2021.11.28 17:40 SpotLight2024 Review

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2021.11.28 17:40 According-Incident23 Do I need these 5 fans?

2 front fans, 2 top fans 1 back fan and if you include it, the fan on my cpu cooler.
I have a 3060ti, 2600x, 4x8gb of ram
Do I need that many fans or should I take one or two out?
The pc is on my floor in a corner under my desk
I live in Canada but it still gets hot in the summer
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2021.11.28 17:40 hoeslayer6 Got disconnected from Three games and got Banned, please fix the game

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2021.11.28 17:40 Tatar_Tots Questions about Division Designer for NSB

So, I got this as my first DLC and I'm having tons of fun. I am designing a light flamethrower tank but I don't know exactly what division I should put it in. Should I make it its own? Or just put it in the medium tank division I have?
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2021.11.28 17:40 Drone2Address #drone #droneimages First Snow

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2021.11.28 17:40 razenha Mandei essa num grupo "Admiradores de Paulo Freire". Imaginem o hate.

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2021.11.28 17:40 Wuu87 Here is my hail oh went target ask them for this awesome case

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2021.11.28 17:40 PsychicMoo Hey, I’d appreciate it if anyone seeing this could check out my new video, thanks!

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2021.11.28 17:40 Joce_X3 Nuestro barrio

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2021.11.28 17:40 Naraka91 Pokemon Rainbow: Pt 1 and 2

Hey All,

I wrote a little story outline FanFiction for fun Re: Pokemon and the possibility of some new Eeveelutions. I’ll be adding more to the story as I continue to write it and build more ideas. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments.


Pokémon: Rainbow
By: Narak91

Part 1

Pokémon trainer, Samsara, is on vacation with her two twin Eevees on Cinnabar Island. She lets them wander the island alone to explore, and they stumble upon a part of the island labeled “Restricted” with some old rotted wooden barricades. The two Eevees decide to cross the barricade and explore what lies beyond. After scaling down the rocky shoreline, the duo discovers a cave at sea level, with a strange sonic noise coming from the opening. When they enter the cave, they see a most magnificent sight: a glitching bar of light and color that is emitting high-pitched sonic sounds. Its form is inconsistent and sounds like it is in pain. The twins approach it to get a closer look, and the creature cries out in agony. The two Eevees are blasted by waves of sound and light and the creature flies out of the cave and disappears into the horizon, leaving behind a rainbow. The two Pokémon now start to feel ill, and both pass out.

Later on, the two awaken in the Pokecenter with Samsara at their side. The two Pokémon have been infected with a rare, and deadly pokevirus only known to come from the cave they were in, which is known to house a mysterious Pokémon experiment nicknamed “Missing Number”. One Eevee, Caelum, is beginning to glitch and its image shifting, similarly to Missing Number, barely able to hold its form. Images of itself are breaking apart and being sucked back to the center form. The other Eevee, Terra, is becoming transparent; its eyes are starting to darken, and slowly becoming more and more tired. The Nurse at the Pokecenter tells Samsara there is nothing she can do to help her Eevees, and the best thing she can try to do is take them back home, and treat them with potions until any new development arises.

Back home in the Country of Lux, they discover unrest on the way back home. Apparently, everyone’s Pokémon are having issues since a mysterious rainbow appeared over the sky. They are all changing in ways never-before seen. While crossing a field to return to her hometown, Samsara is met with a wild Machop that has been affected by Missing Number’s light. Only travelling with Terra and Caelum, the two Eevees step out to fight and protect Samsara, against her best wishes, and fight the wild Machop. During battle, Terra passes away from the sickness, and Caelum builds up enough fighting spirit to force it to evolve through the virus into a brand-new Pokémon the Pokedex can only register as Shifteon, and carry on the battle and defeat the glitching Machop. Samsara and Caelum carry Terra’s body back to the home. As they spend time lamenting and preparing to bury Terra, a burst of light emits from the dead Eevee’s body, leaving it void of hue, a black and white Pokémon with blackened eyes that can phase through walls. The Pokedex registers this new Pokémon as Phanteon.

Samsara gets to know her new Pokémon, Shifteon, who appears to be a glitching Poison-Type, and Phanteon who appears to be a phasing Ghost-Type. Upon further investigating and learning, she discovers that her new Phanteon has zero recollection of its past life of living as an Eevee, and seems to exist carefree, despite the existence of Samsara. Not much else is known about Shifteon, except that it appears to be tired a lot.

A knock on the door interrupts her session. At the door, her neighbor and childhood friend, Mortel, and his pet Eevee, Vis, are upset with her. Word on the street is that she disturbed a sleeping Pokémon which is now causing everyone’s Pokémon to become sick, and now the entire country is on the look-out for her to get revenge. Samsara apologizes and says she is going to try to make things right, but Mortel tells her she has done enough, and he will be the one to find the cure for the Pokémon, and challenges Samsara to the first rival Pokémon battle. Samsara’s new Ghost and Poison type Pokémon easily do away with the sick Eevee and Ralts, Sending Mortel off to continue his research.

Samsara and her two Poke’s leave the house to their local research lab to show the professor the new Eeveelution she discovered. On the way there, she is met with many angry villagers and townsfolk who challenge her to battle for causing this terrible tragedy across their country. Upon finally arriving at the laboratory of Professor Machineel, Samsara informs Machineel of what transpired back at Cinnabar Island. Machineel informs her that he is already aware, and it was he who registered the transformations into the Pokedex as soon as she sent the new data over. Machineel goes on to tell Samsara of the grave danger her Eevees have unlocked on the country. The creature, Missing Number, is really only known amongst those who were in the “need-to-know” group, due to its effect it had on Pokémon. Missing Number was a creation of the late Team Rocket’s after the experiment to clone the mythical Pokémon, Mew, went wrong. Unable to capture its form correctly and emitting all of its DNA outward, it causes a pokevirus that can lead to mutations, or be lead fatal. Samsara’s two Pokémon were lucky in being able to evolve their way out of sickness, but not all Pokémon are lucky. Many Pokémon have permanently died due to this “Poke-demic”, and the country is furious, with her at the center of the blame. Samsara is then tasked with the mission of collecting all the data from the old Team Rocket’s experiment to discover a secret within the creation of Missing Number to find a cure and bring balance back to the country. The first location he suggests that she look is an old Team Rocket base in the city of Rubrum.

Part 2

After battling many different trainers along her path, all bearing Pokémon affected by Missing Number’s light, Samsara arrives in the City of Rubrum. She begins to ask around about the old Team Rocket base, but is met with nothing but unwanted glares and nasty responses. Eventually, she is met with someone who shares some compassion for her. His name is Mono, and he explains that since the defeat of Team Rocket years ago, this country has been wiped clean of any remanence of Team Rocket. The old building has been converted into a videogame arcade. No one in the city either speaks about, or remembers when Team Rocket ruled the streets, so even if she was not the most hated person in the country at the moment, chances are people wouldn’t have answers for her anyway. Mono offers his help to find the Team Rocket clues in the building that might lead to the next place they must go. Upon reaching the front door of the arcade, they discover it is closed, and the owner happens to be a leader at the local gym.

The Gym Leader, Spark, tells the duo that the Arcade is closed for the day while he tends to the poke-gym, and if he is defeated, he may consider reopening tomorrow. Mono agrees to battle alongside Samsara, and reveals he is a Pokémon Trainer, as well. Spark is an Electric-Type user who uses a set of 6 Pokémon to start, and Mono surprises you with using an Espeon first. The two defeat Spark, who agrees to open the gym, and even help them on their journey by showing them something in the arcade that could prove useful, and agrees to meet at the arcade the next day. After leaving the gym, Mono hands you a mysterious shining ball, and tells you its best to hold onto it for now.

The next day, they arrive at the arcade, which is open as promised, and full of people. Samsara and Mono begin to explore the arcade, looking for the for main office to meet Spark. Virtual Pokémon matches are being held by amateur trainers who just started on their journey when their Pokémon fell ill. Samsara is challenged by a few trainers before finally she is approached by team of the arcade’s security that guides them to the office to meet Spark. Spark welcomes the two, and brings them into the basement of the arcade through a private elevator located only in his office. He informs the two that during the renovation of this building, some parts were left untouched, as it wasn’t seeing the light of day, and the average consumer won’t see it, disrupting the sanctity of their day. Spark leads them to a locked door, which can only be opened by a certain amount of volts provided by his Raichu. Inside the locked room, is an old office space, the back wall has a dilapidated Team Rocket logo on it, the paint has faded and the brick exposed. In front of that, an executives desk topped with old files and paperwork. Spark explained this basement was completely untouched, and he found it cool that such an old relic was left into his possession. Samsara begins to look through the files, and in them, all old data reports of the beginning stages to replicate the cloning of Mew.

She learns that during the attacks on Team Rocket from the rogue Pokémon, Mewtwo, lots of the research data was lost in the fires on the cloning island, and many of the lead scientists on the project were lost. The research had to begin anew. In the folder is an old faded picture of a silhouette of Mew, and what appears to be a strain of the Pokémon’s hair in lamination. Samsara widely smiles, happy of her first steps towards her goal of righting the wrongs that happened back on Cinnabar Island. Mono asks to look over the files, and she happily hands them over to her new friend. With stars in her eyes, she watches as he runs through the documents in his hands, and begins to smile with her… then laughs. A wave of confusion overcomes Samsara, as Mono reveals a watch on his wrists, and he presses a Red button on the side.

Moments later, a swarm of trainers from the arcade come running into the room, surrounding them. They are all the trainers who Samsara fought before in the virtual battles, who reveal the true costumes underneath their clothing. Mono reveals himself as the leader of Neo-Team Rocket, a group of radicals who seek to restore the might of the old team rocket by using the information gained to bring might back to the organization- and also the grandson to the late Giovanni. Mono gives Samsara the option of joining her, and using the steroid he previously gave her to help take over Rubrum City with him. She firmly denies his request, as her mission is to help restore the world back to a state of peace. Samsara battles Mono with Spark at her side to gain the papers back before it’s too late, but his Espeon and Kadabra prove too strong. Neo-Team Rocket escape the Arcade, and Spark helps Samsara to a Pokecenter.

On the way there, Spark informs her that the next city over, in Cucurbita, his friend Candela also runs a gym, and knows of some of the issues surrounding the old TR bases in her area. He is going to give her a call and let her know that she will be arriving, while he stays in Rubrum to help hold off the Neo-Team Rocket presence in his city. As Samsara leaves the city, she is approached by many more angry trainers, who are blaming her for no longer just the Poke-demic, but also the resurgence of Team Rocket.
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2021.11.28 17:40 hwhouston517 Test post please ignore

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2021.11.28 17:40 vrrrrrkiki Best Christmas presents for a new mom?

My sister has a 3 month old and when I asked her what I could get for Christmas she just told me to get diapers. BUT I would like to also get her something else, she’s a badass mom, simultaneously running her own small business. I know money has been tight since she’s had the baby as she can’t work as much as she used too. I want to get her an awesome, thoughtful present. Any ideas would be helpful :)
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2021.11.28 17:40 Unfunnygamerweeb 🎶They said “All teenagers scare the living shit out of me, They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed”, So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me 🎶

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2021.11.28 17:40 adamderpydood Are flash cards a good way to start learning hiragana?

I’ve recently started my journey in learning Japanese and was wondering if I could use flash cards in order to help myself memorize the hiragana alphabet. I’m also open to any other way of learning that could help me as I’m still fairly new to this.
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2021.11.28 17:40 Your_ELA_Teacher Nothing would convince me more than "Bernie 2024"

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2021.11.28 17:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Virgil Abloh reveals his design philosophy at 2016 Design Miami | CNN

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2021.11.28 17:40 IronWolve Your government at work

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2021.11.28 17:40 n3xtup Something swirling bottom of urine

M20, 145 pounds 5ft10
I have had now a problem with my urine for a month +. Foamy, swirling, and everything. My urine analysis comes back negative for protein etc. here’s a video of what I mean. Take a look:
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2021.11.28 17:40 chiirpy SISTA ,,,,,, dont. u forget. my. NUMBA on the dooooor

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2021.11.28 17:40 Theniceapple LF: Apriballs other than love and friend (can be cloned)

Apriballs: Love and Friend balls (will clone them for you)

Magmarizer, Leaf stone, Water stone, rare candy. calcium, oval stone, everstones, pp up, plates, honey, and more. Please let me know if you want something not on this list, I'll check if I have any.

Pokémon: Shining Pearl exclusives, Drifloon, Gible, Eevee, Phione, Stunky, Murkrow,

I will tell you if I have to clone an item for you, please tell me if you don't want the item because it is cloned.
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2021.11.28 17:40 veritas_11 it's just a crush ch. 23

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2021.11.28 17:40 Zekiebum I (20M) want my roommate (21M) out ASAP

Let me preface this by saying that this is a long post and I'm sorry if stuff doesn't make sense or if it's formatted weird, I'm on mobile and am extremely tired.
My roommate and I moved into an apartment together in late May/early June, and I thought I could trust him as I'd known him since high school. Clearly this is not the case lmao.
Firstly, I did all of the work in order to get the place, including doing all of the searching/calling around, paying application fees to different places, signing all paperwork, meeting with the landlord, etc etc. Hell I even picked up the keys by myself! Only thing he did was call to have the internet set up/installed but he picked a day where he was out of town so I ended up having to set it up anyways. Roommate pretty much just sat back and did nothing until I handed him his key. And even then he continued to do nothing.
Ever since day 1 I've payed more than him in bills. Before we moved we agreed to split all bills, and that's never happened fairly. I paid out the ass to get our electric set up (required a $125 deposit, plus a starting amount to put into our account, I'm wanting to say I added another $50 to it), and have pretty much been the only one to put money into it (he's put in maybe a collective $75 over the span of like 5 months). Because the internet is in his name, he takes the internet bill out of his half of rent so I am usually paying about $100 more in rent than he is. We had a 2 day long argument over this as I said I wanted to split the bills and that it'd be easier and more fair if we did, but he insisted and I gave up trying to fight him on it.
He also hardly ever buys groceries. I go and get maybe $100 worth of food for like 2, maybe 3 weeks for me and he's got it gone in less than a week. I can't keep food or soda in the house without him getting into it before I can. We work opposite shifts (him part-time morning, me full-time night) so he pretty much eats it all cause I'm either asleep or at work. Because of him I haven't had more than $30 in my account after bills come out for the last like 4 months.
He's never once helped me clean anything or help me keep anything clean. The only thing he does is his laundry and even then he won't take it out of the dryer until I have to put mine in, and I end up putting it in his basket so I can use it. So on top of me paying extra on basically everything, I am constantly having to clean. This includes the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom. The living room carpet has always got his fuckin hairballs all in it cause he sheds worse than a cat and barely showers. The kitchen counters and stove top are in a constant state of messy and dirty, there's always dishes in the sink. The floors are constantly needing to be swept and mopped. The bathroom isn't too terrible but this man has liquid shits like all the time so I'm pretty much cleaning up literal shit when I clean the bathroom. His room is absolutely fuckin disgusting and hasn't been vacuumed since early August, and I can't keep shit clean cause he's constantly dragging literal hair balls out of his room into the rest of the apartment.
And the icing on the cake? I've discovered recently that he is dating a minor. I'm not 100% sure how old she is but my guess is maybe 15/16 just by looking at her social media. I learned this information because my roommate outright asked me if she could move in with us because, according to roommate, "her dad kicked her out and she needs to get emancipated". I said absolutely the fuck not.
I will take time here to say that we had a camera in our kitchen that could see the entire apartment not including our rooms, and we had our phones connected to it so we could use it. It's original purpose was to watch my dog while he was home alone as he tended to get into things he wasn't supposed to, but I don't have him anymore so the camera just ended up staying up there. Well, ever since he told me about his underage girlfriend, I've hardly seen him at all, and I discovered the other night when I got up for work that he took the camera down and has it hidden now. Could be coincidental since it's his camera, but it seems suspicious and doesn't sit right with me, given the context.
Anyways after I said no to him moving his girlfriend in I told him that I wasn't gonna sign a new lease with him when this one was up, laid out all my reasons why, and that he needed to find somewhere else to live. Shockingly he said okay but so far has made no efforts to look for a new place or pack as far as I'm aware. I will say that I told him he had until our lease was up, which isn't until like mid-February, but I'm just wondering if maybe there's some kind of loophole I can exploit or something? Any advice in general or advice on how to cope? Cause I'm sick of him and his bullshit lol, I want him gone. I'm fed up, he's unbearable to live with and absolutely vile.
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2021.11.28 17:40 youtube_candysmash Just bought a 2020 Honda Fit. I admit, I know little to nothing about cars. Few questions. My car has 7k miles on it btw. How often should I be changing the oil, rotating the tires. Any other suggestions on these cars from previous owners? Thanks!

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2021.11.28 17:40 mildoranges Latest Opinions on Loot Overhauls? (CLLF vs MM vs OWL)

Hi all,
Currently exploring loot and encounter zones after erroneously thinking I was done with modding and would actually play the game (again).
After digging through a lot of different ones, I came down to the following three as my best options, and just started to compare the container and leveled list entries in each; I suspect it’ll take me a good while to understand them:
{MorrowLoot Miscellania} - The Hybrid Loot module seems more attractive to me than MLU, since I can pick and choose features with MM. Seems at first glance like it tries to place Dwarven/Elven/Orcish items in boss chests through its own custom lists? I’m not sure if I noticed where higher-tier stuff goes (haven’t seen leveled lists yet), or if that’s exclusive to the Item Distribution module. It seems like it’s good for balancing out a playthrough around restricting high-tier gear, but not much else. To those who have played with it or have a better understanding of how it works under the hood, how do you feel about it? What are its pros and cons?
{Containers and Leveled List Fixes} - A much more comprehensive loot overhaul that touches tons of containers and leveled lists, and clearly adds in many of its own custom lists. It seems more focused on logical loot placements, seemingly (according to complaints on the mod page) to the detriment of gameplay at times (how spell tomes were handled for instance) . It’s hard to parse through because of the amount of stuff, but also because of the amount of custom lists the mod adds. I’ve only seen the boss chests right now, and I can see where the complaints come from that it removes too much good stuff and adds in junk. That said, I feel the draw of this mod might be in the logical loot changes I haven’t seen yet, such as changes to other stuff like where food and clothes and gold are placed in barrels and sacks and what spawns on corpses. Again, to those who have used it extensively or have reviewed it thoroughly in xEdit, what do you think of it?
{Open World Loot} - The newest release that caused me to consider exactly what loot mods do under the hood. Focuses on a more leveled approach that still makes the player the reason for what shows up where, but with some attention to loot logic (no gold on animals, staves on mages, dwarven with dwarven, etc). I haven’t looked through this one except to see how it adds its own custom lists a ton, in order to facilitate support for patching in modded items, and I suspect to more easily control how it distributes some loot choices instead of fiddling with which vanilla records to choose. Without paying attention to the encounter zones and difficulty multipliers, how would you say this mod stacks up with the others? I understand the philosophy is leveled rather than static, so preference becomes a factor, but how does it feel overall to those of you who have studied/played with it?
Overall, I believe I’m drawn to the simplicity of MM’s unleveled-style gameplay balance, CLLF’s thoroughness in making the world’s loot make sense, and OWL’s vanilla+ style, plus accommodation for modded stuff. I can see myself maybe forwarding some of CLLF’s logical changes to OWL, removing the custom lists from CLLF, and just using OWL as a semi-comprehensive overhaul. Only issue is that while I agree with the leveled approach to enemies, I have a weird need for loot to go where it sounds like it should, even if that means it’s unleveled/restrictive.
Overall thoughts? Feel free to contribute any thoughts on these or any other mods you feel are relevant to loot balance.
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2021.11.28 17:40 detpistons1988 Need followers and support please!!

I am trying to get approved to sell on whatnot and go live for breaks. Need some followers on instagram and whatnot. Username: detroitcityrippers for both whatnot and instagram.
detroitcityrippers whatnot link:
Please shoot us a follow on both!! We are going to be doing sports cards breaks primarily for basketball and football, mystery packs, and huge giveaways once we reach 3,000 followers. Click the follow and help as and we will return the favor!!! Thanks
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