Republican Congresswoman busted telling FOX vaccines aren’t necessary & CNN the opposite hours later

2021.11.29 20:32 1000000students Republican Congresswoman busted telling FOX vaccines aren’t necessary & CNN the opposite hours later

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2021.11.29 20:32 Ok_Comfortable3968 I got my first NFT from Mint Me on OpenSea. Their first 150 are free. Only payed gas price 🤷🏽‍♂️

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2021.11.29 20:32 ginsu_pd I posted a video on my YouTube channel about my journey moving out of religion and the phase I went through being angry at God. This is often seen as a taboo but, in this video I engage a conversation that it's okay to be angry at God

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2021.11.29 20:32 Agile_Measurement_26 looking for plat 2 or above players on ps4/5 for ranked EU servers

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2021.11.29 20:32 billychildishgambino Caregiving Nightmares, an unresolved issue. CW: Ableism, abuse, etc.

Content Warning:Ableism, sexism, racism, transphobia, sexual abuse, verbal abuse and more.
I used to work in group homes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I saw a lot of abuse and got wrapped up in a lot of drama while I worked there. I also tried to unionize my workplace.
An old friend of mine worked at the group home with me. We'll call him David.
David was the assistant manager at the first group home I worked at. I left that group home shortly after a new client started working there. This client had a lot of trauma. We'll call him Cooper. He acted out violently. Typically, he would strike out at women or run away. Sometimes we lashed out at men. I saw my coworkers hold him down in headlocks or pile on top of him. This was definitely against company policy.
My conscious weighed heavily with having witnessed this when I left. I considered reporting what I saw to Adult Protective Services. didn't want to get my friends in trouble. The workplace culture went against notifying APS. It was universally said by management and staff alike that APS only makes things worse.
This wasn't the only questionable activity I saw in the workplace. There was another client we'll call Roger. He was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who went on to sexually abuse others. He was transferred to my group home before I worked there. The reason for the transfer was that he sexually abused another disabled person in the last group home. I am not sure this was ever reported to authorities outside of the company itself.
While Roger was a potential threat to all the other clients, he was also discriminated against and emotionally abused by his staff. Two coworkers (one I'll call Therse) would get in his face and yell at him until he cried. He got even with them by urinating on the furniture in his bedroom. Eventually, they took everything out of his bedroom and made him earn it back via reinforcement chart.
Basically, the chart worked by giving the person a sticker whenever the completed an assigned task. The task in this case would be "go a day without urinating in your room." Once the chart had, say, thirty stickers, the person would earn a reward of their choosing. The reward in Roger's case would be getting to keep furniture in his room again.
The behaviorist who established the reinforcement chart for us told us five things. 1) Don't take away something from the person and make them earn it back. 2) Don't start with a major behavior, try to change small behaviors first. 3) Allow the person to set the goals and conditions themselves. 4) Let the person put the stickers on the chart themselves. 5) Don't remove stickers for failing to complete a task, it only discourages the client.
None of these five outlines were honored. Anytime the client urinated in his room, all of the stickers were removed from the chart. Roger still lives in that group home, is still a threat to his housemates, and is still abused by his staff.
There was another client who staff would "de-escalate" by pouring glasses of water on his head. David told me this client actually "likes" it. It didn't seem like he liked it.
I later came back to work for the same company at a second group home managed by David. I heard David and several former coworkers were involved in some sketchy incidents with Cooper while I wasn't working. It's hard to blame anyone for mishandling Cooper when he was so violent. He'd go days without sleeping, and spend every waking hour terrorizing everyone around him.
However, I think you should report yourself to APS and inform management that you're under trained and under staffed when you and all your coworkers are abusing a client out of desperation.
I would later cover shifts at the home where Cooper lived. I overheard staff saying they would "piss punch" him if he acted out again. I reported this to APS. Several coworkers stopped talking to me afterwards. One called me to yell at me himself.
Two years later, after having quit the job yet again, a friend called me from the group home and told me his coworkers were taking Cooper off camera to punch him in the kidneys. This is what "piss punch" met. Before this, David told me a story about a coworker punching Cooper in the face. He said he told the coworker "we can throw the guys around but punching them is off limits."
No one was ever held accountable for physically abusing Cooper. He still lives in the group home with staff who punch him in the kidneys. The staff who punched him in the face retired and moved out of state. David never reported any of this to APS.
I worked in the second group home with someone we'll call Nadine. Nadine was the hardest working caregiver I ever met. She came into work hours early for every shift and worked weekends even though she was asked not to.
Nadine seemed great at first but gradually proved to be manipulative. Two of my coworkers came to me and told me stories about being bullied by Nadine. I contacted my manager, David, about it again and again. David assured me he would do something about it. When he didn't do anything, I called him out. He assured me that he would handle it at the next meeting. Later, he told me he talked to "everyone" and that they all agreed to confront Nadine as a team. The meeting would be an intervention.
The meeting started with David saying that he noticed some "differing philosophies in the workplace" and we were having this meeting to sort things out. Silence washed over the room. I broke the tension by listing some behaviors I found problematic. Before too long, I was calling out Nadine by name. I thought this would be an intervention. It turned into me airing my grievances with one coworker while the rest of the staff watched.
This all wrapped up after I told Nadine that I knew she was touching clients inappropriately. Tickling them, groping them, paddling them on the butt. I didn't think it was going further then that. Nadine called me crazy, said I was paranoid, making things up. Nobody stood up for me when she gaslighted me.
I later asked my coworkers if they were told that meeting would be an intervention against Nadine. None of them said they were told. Nobody expected that intervention but me. I feel like I was pushed out in front of everyone to handle Nadine myself.
The night after that meeting, I texted my manager, David, and told him I wasn't crazy. I said I knew Nadine was touching clients inappropriately.
He said he knew. The company's behavior specialist caught Nadine doing something weird on camera. Higher-ups already saw it, so there was nothing my David "could do." I found it weird that David would want to do anything but report it to the authorities.
It turned out that Nadine was sexually molesting clients by placing her hand down their pants and touching their crotches, possibly doing more off camera. Another coworker told me Nadine was secretly feeding one client little candies to keep him compliant.
Nadine was subject to an internal investigation that determined she was innocent of all charges. Outside authorities were not notified. She was encouraged to resign. Last I heard, Nadine got a job at another company, taking care of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
It also turned out that Nadine was moved to our group home after she was accused of abuse at another group home. My manager claimed nobody told him this until after the sexual abuse came to light. A former HR director recently slid into my DMs and told me that David, in fact, was informed of the allegations when he became Nadine's manager.
I actually worked with Nadine's accuser at the first group home years beforehand. I overheard my coworkers saying our manager (whose name was Meredith) said to "be careful around the new guy" because he was "sensitive." Meaning, Meredith knew that they were abusing clients, but instead of telling them to stop, she merely told them to tone it down around certain people.
This doesn't surprise me. Meredith once called me when APS was investigating a coworker of mine for punching a client in another face. Another client and another coworker, unrelated to the face-punching I mentioned before. Meredith said, "I know you're candid and forthcoming about your opinion, I don't want you to be that way with APS."
What's the opposite of candid and forthcoming? Dishonest and secretive? Meredith told me to lie to APS. The staff was never held accountable for punching the client in the face but he did stop working there shortly afterwards.
Then, finally, a year after all these events, I had a night at work where David asked how my love life was going. I told him I went on a few dates with someone but it didn't go anywhere. David asked me if I knew where to get a "happy ending" in town.
I told him I didn't know where to get "happy endings," nor was I interested in them, but I knew a guy in another city who once got a massage above a Chinese restaurant. The massage came with a "happy ending" my friend didn't expect.
David responded by telling me that he loved "Asian girls" because their "small hands make him feel better" about his little penis.
Now, David and I were friends for somewhere around eight years, and I'm not always the most "woke" or progressive guy. It's possible I've shared racist or sexist jokes with David in the past, but I was uncomfortable either way.
"David, this is sexist and racist, man," I said.
"At least they're not tr*nn**s," he shot back. "Yeah, I'm bringing transphobia into the mix."
"...uh, yeah. That's a fine braid of bigotry you've weaved there," I said, leaving the office. "I'm not sure I want to hear racist sexist handjob parlor humor from my manager at work."
David said, "I think it's funny you call me 'manager' when we've been friends for at least six years."
I didn't say anything. I was thinking that we weren't friends anymore. If I were more present and compassionate in that moment, I might have told David that I was confronting him as a friend. I was trying to grow and I wanted him to grow with me.
A few months later, after I quit the job, a friend would tell me that David frequently speculated that I was asexual because I never dated anyone. He said that he had a dream that I had sex with an eighteen-year old coworker. I was around thirty years old at the time. He told this dream to my coworkers, and frequently remarked how "cute" and "mature" the teen girl was for her age.
He also said it would be okay for me to date this teenager because the coworker I was seeing outside of work at the time, while she was in her mid-twenties, looked "younger" than the teenager.
I still get angry when I think about this. If I knew about it at the time, I would have told David that I like women, he likes girls, and that's the difference between us. I would have told him to keep my friends names off his dirty mouth before I break his jaw. I am not an ordinarily violent person.
I would later tell David that he took too keen an interest in my sex life, that I feel insecure and unsafe with how he talks about sex, women and kink at work. He laughed in my face. I don't think it was so funny after I told him that his attitude is triggering because I'm a survivor of childhood sexual trauma.
The day after David's racist, sexist, transphobic jokes, I decided I was going to come into work to confront him. Tell him that when I express discomfort with a joke, he should back up and apologize. No other response was acceptable, and if he didn't give an acceptable response, I would quit the job and cease contact with him.
Something else happened instead.
I came into work to find David in an altercation with a client.
David turned to me after yelling at the client and said, "if it weren't for these cameras, I'd kick this guy's ass."
"David," I stepped up to the situation, "I think you need to step back and take a few breaths. You're out of line."
"You wouldn't be saying that if you were here today," he started to yell and explain how the client acted out before I arrived.
The client has intermittent explosive disorder and bipolar disorder. I've been slapped, punched, spanked and headbutted by him. I've never threatened to kick his ass.
"That might be true," I explained, "but since I wasn't here, I can take an impartial stance and tell you that you're out of line. This guy is disabled. You have to be the bigger person and walk away."
"You think just because he's disabled, he can do whatever he wants?" David cowered into the office and sat down, but he was still yelling at me. "You're making excuses for him!"
I was flabbergasted. I told David he was making excuses for himself. I said that this was abusive language and there was no room in the workplace for his toxic behavior. I was yelling now too. I stomped out of the room and cooled off.
I took the client outside to show him some books I left in the bags on my bike. It was December, cold outside, and I knew the lower temperature would alter his mood. I showed him the books and told him I was excited to read them to him. Then I asked him how he thought his day was going, how he thought people were treating him, etc.
He said everything was good. I told him it wasn't good. He pouted and started to step away from me, becoming angry again. I told him I was his buddy, and I was on his side, I was there to protect him, and that I knew he needed to apologize to everyone and clean up his mess if he was going to turn the day around. The client listened to me.
I love that guy. I miss working with him every day.
I ate my lunch and took a half hour to calm down before I stepped back into the office with my manager. Everyone slinked away when I did. My conversation with David was similar to the conversation I had with the client. I encouraged him to apologize and seek therapy. We spent about an hour talking about possible ways to handle the client better.
Over my weekend, I would visit another coworker (we'll call her Cynthia) at the gym. Cynthia told me that David told the client he would "knock his ass out" if he stepped over a line on the floor, that he'd take his XBox away, that he'd call the cops, that he would make sure the client never saw his dad again.
I encouraged Cynthia to report David to the APS. Initially, she agreed, but then she backed out after talking to David. We got in an argument over it. I told her that she signed a paper agreeing to be a mandatory reporter when she got the job. Reporting David wasn't a hard choice she was making then, it was a hard choice she made already. It was out of her hands.
Cynthia insisted that we handle it as friends. I said she could if she wanted but we still needed to notify APS.
Truth be told, Cynthia and I had a lot of baggage between us. I left the job that summer to go on bike tour. Days before I left, Cynthia told me she was considering leaving her boyfriend. She'd been uncomfortable with him for a long time. He wasn't meeting her needs anymore. Her and I were already spending a lot of time together. It was emotionally intense.
I asked her if she had talked to her boyfriend about it. She said she didn't. She never really told him when she was unhappy, or what he did to make her unhappy. I asked if she tried couples therapy. She told me she didn't.
I encouraged Cynthia to pursue therapy with her partner. I told her that if she did, she'd end the relationship confidently, learn to communicate her needs, and that skill would transfer to her next relationship whoever it might be with.
Internally, I was worried that dating Cynthia would lead to adultery and heartbreak for me. I was traumatized and inexperienced. I didn't think I could handle a relationship, especially not with someone who was incapable of communication and coming out of a serious relationship.
Cynthia ghosted me the whole summer I was on bike tour. Other coworkers told me she was ghosting me because I posited a threat to her relationship, and she would have cheated on her partner if I had made a move. She got back to talking to me when I came back to work.
The first time I saw her outside of work again, I told her that she could tell me whenever she was uncomfortable or unhappy. I had feelings for her but I maintaining a friendship and a safe workplace was my top priority.
She told me she had so much to say to me, but said nothing more. I told her I understood she had a boyfriend, and I would give her time and space to figure things out.
I still found it difficult to stay away from Cynthia. I took every excuse I could to spend time with her. I always asked her permission, sometimes I doublechecked. Still, eventually, I could tell her I was making her uncomfortable. I would encourage her to establish boundaries with people (she was unhappy with our manager, and with a guy who'd come to work only to ignore his duties and use the office computer to trade crypto,) but she never established boundaries with me.
After our argument about reporting David to APS, I asked if there was anything else making her uncomfortable at work. I actually tried to open this discussion several times. Each time, she told me everything was fine.
Eventually, I asked if her life would be less stressful if we stopped seeing each other at the gym, and if I left work early so she wouldn't see me there either.
A tear rolled down Cynthia's cheek when she said yes, she was uncomfortable working with me, I make her happy, I know what she wants better than she knows herself, but she felt horrible everytime we were together because she had a boyfriend.
I told her that I knew that already, and thanked her for being honest. I felt bad for not backing off when I sensed her discomfort days before. Mostly, I felt relief. It was good to have closure after years of tension.
I came back to work and confronted David about the things he did and said. He said his off-color jokes were fine because other people initiated and engaged in similar humor. I told him he should set the boundaries for the team because he was manager. He told me that he accepted the responsibility of management because he had to support himself and his wife.
"Not everyone," he said, "has money like you."
"That might be true, I have an inheritance, so I can afford to turn down a management position if one were offered," I responded slowly because I was taken aback by his comment. I wasn't sure what to say. "...but other people work here and they still expect you to do your job."
We argued about this and several other things until we got to him abusing clients. I asked him if he could tell me what happened before I showed up. He said he didn't remember. I asked him if he was sure he couldn't remember. Yes, he told me he couldn't remember a single thing.
I asked David if he told the client he'd never see his dad again.
David said no. He didn't.
I asked him if he remembered he didn't.
Yeah, David definitely remembered that he didn't say that.
I asked him how he could say he remembered that so clearly after he told me he didn't remember anything that happened before I showed up.
He told me that he wasn't going to sit there and be cross examined by me.
I told him that Cynthia and I had an obligation to report him to APS because we're mandatory reporters, our jobs hang in the balance and he could do us a favor by reporting himself. We continued to argue until I called him a PoS and left the room in a furry.
Another coworker confronted David. David agreed to report himself. Then he backed out. A few more days of arguing occurred before he reported himself. He was written up and given extra training.
Cynthia never reported David to APS, but I did, and I listed her as a witness. She encouraged them to go easy on David, and was promoted to assistant manager a few weeks later. Then she told me to either quit my job or change my schedule because she was uncomfortable working with me. I changed my schedule.
A few months later, I caught a coworker we'll call Gwen locking clients out of their rooms. I told management that Gwen was locking clients out of their rooms. The next day, Gwen gave me the silent treatment then sent me a text telling me I made the workplace toxic and that she wouldn't address me or acknowledge my presence until I made reparations.
I quit my job a month or two later.
Another coworker left the job feeling bullied by Gwen. A client with a speech impediment said her name like "feezy," Gwen said this sounded like "feces." Gwen and David would even say, "feces doesn't work here anymore," when the client would ask about this other coworker.
David, in the meantime, has been promoted to coordinator for the whole company. They want him to elevate the rest of the group homes to the quality he brought ours to. Cynthia has taken his former role as Program Manager for the group home.
The executive director was encouraged to resign after the board caught her embezzling. I got to call her out to her face after David reported himself to APS. I told her that the reason he reported himself is I told him that "leadership of this company could set a positive example for the rest of us by accepting culpability for the abuse and negligence that happens in these care homes." She rolled her eyes at me.
I spent my summer working at a community cycle shop and doing a lot of therapy. I also did outdoor care guiding, taking people with disabilities on bike rides in the northern rockies. I've made a lot of ins with the disability rights community.
I saw Cynthia at the gym twice since I quit my job. The first time, she told me I could work next to her in weight lifting class. She told me she wanted to come to the cycle shop. She asked if I usually took that class, and I said no, I usually go to the one on Tuesdays.
Cynthia showed up to the next Tuesday class. The gym instructor was like, "Cynthia, we haven't seen you in forever!" I really thought she was there because she knew she would see me at class on Tuesdays.
That night, I texted Cynthia. I told her that I was going on a rafting and cycling trip in a national park, but she could bring the clients and their bicycles into the shop next week if she wanted. I told her I hoped she was doing well.
The next day, Cynthia texted me and said she didn't want to mislead me by talking to me at the gym. She doesn't want to be anything more than acquaintances.
We haven't spoke or seen each other since.
Recently, I wrote a post similar to this one on my Facebook page. It was irrational, irresponsible, impulsive and counter productive. I was triggered and ranting for the sake of it. I didn't name names, but I've been receiving texts from former coworkers (including Gwen) accusing me of "slandering" the workplace.
More recently, a former coworker named Billy came to me and said he felt bullied by Gwen. He said the clients "act out" when Gwen is working.
Since then, a guy I know through outdoor guiding told me he wanted me to find a good home for his bike. It's a $3k adaptive recumbent tricycle. He's dying, and wants it to be put to good use when he's gone.
I asked Billy to ask his manager, Cynthia, if the group home was in the position to receive the tricycle as a donation. Allegedly, Gwen overheard the conversation and said that would be like accepting five dollars from me after I spit in their face and they shouldn't accept the tricycle because of what I "did," meaning, what I wrote on my Facebook page.
Cynthia agreed. The consensus is that I am a liar and that I need to make reparations by asking Gwen for permission to make the donation.
Biking with the guys at the group home brought me a lot of joy. It breaks my heart that my contact with the clients and ability to give them gifts is being held hostage by someone who abuses them. Just two nights ago, I met Billy for tea, and he confirmed that Stephanie still locks the clients out of their bedrooms. He's not willing to go to management about it.
What do I do?
I want to move on with my life but it really bothers me that Gwen is still locking those guys out of their rooms and bullying my friend at work. Furthermore, I know abuse is happening all throughout the company, and there's nothing I can do about it. APS is pretty ineffective and the management is desperate to keep whatever workers they can. Not to mention that some of the abusers are also managers.
It suuuucks.
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2021.11.29 20:32 Here-For-The-Comment We're finally learning the way of the ants

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2021.11.29 20:32 Burr1dg04 so, who wants to be in a chill friendly discord server?

me too! haven’t made it yet but looking for people that would be interested. i’ll make a reddit gc first of all, need help with ideas after all.
literally whatever your interests are you will eventually find someone who shares them so give it a shot!
only requirements are 1. be a teen 2. don’t be a nonce
thanks 😃
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2021.11.29 20:32 aaaarrrrgggghhhhh I'm trying not to, I really am :(

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2021.11.29 20:32 One_Dress_4517 Card games life 🥰

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2021.11.29 20:32 Aphoti_K Tamamo Lancer

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2021.11.29 20:32 Dorian-greys-picture Here’s a weird piece of cis logic:

There’s this idea that if you’re really trans, you will have known since you were a kid. But the same people will say that if you’re a kid, you’re too young to know if you’re trans. Therefore, no one can possibly meet their standard for transness. Ugh.
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2021.11.29 20:32 SpringLoadedCobra Where Do I Go from Here?

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2021.11.29 20:32 ej1103 Adobe /Creative Cloud installed fonts show improperly in Pages/etc, but fine in Photoshop. Is there a fix or anyone else who has seen this issue?

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2021.11.29 20:32 mortuali NOW TAKING SUGGESTIONS for a large-ish BB's tattoo! Thinking I want a piece that'll go basically from shoulder to shoulder across my chest. (I am an almost-40 year old woman... that feels relevant)

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2021.11.29 20:32 Ok-Analyst-4222 Looks comfy

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2021.11.29 20:32 swagmanw App icons

I noticed monzo have added app icons for plus and premium members. Does anyone mind screenshotting them so I can see what they look like?
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2021.11.29 20:32 I_eat_beez Cobalion on me 9183 8302 2890

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2021.11.29 20:32 namitas27 WhatsApp recovery

Has anyone had experience of recovering their messages on WhatsApp that haven't been backedup? Recently had my phone wiped and didn't get the chance to backup the last two days of my chats and those last two were super important :( please advise!
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2021.11.29 20:32 VikingSorli Are there any decent gapless leather bands?

Other than the Samsung ones and the cheap and nasty Alibaba ones are there any leather bands that have the gapless design.
I would be happy with notched ie fits 20mm lug but is a 22mm band if no true gapless ones exist.
I dislike thin straps hence why looking for either gapless of notched. Looking for nice distressed leather or dark gray leather preferably?
Any suggestions?
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2021.11.29 20:32 Ultimate_Wolf I (24m) keep dreaming about my ex, and it's ruining my mental health and my current (3yr) relationship.

My ex and I broke up on rocky terms, but it was mutual. I was with her for a couple of years, but I believe she was one of the best human beings I'll ever meet. After being single for a while, I met my current partner, we hit it off, waited a bit, got together and have been since.
I keep having dreams of my ex. They're usually some form of me trying to track down my ex (in the way you look for an immediate family member), and they're almost every night now.
It's giving me a false sense that my previous relationship was better than my current, (I don't think it was, but maybe my ex was more caring?), and my mental health is rapidly declining because I have no one to talk to about it. My current partner is the jealous type and would lose her mind if I brought it up.
I know dreams don't mean anything, and I shouldn't be letting them get to me, but they're really taking their toll. Is there anything I can do to help myself before this gets worse? Any advice greatly appreciated.
TL;DR: Keep dreaming of ex, having a bad time.
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2021.11.29 20:32 KyDv404 Some little MOTU/POP stickers I made. Mostly based on the vintage toys and cross-sells, little bit of Filmation

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2021.11.29 20:32 puftaNo1 I am sick and tired of you people complaining about a living wage. Grow up or leave the country.

You Antiwork clowns are the biggest bunch of sore loosers on the planet. Seriously I cannot believe the kind of shit you failures complain about in this sub on a daily basis.
I am so happy you don't get 22hr flipping patties. You all have this pathetic mentality that you deserve good things. You don't. No one cares about your needs and no one should. Provide for yourself ur drop dead it makes no difference to anyone.
To bitch about living conditions in the USA is like a laughably dumb outlook to have. Seriously why don't you go live in Cambodia or pakistan or Indonesia? Take your 20 dollars it last you a couple of weeks then you can starve to death because no one will throw you a piece of bread as you lay dying.
This community is full of men who just couldn't handle being a nobody and choose the wrong time to fight back against someone with real authority. Your stories make me laugh because in the end you are both out of a job and easily replacable.
You can feel good about yourself for not giving a 2 week notice and ruining your superiors plans...but you still gonna go broke and you still have those children you made even though you have no net worth.
The truth is you just don't have the backbone the discipline the intellegence or the creativity to demand any respect. So many of you try to work your ass off. When that doesn't bring you instant rewards you start blaming the system.
If you don't like a salary job why don't you grow some nuts and start a business? Because you don't have money? Or you got kids to feed?
No one cares. Your ideas suck. You don't have the energy. You don't have exposure and probably bum friends.
I remember loosers like you chilling and getting laid in high school smoking weed and partying every weekend while I was trying to get into usa ucla UCI etc staying up till 2 for my sats. I left nothing to chance and had backup plans for my careers because failure was not an option for me.
NOW...I negotiate my salary evey year. I get a bonus every year. I take 1 months of every year PAID leave every year.
All because I did my research and got into a field that matters. It wasn't McDonald's or Walmart lol.
I came from another country. Drove a truck while saving for school. Went to college and got in IT. My first yr salary was 45k. I didn't bitch about 55 hr weekends. I looked forward to it for 5 years and now I make 150k plus I demanded stocks. I save and I just bought my second house and the first one is paying for itself. I'm 36 and next year I will finally try for kids with my girl because now my kid will get the kind of life every child deserves. I dont care about the housing market or student loans. I dont care about paying taxes and I have paidoff Healthcare.
You ppl don't seem to understand that if you have nothing to offer then you have no position to negotiate from. If anyone can walk in and take over your job then you are replaceable. And you don't deserve any respect.
Minimum self development means minimum wage get over it. People all over the world are brought to the USA and take your jobs because you are too lazy to take the opportunity that was available to you from birth.
I'm my circle everyone started with nothing and now drive bmws and mercs. Most of these people were loosers in high school and now look whose laughing. We laugh at grown adults working Burger joints. Wtf have you been doing all your life besides smoking weed...spending like millionares and not reading the writing on the wall.
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2021.11.29 20:32 80sincors What are your top 5 favorite Bones songs at the current moment? ( not of all time )

Mine are probably PayPal, the first 2/3rds of HeartgramAdios, Sg553, Eiffel65 and Tonic ( from scraps )
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2021.11.29 20:32 RemiRemingtonIII Why do people believe Covid19 is going to end when that is not very likely at all?

From my understanding there is a very very slim chance(if a chance at all) that Covid19 will not become an endemic.
But I constantly hear people ask when are we "going back to normal".
People kept saying in 2021 we will be back to normal or 2022 we will be back to normal...
But from what I understand COVID isn't going anywhere.
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2021.11.29 20:32 DrXavierAlvarez Trasplante capilar - 3.178 UF's - Dr. Xavier Álvarez

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