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D.Gray-man is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.Set in an alternate 19th century, it tells the story of a young Allen Walker, who joins an organization of exorcists named the Black Order. They use an ancient substance, Innocence, to combat a man known as the Millennium Earl and his demonic army of Akuma who intend to destroy humanity. Clannad has 5 fillers out of 23 episodes, which makes a filler percentage of 22%. D.Gray-man. D.Gray-man has 25 fillers out of 116 episodes, which makes a filler percentage of 22%. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! D Gray Man Filler List 【Episode Guide 2021】 AT ANIME FILLER LIST, YOU CAN FIND ALL KINDS OF LISTS THAT TELL YOU WHICH EPISODES IN AN ANIME ARE FILLERS AND WHICH ARE CANON. Useful Links D.Gray-man: Created by Katsura Hoshino. With Sanae Kobayashi, Todd Haberkorn, Shizuka Itô, Kenichi Suzumura. Young Allen Walker, an exorcist, fights Akuma to save the world. One of the main distinguishing features of my hero academia is the fact that it has a super low filler episode percentage, where other Shonin sows have complete arcs dedicated to filler episodes like in naruto, my hero academia’s filler list comprises of only 4 episodes. Which for a shonen show or any other anime is super low. Mana Walker (マナ・ウォーカー, Mana Wōkā) born Mana D. Campbell (マナ=D=キャンベル, Mana D Kyanberu) was the adoptive father of Allen Walker and the older brother of Nea D. Campbell. After Nea's death, he became a travelling clown, and worked alongside his dog, Allen. Typically, Mana is seen under the guise of a classic whiteface clown; he wears white makeup which fully covers ... D.Gray-man is based on Katsura Hoshino's manga series of the same title. The anime adapts the first 158 chapters from the first 16 volumes, while adding anime exclusive content, mainly during the first half of the series. FUNimation Entertainment licensed and released only the first 51 episodes of D.Gray-man. The explanation they provided for ... D.Gray-Man Filler – All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man. My Anime For Life Comment(0) Gintama Filler List – How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers. My Anime For Life Comment(0) Fullmetal Alchemist Filler – Complete Filler Guide. My Anime For Life Comment(0) By not overemphasizing their flaws or traumatic pasts, and incorporating them into the series’ laudable plot and darker tone, D.Gray-Man’s characters gain an unexpected freshness.OverallThough not perfect, this series has many positive attributes, which compensate for the tedious filler episodes and the series’ lack of completion. Anime and manga correspondence. Main article: Episode Guide The two anime seasons adapt the manga chapters with a certain, relative closeness while adding some moments, filler scenes, filler arcs, and also changing or removing some parts. The first D.Gray-man anime (2006 anime) ends with the last scenes adapting the night 157 (skipping most of pages 1 to 14 of this chapter) .

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2021.11.28 17:01 Questioned_answers Anyone else from NY like me getting real worried about this ? Gov. hochul is already much worse than Cuomo….they are trying to detain individuals who pose a “public health risk” ie. the unvaccinated.

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LF: Plusle, Minun, Pidgey, Electrike, Spinda, Omanyte and Aerodactyl.
FT: Any other Pokémon. Including version exclusives, great marsh and other fossil mons just need to breed for the egg.
Can also get items like dragon scales, kings rocks and magmarizers if you’re willing to wait.
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responsable translates to responsible
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2021.11.28 17:01 Aether_Apocalypse Chibi Care Guide: Special Chibi Counseling and Care Sessions -- Case #105: Softpie, a Fainting Chibisuki

Softpie was a relatively normal chibisuki in terms of her behavior. She was more on the tsun side of this breed of chibis, but could often be seen having fun writing poems, baking, playing with others and enjoyed outdoor activities such as flying kites, running, and gardening.
Softpie had been admitted to the chibi-hospital close to our facility several times for fainting. At first, it was not understood why this kept happening to the chibi and was thought to be connected to a serious underlying issue, perhaps secondary to some traumatic brain injury, previous abuse, or extreme malnourishment. However, after several interviews those were ruled out. Softpie was put on twenty-four-hour surveillance, and the true reason was discovered.
Softpie, like many chibisukis, would often become enraged when offended, rebuked, felt insecure, or for a variety of other reasons like being adequately criticized. When this would happen, she would get red in the face, her shoulders would tense up, her arms would fling to her sides, and her fists would angle themselves up. This is all completely normal for a chibisuki and put her in the classic tsun pose we are used to seeing them in when they become flustered. Accompanying this would be a clenched or gaping jaw, wide eyes or clenched eyes with a deep scowl, and commonly some form of growling and shaking would occur. Usually yelling would follow from a chibisuki at this point along with some kind of stammering, crying, and or running away. However, for Softpie, she would actually tense up her muscles in her arms, shoulders, hands, face, and the rest of her body, she would faint from the exertion before she could do any of those things. This chibisuki would wake up usually seconds later disoriented and annoyed. Further, there were some instances where Softpie would wake up after fainting, get upset that she fainted and from having someone try to comfort her, and get angry enough to lead to another fainting spell.
First treatments for Softpie’s condition revolved around physical therapy. Running, stretching, punching-bag punching, jump rope, yoga, deep breathing, meditation, and chibi-acupuncture were all tried in attempts to remedy Softpies over-tensing of herself and subsequent fainting. None of the treatments appeared to ameliorate her condition. Further, all the exercise did not appear to improve her overall mood and tendency to get upset or angry at situations that displeased her. As noted in a previous post on another difficult chibi, exercise has mixed results at improving the moods and behavior patterns of chibis.
Attempting to teach Softpie to not get angry in the first place was considered to be the next option. However, given chibisukis tendency to get upset easily this to be implemented in tandem with other options that would be faster acting.
The next form of therapy was to teach Softpie a different way to react, or a way that was in conjunction with her normal reaction, so that she would release some tension in her body and breathe. She was given a small rubber-ducky to squeeze the air in and out of if she got angry to remind her to get air in and out of herself. We also had a special prototype vest knitted for her to wear that slightly restrained her shoulders from tensing up too much to also remind her to relax her muscles. Neither appeared to work as she would squeeze the ducky once to push air out of it, but not let go of her grasp to let air in and forget she had it at all. The vest seemed to hurt more than help, as the tight fabric clutched the chibi’s frame when she tensed up and caused her to faint even faster.
The following is a transcription of our first full counseling session where we attempt to discuss a solution to Softpie’s condition and how she is feeling:
“Hello Softpie, how are you feeling today?”
“Hmmmm, fine I guess. It’s not wike I appweciate yoo taking time out of yoor day to intavi- t-tawlk to me or notus anyfing.”
“Well Softpie, do you know why you’re here in my office?”
“It’s because you keep fainting and I wanted to talk to you about how to fix that. Do you think we could talk about it?”
“Well, maybe!” She said already getting tensed up.
I proceeded to give Softpie a boop in attempts to prevent her from fainting. I also told her to “Take some breaths Softpie, I don’t want you to pass out right now and bonk your head.”
It was inaudible on the recording, but Softpie said while gritting her teeth “Dun teww me what tuh doo, dummy!”
“So, I heard the rubber-ducky and vest didn’t work. How did you feel about those tests?”
“I wiked da ducky. I-I mean, I’ve seen dummah tings before… He did make a funny noise doe… But da vest was stuhpid! Whoeva came up wit dat is a baka-headed doof! E-eh-eh-it was itchy and tu-tight, and hurt—I-I mean, eht din hurt dat bad. Buh-but, if anuda chibi put it on *sniff*, it would hurt dem.” Softpie was beginning to get tears in her eyes.
“Don’t worry Softpie, you and no other chibi will have to wear that vest again.” I assured Softpie and gave her some head pats that appeared to help.
“*sniff sniff* mmmmm *sniff*” Was Softpie’s only response.
I stopped the head pats to ask, “What do you think would help you Softpie?”
The chibisuki reached for my finger immediately after I stopped patting her, then realized what she was doing, and crossed her arms and looked away from me. “Hmpf. I dun know. Maybe mayke everwee ting supah soft so I doun huhrt my head when I fawl. Eh-it’s not wike I geht huhrt when it happens.” Softpie finished getting red in the face.
(It should be noted here that when she collapsed, she would often get bumps and booboos on her head and other parts of her body that she hit when falling from her fainting.)
“Well, I don’t think we could do that. However, we could put some of your more favorite activities on a soft pad in the meantime while we help you establish habits that avoid getting so angry you faint. That way, if you did fall, you would be less likely to get hur—break something when you hit it.”
The gears in the tiny chibi’s head began to turn. “Wewl. I dun know if I’d wike dat.”
“We could call it Softpie’s soft-pad.” I said with a smile.
Softpie tilted her head in thought and donned a thousand-yard stare as she considered the idea. “Hmmmmm. Eht would be mine?” She said looking up at me.
“Well, yes. But I think your friends could use it if they wanted to bake with you or write or read next to you right?”
“Fuh-fine. I’ww use m-my pad. But!” Softpie exclaimed while pointing a finger at me. “It bettuh be pink! And vewy vewy soft. Sawft enough fowr me to way on it and sweep. But stwong enough to wet me buh-build a castuhl on it. Guh-got it, baka-face? An-an no yurwibis on it edah.” The chibi finished breathlessly.
“Well. I think the pad will be pink, soft, and sturdy. It’s just that I think that because we’re giving you something here at the center, it would be fair if we let other chibis use it from time to time don’t you think? What if we got it for the center but you were the only one to use it. That wouldn’t be very fair, right?”
“Uuuuuu…” Softpie started, getting red, shaking, and posturing. “Bu-bu-but DEN! EHT! WU-UNNN! BEEEE! MINE!”
Before I realized what to do, Softpie had fainted and collapsed on my desk. She awoke to me searching for pads on Amazon. “Oh good, you’re awake. How are you feeling? Did you hurt your head or arms?”
“Uuuuuu. Wha-whu happen?”
“You had another fainting spell, Softpie.” I said, spinning my chair to face her. Tell you what. We’ll try things your way for a few weeks where you get to call the shots on the pad. But, I want you to consider how the other chibis will feel if they don’t get a chance to play on the new pad we’re getting you.
“I!” Softpie started. I think at think point, she was starting to realize how selfish she was acting. “Fuh-fine. But I better get to do what I wan on eht. And ehf someone is ahcting wike a dummy on it, I geht to kick dem off.”
“Sounds fair. Good job today, Softpie. I think we made a lot of progress.”
My comment was met with another “Hmpf.” From Softpie as she sat back down with a plop on my chibis-sized counselor’s couch to wait for her caregiver to pick her up. “It’s not wike I vawlue yoor pwaise or anyting.”
“One last thing before we go. I believe it’s important we also work on your stress management. That way, we can avoid you fainting all together and we can avoid temporary solutions like this pad. How do you feel about that?”
“Well… It would be nice to not fall ovah so much.” Softpie rubbed her cheek where she was developing a bruise from falling just a moment ago. “N-not dat I’m afwaid or anyting. W-why are yoo wooking at me wike dat!?”
“Oh, it’s nothing. We can discuss methods for this at our next meeting.”
I decided to end the session here as Softpie may have been concussed.
Over the next few days, our theory was put to the test and Softpie was allowed to dictate what happened on her soft-pad. She was able to do many of the common chibisuki pastimes there such as reading, writing, baking, and napping. She seemed to faint slightly more than usual, but for the most part, the pad did its job by padding Softpie’s falls. Chibis playing with her were warned to do their best to not upset her and that doing so could lead her to drop hot cookies near them, or lead to Softpie falling into them causing injury. Thankfully, no other chibis were hurt during this time. However, Softpie did faint once and fall directly onto her face, leading to a bloody nose. No other injuries to Softpie were reported. The increase in her fainting during her time on the pad was attributed to her trying to get other chibis off who she didn’t like and getting upset in doing so.
Unfortunately for her safety, Softpie enjoyed many outdoor activities. This made her pad inaccessible during those times. As mentioned, Softpie enjoyed gardening and flying kites. She also enjoyed running around which is difficult to do and a three foot by three foot pad. In the following days, after our initial success of protecting Softpie, we discovered that she was still fainting during her favorite outdoor activities and becoming injured. Thankfully, she was less frequently upset during these periods, however, her episodes were still a concern. The following is a transcription of our second counseling session:
(It should be noted that Softpie had to be wheeled in in a chibi-wheelchair as she had become extensively injured from her latest fall. She was wearing a neck brace and a brace for one of her legs as well).
“Oh Softpie. It’s good to see you again Softpie. I’m sorry to hear you got so hurt.”
“Hmpf! Eh-it’s not wike I appweciate yoor concern fowr my wellbeing and say- *sniff* fuhtee or anyting.” She answered crossing her arms.
The chibi-nurse placed Softpie gently onto the chibi-counseling couch. Apparently, Softpie had been crying nonstop since her fall. She would make a full recover physically in the course of a few weeks. But, it was obvious to all the care center staff that she was immensely embarrassed at her injuries.
“Before we get to all of that, I heard your soft pad was working well for you.”
“Ewts not wike I wike it or anyfing…. Ahem. T-tank yoo fowr getting it fowr me…baka” “You’re very welcome, Softpie. I’m glad you like it. I heard you’re also getting better at sharing your space on it with other chibis. That’s great as well.”
“Mmmmmm *sniff*” was all her reaction.
“Let’s delay no further. What happened to cause your current injuries?”
“Well…..” Softpie trailed off.
“Did you fall again when a chibiyori ate one of your cucumber—“
“Ok. Can you tell me the rest of what maybe happened?”
Softpie had begun to cry as she explained. “Shu-she *sniff* wah-was eating eeht off da vine beh-behfore eht was weady tuh tuh *sniff sniff* ha-hawvest. An-and *sniff* she didn wisten to me, evehn doh I’m I’m uh p-pwo myaaaaaaahaaaaa!”
Thankfully, after many occasions, it appeared that Softpie only fainted when angry and not when sad. “It’s ok Softpie, let it out.” At this point, I administered an advanced technique of patting for chibis. Patting her head was out of the question given her neck injury requiring the brace. So, I took one of her miniscule hands under my pointer finger and patted it with the other pointer finger. I also gave her some soft cookies to eat.
After several minutes of crying, Softpie was able to compose herself. “*Munch* mmmhm, was gonna make cucumbah bwead. Mmmmrrrr. Stupuh yoris.” Softpie mumbled in between bites of cookies.
“So, avoiding these types of behaviors, how do you think we can avoid you getting hurt again in these situations?”
“Doun wet--!”
“I know, I know. Don’t let chibis who are irresponsible or don’t listen to you around your crops. That’s a good idea and the chibiyori who did this will be talked to and punished appropriately. But what about what you can do to mitigate… prevent… stop this on your end?”
“Mmmmmrrrr.” Softpie had awkwardly begun stretching for the last bit of a cookie in her hand she was eating but couldn’t quite reach it to her mouth because of the way her neck brace held her head up.
“Would you like some h—“
“NOOOH! Myaaaah!!” Softpie had large tears running down her face and, at this point, didn’t even have her mouth open anymore; just a clenched jaw. “Grrrrr…” Finally Softpie flung the cookie down to my desk surface. “Fowrget it *sniff-sniff* I doun even wike dose cookies anyways.”
She had seemed to become more reasonable with the help of lower level counseling. At this point, I made a mental note to continue this for her to help prevent her from getting angry to the point of fainting.
“Would you be open to wearing some protective gear?”
“Huh? P-pwotective geawr? Wike what, fwoaties?”
“I was thinking more like a helmet. To protect your head if you fell outside. And maybe some pads on your arms.”
Softpie got red in the face and began to shake while frowning at me. Her body had made all the indications she was going to faint again: then she fainted. Thankfully, she fell back into the couch she was on.
After a few moments of me holding a fan to her and dropping some cool water onto her head, Softpie awoke to me. “Are you ok Softpie?”
“Wha-wuh…” Suddenly she sat up and pointed a stubby arm at me. “If yoo fink I’m gunna weawr a hewlmit awound wike some kinda woosa, yoor a dumb dumb baka face idiawt! And yoo shood be fiuhd and grrrr!” Softpie fainted again falling back into the couch.
After a few moments of letting her recover again, Softpie sat up, rubbed her head, and focused on me again to say “And uh nudah fing! Sukis awre tough. Wuh-we dun need no hewlp getting p-pwotection. I-I can pwotec myewlf *sniff* An-and *sniff* I can myaaah!” Softpie laid down on the couch and began to pound her fists on and kick it with her good leg.
“What if we got you a pink helmet? We could put stickets on it from your favorite manga series. And the arm pads could be pink too. They could be floaties, or skater pads if you like. Or even, we could get pads that are shaped like kites or your favorite vegetable to grow. What do you think about that?”
Softpie didn’t seem to hear much of what I said as she curled into as much of a ball as she could and started to suck on her thumb. From there, I decided to end the counseling session. I also ordered the helmet, several kinds of pads, and stickers as well to try.
Over the next few weeks, using a fair deal of coercion with sweets and extra play time for being a “good” chibi, we were able to convince Softpie to wear her pads.
After quite a bit of searching, I finally found a set of chibi-sized American football pads and helmet for her that were completely pink. She had her helmet with a faceguard for her head and eyes, shoulder pads that would protect her shoulders, arms, and torso, and leg pads as well to protect her knees and thighs. It even came with a mouthpiece for her to bite into to protect her fangs and other teeth. With all of them on, she looked like a tiny pink linebacker ready to play for the New England Patriots (or the Tokyo Chibis). Her incidence of fainting increased, likely due to bullying, but her rate of injury near completely vanished. She was able to conduct nearly all her basic activates of daily living without injury from fainting. Lower levels of counseling were still being had with another counselor to address anger issues that lead to fainting in the first place. But, as mentioned, this may never fully stop. For the meantime, however, her injuries did. There was even one report of Softpie being carried away why flying a kite only to let go and fall several feet. She landed on dirt, but it was agreed that she remained unharmed because of the pads.
Some time later, Softpie found herself preparing for an eggplant harvest. She was planning on using the eggplant in a chocolate dessert. In full pads with helmet she was in the centers garden using a knife to harvest the eggplant. She demanded to make the dish herself from “farm to table”. This proved to be a problem for Softpie as the temperature for eggplant growing and harvesting, typically done from June to September, is usually warm. And, with Softpie in pads, the chibisuki quickly began to overheat. It was assumed because of her suki nature, she didn’t want to ask for any help or be seen as weak. Thus, she continued until her demise.
Softpie was able to haul the eggplant, many times the size and weight of the chibisuki, from where it was growing to a park type apparatus built on top of some tables where chibis could lounge, eat foods from the gardens, and do many other common chibi activities. Softpie had her cooking equipment placed here while a few other chibis read, drew pictures, and wrote poetry. Moving the vegetable by Softpie was no small feat, as she moved a whole eggplant several yards on the ground and then up a ramp a few feet to get to the top of the tables. After getting to her cooking equipment, it was reported that Softpie stood there for a moment admiring her own work and strength. After a few moments of this, she moved to preheat her oven and set out some bowls. Softpie wasn’t under strict supervision at the time, and her caregivers knew of her condition and the progress she had made. This may have delayed her treatment.
After preparing several mise en plus for her dessert, Softpie collapsed from heat stroke. Many chibis Softpie was familiar with were told about her condition and to give her time and space to recuperate. So, many of them were able to learn to respect Softpie’s boundaries and leave her by herself. Unfortunately, this prolonged Softpie getting ignored in her time of peril. For an unknown amount of time, Softpie remained in an unresponsive state. The chibisuki was baking in the hot sun under her protective arm pads with a running chibi-oven next to her. With all these factors taken into consideration, it was small wonder that she fainted.
When found, caregivers assumed Softpie had collapsed out of frustration. This added further wait time before they began acting with haste to recover the chibisuki. After roughly two minutes of waiting. The caregivers realized what was happening and rushed her to a chibi emergency room. Softpie was pronounced dead after an IV was placed and she was not able to be revived from her heat stroke.
Unlike many deaths of chibis, Softpies was instrumental in bringing about legislative change for chibis in care facilities. Chibis, when housed at a care center, must now be provided shade during any outside activities that is no further than fifty feet away when applicable, or a caregiver must be able to carry a chibi to shade when that is not feasible. Chibis must also have access to water on days hotter than 85 degree Fahrenheit or roughly 30 degrees Celsius. This includes either chibi-water bottles and/or an apparatus that distributes water that a chibi is able to use directly and not need the help of a human to use. Further, any activities that are done outside in these high-temperature conditions must have caregiver watch at all times and in no few than a ratio of 50:1 chibis to caregivers.
As for Softpie herself, there were several notes to make about her progression. Lower-level counseling did appear to help reduce her fainting spells overall. It is also of note that a more tsun chibisuki was able to be convinced to work with us through careful rewards: she was convinced to use her soft pad and football-pads through extra treats and play. This adds further evidence that, similar to children, chibis response better to positive-reinforcement that negative-reinforcement.
In addition, chibi-sized American football pads have some evidence to be an effective way of largely protecting chibis from minor to moderate impacts; this may be applicable if it were necessary that chibis may need to go through a particularly dangerous situation where said impacts may occur. Situation such as these may include playing with a child or house pet that may hit or fling them on accident or if a chibi is being carried by someone who may be prone to dropping them.
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2021.11.28 17:01 Buck_Musky Hello folks, If I sent ftm to CDC from MM fantom network, does that mean the funds are lost? I realize now that I send through the wrong network and haven't heard back from support yet, just wondering if I should brace myself for the loss 😬

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I have been stuck on fsd 10.4 beta for around a week now, is there anyway to contact Tesla to get them to push 10.5? I am not sure if the fsdbeta email works anymore since it stopped giving auto replies. Any help would be appreciated :)
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