cottage, Dream runs off and says "I owe you one" Bring responded with "Yes you do". Now, Techno soon realizes they can bring Ranboo back from the dead. And when Techno and Tubbo find Dream and Sapnap in Snowchester, Dream walks up the Techno and says something like "I don't owe you one anymore" and gives Techno the Axe of Peace. Now to anyone, this would look like Dream being nice, and I assume Techno saw that as well. But I think theres a sinister undertone here, Dream knows Ranboo died and how much Ranboo means to Techno, I think Dream KNEW that Techno would ask that, which is why Dream ran off and gave Techno the AOP before Techno could say anything, as well as distracting his mind with the "Oh i have more axes" gag. Techno will hopefully realize this and the friendship will end.

Quackity Arc: Just read the Techno Arc for Quackity lmao.

Conner???: Yes, he is here and he is an anarchist now. I think Conner is going to have some heavy crap, because you do NOT get thrown into a prison for gods and mutants by just taking credit for a few wars and pretending to be a veteran. Conner did something, something BAD. Something so bad that he had to be hauled into jail. I think it could be something about the revive book.

Tubbo Arc: I mean, Techno summed it up pretty well, their likely to go on a quest to save micheal from eret or someone idk

Wilbur Arc: Wait he's back? Cool lets blow up LN... Wait what wheres Quackit- AHHHHH
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