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Orb/fireball sorc now that fw got fixed

ƒÁ xíß, ß ƒÁ xõ‹ ‰ à ‹H ‹ 9щ ‰J t à éÄ:A‰ÊÁé ¶Ö¸þÿÿÿÓÀ! •D:Auà¸þÿÿÿ‰ÑÓÀ! @:AËÀ ê0 Áê êÿ É!Ê Âÿ ÕÄ:A‹Q 9ʉ ‰P ‰ ‰A t à éÄ:A‰ÊÁé ¶Ö¸ Óà •D:A¸ ‰ÑÓà @:AÃ=:Au à ¡8:Aö@ü u%ƒHü ‹ :A)Ð J ‰Hü‰T ø ú0 ƒgÿÿÿà ... ƒÁ xíß, ß ƒÁ xõ‹ ‰ à ‹H ‹ 9щ ‰J t à éÄ:A‰ÊÁé ¶Ö¸þÿÿÿÓÀ! •D:Auà¸þÿÿÿ‰ÑÓÀ! @:AËÀ ê0 Áê êÿ É!Ê Âÿ ÕÄ:A‹Q 9ʉ ‰P ‰ ‰A t à éÄ:A‰ÊÁé ¶Ö¸ Óà •D:A¸ ‰ÑÓà @:AÃ=:Au à ¡8:Aö@ü u%ƒHü ‹ :A)Ð J ‰Hü‰T ø ú0 ƒgÿÿÿà ... it’s a bit more finicky in placement them meteor, but hits instantly, and stuff melts. I would practice a bit early on. I leveled my sorc through act 3 and 4 with nothing but my merc, frost nova, and firewall (leaf staff). it was slow since I didn’t have much mana regen, but I didn’t die and it was very good practice placing my FW.

2021.12.03 18:47 Iron_Style Orb/fireball sorc now that fw got fixed

I was wondering of the viability of using fireball instead of firewall since it's no longer overpowered. As far as I know the cast timer on orb shouldn't interfere with casting fb in-between orbs. I'd max orb and ice bolt and get cold mastery to -135% like everyone says to do (which +skills will help reduce the investment to get there) then it guess I'd figure out what skill placement to do with fb, fire mastery and fb synergies. Btw does anyone know the correct placement for the highest damage. For instance with I remember that with firewall the best damage came from keeping mastery 3 points higher than warmth. Can anyone give me any input. I'm going to tinker with Max roll planner but I was just seeing what you all thought.
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2021.12.03 18:47 Its-XVII [Recruiting] FLEX | Th 8+ | New Clan Level 1 | Arranged Wars/Social/Warring| Independent

Rules: Active Daily, Constant Donations, No Toxicity, attack in war (if participating)
Clan Tag: #2QY9VCLQC
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2021.12.03 18:47 jobsinanywhere Cody Rhodes on AEW's success; convincing top talent to sign

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2021.12.03 18:47 bann7300 Bug: Strict Proctor

The trigger ability portion of Strict Proctor doesn't work at the moment. Example: Strict Proctor on the battlefield, cast Vexing Devil, Vexing Devil still triggers even when you don't pay the 2 generic mana.
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2021.12.03 18:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Sanders urges Biden to delay Medicare premium increase | The Hill

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2021.12.03 18:47 MomentSorry8481 MEGA STEELIX ON ME NOW!!!!!

adding first 10
6183 2491 5686
0981 9361 6313
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2021.12.03 18:47 TommyHawking Hello cricut community. Who are the best value suppliers for vinyl in the UK?

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2021.12.03 18:47 DrrCL4P Server issues today?

I've been disconnected mid game 5 times today, 4 times In the middle of ranked games and once again just this second In turf war, my gf has not had any issues (she has the switch lite I have the regular) it consistently happens with 1minute or less left of the game and coincidentally I'm usually in the lead at the time (not that I think that matters)
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2021.12.03 18:47 silverleafsea Just left my therapist of 3yrs and I'm so lost.

I tried telling her about how I suspected I had autism and she literally knew nothing, looked up what classifies autism online and just read from the first link. Then pulled out the DSM and I kept telling her, its different for women, and autism itself is a spectrum.
She didnt listen and told me because she didnt notice any problem with my eye contact, I played with other kids and she didnt think I had any problem making conversation.
I'm so frustrated I'm going to make a list of why I think I'm autistic. Lists make me feel better and I feel so unheard right now!! I want someone to understand I feel like its reasonable for me to suspect I'm autistic! Sorry this if this list is too long. Or if it's not long enough.
My /main/ reasons why I think I'm autistic is because:
•I grew up talking to myself at night for HOURS playing out conversations with my peers, my family, and all sorts of pretend social scenarios to prepare for anything that could happen. My parents used to come into my room and tell me to be quiet, asked who I'm talking to and it's always myself. I still talk to myself all the time in my head, and when I'm truly alone, I talk to myself outloud. Masks have allowed me to mouth what I'm thinking without feeling too anxious in public.
•I used to stare at the ground for three reasons, the first being the sun and lights at school were too bright. Second was just a bonus, I would find cool things all the time on the ground. I loved collecting cool things. Third I just didnt like staring at my other classmates in the face for long periods of time. My parents and brother always made fun of me and told me to stop. As I got older it developed into anxiety over where I'd put my eyes, I'm now always reminding myself to look up and stare at people for as long as I can manage, until I have the chance to look away for a bit and come back.
•I have a really hard time understanding sarcasm. Growing up (and still to this day) I was told I'm too sensitive, I cant take a joke, how did you not understand that was sarcasm? But then I'm apparently sarcastic too agh! It just feels real and lately I'm like... "wait are you being sarcastic?" And I'll pick up on their body language and be like, " okay if you arent being sarcastic let me know but I think you are, so I wont take you seriously! "
•I have one meal that is my favorite meal that I eat almost every day, chilaquiles. If I dont have the ingredients and I'm too tired, but I'm fixated on it I'll go hungry for hours before I can figure out what to make that sounds remotely appealing. My favorite meal changes whenever I throw it up, and so far it's been 3 yrs strong. Growing up it was Tomatoes, then rice with yogurt (still a classic tbh) and other specific middle eastern foods because I'm middle eastern.
•My first special interests were crystals and magic. The first time I saw crystals I was filled with so much happy energy it felt like I was one of those wind up toys!!! And now as an adult I work with crystals every day, I love learning how to identify them. The meanings are hard for me to keep up with though. And I love learning about magic even if others think its placebo, it feels nice to have some fantasy in my life.
•I've broken down at almost every job I've had. The first time I was sent to the mental hospital, it was set off because at my job a customer overflowed the toilets with poop and pee, and it grossed me out so much but she wanted me to clean it. I was crying begging her not to make me do it, she made me anyways. When I got inside the bathroom I was crying so hard ,shaking and I was having a hard time breathing. I was inconsolable and I tried to kill myself after I got off work. Also a lot of home stuff going on but it feels like almost every formal job just always leads to me breaking down and having to leave. Theres been a few times where I've been able to leave before burning out though. Now I just work for myself because it's easier on me mentally that way.
•I was misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder but every therapist I've been to after receiving that diagnosis told me they think its definitely the wrong diagnosis. If only i could get a real diagnosis ughhhh!!,!, I want to know what's going on with me! I've always felt different even though I'm always trying to fit in!!!
•Growing up and still to this day I've learned to filter myself, shut up and try my best to analyze what people want me to say. It always feels like I never say the right thing. I try my best to get it right but I cant. I just cant.
•I'll go silent when I'm completely totally overwhelmed, crying and repeating the same confused thoughts over and over again in my head. Trying to figure out what's happening but I cant even think or remember what made me upset. I'm useless for about 1-4hrs, sometimes the entire day.
•I've always been super emotional, highly sensitive (also to touch, now I have fibromyalgia so its intensified, woohoo) , empathetic to a fault, all of this other people have said to me too. I cant even play video games that have people that look like every day people, because it makes me cry when I accidentally kill them.
And now I'm starting to feel too overwhelmed to continue. My heart hurts. Thanks for reading and listening to me. I hope someone understands.
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2021.12.03 18:47 RockGoddess7 Need Friends

Need friends in this game OTSAPQVADS. The more the merrier.
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2021.12.03 18:47 KiteAsHigh Optimus MP1 still worth it?

The comic shop I work at got in a sealed MP1 Optimus and I’m wondering if all of you think it’s still a good figure to pick up despite its age or should I look into getting a different MP Prime (whether it be an official or a KO)
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2021.12.03 18:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Michigan school shooter is 1 of thousands of U.S. juveniles charged as adults in 2021 | NPR

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2021.12.03 18:47 Urnkip quick question

Ive been browsing websites for clothing and im wondering if blinkrug is a legit clothing website or not
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2021.12.03 18:47 Willing-Delay9441 I need to get shot in the head

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2021.12.03 18:47 AdAgile1203 WB Mega Steelix - 2870 6788 6732

We need more please
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2021.12.03 18:47 yuugyho What are my chances of getting into COMM 308 winter 2022?

Was on the waitlist and got auto enrolled this morning. I accidentally dropped the course now I’m back at number 10. What are my chances in getting in again? Does this class have usually drops around this time or January?
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2021.12.03 18:47 HajoCave Leaving the egg yolk on a fried egg intact tastes disgusting

When you fry an egg you can either choose to leave the yolk intact or puncture it with the latter being the better option. When you leave the yolk intact it won't get fried properly and stays liquid. Some people even smear it all over their egg when eating it, disgusting.
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2021.12.03 18:47 post-news Leftists Fail in VA Recount: GOP State House Majority Officially Affirmed

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2021.12.03 18:46 Zorkmid123 “The #NikolaTreFCEV sets off on its maiden voyage. Come along for the ride in a sneak peek of Ep. 3 #DrivingChange” Nikola Motor Company, Twitter 12/3/2021

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2021.12.03 18:46 forestdino The Resting Rhinemaids, me, Oil on masonite, 2021.

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2021.12.03 18:46 Amazing_Ad_3422 (F4Group) The Squadron of Superheroes!

Planet Earth. A brilliant blue marble floating in the endless expanse of space, a vibrant, life-filled planet where billions reside. Civilizations rise and fall, love is fostered and lost, lives are lived and ended, heroes are forged and forgotten. While most believe that we are in a time of peace at the moment, there are those who seek to disrupt the balance of life and peace. Be it the shadowy assassin's of the Phantom Society, the unknowable abomination's of the Chaos Realm or the common thief, the safety of the general population has grown more and more unstable. However, all is not without hope.
*The Squadron of Superheroes, the SoS, is a collective of virtuous, heroic paragons of power and might, ones who serve to defend the earth, their neighborhood, or even just those lived ones from this perilous evil. The team is new however, many of the heroes have never interacted before, it's like the start of a new school year and a group of students where thrown into a group project. How will these heroes interact? Will they grow close as brothers and sisters, forming an unbreakable friendship? Will they only interact for work, maintaining a professional friendship? Will they fall in love, their romance strengthening their teamwork in the face of unimaginable evil? Let's find out!"
Hello! Today I'm putting together a group roleplay for a team of superheroes, where you can play a powerful metahuman, alien or an incredibly skilled human, fighting against the forces of darkness! We have an in depth system for creating your character but don't worry! It's not complex and it's still easily accessable. Below are some rules for the server!
1: Due to the preferences of the members already chosen for the server, please refrain from playing a male character. Femboys, females and futanari are completely allowed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2: NSFW is 100% allowed, although you can chose to opt out of it if you wish.
3: Drawn/Anime style reference pictures are preferred and encouraged. Irl ref pics are allowed as well if you prefer though
4: 18+ only members
5: Max of two characters. One hero and one villain (an anti hero can take the place of either)
6: in general, don't be a dick. You know what that means, don't be a dick.
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2021.12.03 18:46 Tyrant_YTT I ~ R6 Montage

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2021.12.03 18:46 iZavy_ Seeing dead [PS4]

Anybody have a good roll seeing dead with weapon dam, crit dam, and active skill dam or mag size to exchange? This grind is painful lmao. [PS4]
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2021.12.03 18:46 Bumblesmee Some hangups I have about the faith

Raised catholic. I have problems with catholicism (though even leaving I look at it as having many wonderful things avoid it). I dont really take protestantism seriously. Don't get me wrong, most of the best biblical scholars in the current age have been protestants imo, but the manner of worship and weak bonds between the faithful puts me off. Orthodox is beautiful, and I think has the right balance between having firm boundaries which keep people together and a healthy open mind about mysterious of the faith that allows for difference in opinion as opposed to dogma.
A few questions.
1) is there much superstition in the Church? I'm particularly thinking of things like exorcism. I've seen horrendous cases in which people suffering with mental illness (who themselves think they are possessed) are given a number of exorcisms instead of getting the poor soul psychiatric help. In particular I'm thinking of a case in Europe where a poor woman starved to death after being locked in a church for days with a crucifix over her. Quite extreme I know, so is it common for priests to work with psychiatrists and mental health professionals when dealing with purported cases of possession? I have much respect for the catholic church's insistence on keeping the faith congruent with science. I would be glad to hear that Orthodoxy had the same attitude.
2) I've started to think about Toll houses. Are these dogma?
3) is it fair to say that Orthodoxy only considers the seven ecumenical councils as infallible (along with the creeds) and that the rest is opinion? Or is it more complex?
Any books recommended would be appreciated
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2021.12.03 18:46 HamInTheCasket MEGA STEELIX RAID!! Adding 5 each, 0334 4616 3462 or 5223 8184 5025

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