🔵MINI SOLANA🔵 Stealth Launch 5 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

2021.10.16 14:56 Massive_Dinner 🔵MINI SOLANA🔵 Stealth Launch 5 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🔵MINI SOLANA🔵 Stealth Launch 5 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

TOKEN 🔵MINI SOLANA🔵 is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network.

🔵Telegram: https://t.me/minisolanabsc
🔵Telegram: https://t.me/minisolanabsc
🔵Telegram: https://t.me/minisolanabsc

Why should you HODL MINISOL Tokens?

🔵 Fair marketcap to get in, no whales

🔵 Youtube/Twitter focus

🔵 Marketing plans and expansions, team recruiting.

🔵 Interesting concept of Tetris playing, getting ready for a come back.

🔵 Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, and many other outlets published us.

🔵 Fomotion, Money Ninjas, Crypto Pablo and others already made a video review on us.

🔵 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!

We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders..💸

🎁 Tokenomics 🎁

💧 2% To liquidity

👤 2% To Development / Marketing wallet


100% of the MiniSOL supply was seeded as liquidity. That means no presale and no allocation to team members.

🔵Telegram: https://t.me/minisolanabsc
🔵Telegram: https://t.me/minisolanabsc
🔵Telegram: https://t.me/minisolanabsc
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2021.10.16 14:56 erider78 Bridge country success AMS-YYZ-MCO

Just wanted to let everyone now we just cleared US immigration at Toronto Pearson Airport and now waiting for our flight to Orlando. We spend 15 nights in Canada before this flight after arriving in Canada from Amsterdam. The flight from Toronto to Orlando is on Westjet. The ESTA never got cancelled. Didn’t do online check in. We are flying Westjet and they where really helpful at the check in counter. At US immigration the line was 1 hour and 45 minutes. The officer didn’t ask a lot of questions, just the purpose of our trip. Maybe he saw the Canada stamp in our passport. When we arrived in Canada they asked if we wanted a stamp and we said yes. Thanks everyone on here for all the helpful tips!
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2021.10.16 14:56 Jaidata OXO 1.9 Cup Container Leakproof - $4.99

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2021.10.16 14:56 jjjrmd Watching for the first time, nearly finished Season 2,

I don't think I've ever hated a character in anything as much as I hate Richie Aprile. Fuck, he is a poisonous little dickhead.
The way he's all dramatic and hams it up in every scene, I can't tell if the actor is brilliant or terrible.
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2021.10.16 14:56 LostLife66 Amatör beatmaker (elektronik müzik altyapısı yapıyorum) ım soru var mı gençler

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2021.10.16 14:56 MrZongalito How to Play Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

I know this game is very much infamous, but there will be people like me who just want to try it for the heck of it or for the laughs and giggles Well, not even the wikia has it documented but here is how you play AC:AF
You need Cemu 1.17.1,it has to be that version alone, no updates nor additional things.
This is the only version that works properly, when playing, load the nfc of the figure you are playing, and to let go the dice, just choose a random figure.
And that's it, you keep switching between these two nfc files
I wish there was a hotkey for nfc but sadly there isn't, but yeah.
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2021.10.16 14:56 Sharpsider My laptop shows this when rebooting (more in the comments)

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2021.10.16 14:56 Kyethent GUYS I GOT RUNTS

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2021.10.16 14:56 The80sGuy Clueless today I’m gonna random comms with gifs on r/forsen

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2021.10.16 14:56 ElKaddouriCSC [@SkyFootball] Fulham 1 - (1) QPR: Dykes '55 (+ Joe Bryan injury)

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2021.10.16 14:56 MauryLion 215 usd best quality epacket free

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2021.10.16 14:56 _Caramellow_ WLW tips on not objectifying women

How do you find the balance between finding women attractive but knowing where that line is before it becomes anti feminist and becomes objectifying? I like to think that as long as I don't think of a woman just being her looks that that's okay, but I really don't know. I find that being one of the biggest things since coming out and worrying about people thinking of me that way and finding it hard to support my sex worker friends without people thinking I'm a creep What are your thoughts?
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2021.10.16 14:56 heinaga1989 💲MarketMove A.I. | 0% tax for the next 24 hours! | CEX listing and $100,000 marketing incoming! 🚀 | Free A.I. contract audit and honeypot detector! 💲

No buy tax for the next 24 hours as a special event! The best entry point for new investors before take-off! CEX listing and $100,000 marketing incoming!

✅ AI Contract Audits Live! Audit tokens and detect honeypots! The tool is free!

🔜Limit and SL orders with auto-slippage, allowing to even trade BTC/ETH pair!

✅Doxxed team from Google, Boston Consulting Group, CapGemini.
✅The mod team of MarketMove comes from 1B+ MC projects on BSC.
✅Our blockchain advisors work at 100B+ projects listed on Binance.

💲100,000 marketing budget!
😯 CEX listing incoming with gigantic marketing promotion and celebrity endorsements! 🚀
🚀MarketMove Madness! 0% buy tax for 24 hours 🚀
Start: October 16th (Saturday), 2021, 4 PM UTC.
End: October 17th (Sunday), 2021, 4 PM UTC.

❗️Check the announcement channel for details.
➡️ Join our TG: https://t.me/MarketMoveAI
➡️Website: Marketmove.ai
➡️Announcements: https://t.me/MarketMoveAINews
➡️Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarketMoveAI
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2021.10.16 14:56 Syfen01 Snap to grid not working as expected

Snap to grid not working as expected I have snap to grid enabled and transform around pivot point enabled. I expect the snapping to happen on the pivot point of the layer, but that is not the case. The grids only snap to my mouse and not the pivot point at all. Have tried with guides and snap to center too. They only snap to the mouse and not the layer's pivot point... This is my third post on this issue, still no help. Hope someone sees it this time at least. Any help would be much appreciated.
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2021.10.16 14:56 Rude-Subject-8765 Paused at probably the worst time possible when the ad hits it hits hard

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2021.10.16 14:56 Perphected Which side are you taking in PPR

View Poll
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2021.10.16 14:56 Bigham032 Need help with Bitmain Antminer L3++ only working at 25%

A couple weeks ago my Antminer’s hash rate dropped to only working at 25% capacity. I have refreshed with most yo-yo date Bitmain firmware and still am having not luck. All the hash board are working properly and I have no “x’s” on my efficiency screen. Any help is appreciated!
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2021.10.16 14:56 floridafinesse dude is like 40 this is just embarrassing 😂

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2021.10.16 14:56 Acidick Taxidermy man gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him.

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2021.10.16 14:56 DevilFox528 Help my guy about to die

So an ork ambushed me and said something like "dont you know we have one of your buds, hes ganna die a slow painful death
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2021.10.16 14:56 ExeGGut0r77 tomem uma fatia há para todos <3

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2021.10.16 14:56 Interesting-Youth531 Is it okay to stop ostarine after 3 days ? I’m worried i’m gonna get facial acne from it so i want to stop now.

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2021.10.16 14:56 Bithlord Massive temperature overshoot.

I just got a ys640, still getting used to using it, etc. Didn't notice I ran put of pellets, I reloaded and reignited.
I had a temperature overrun of over 200 degrees before I went outside and opened the cooking chamber for a short bit to prevent it from going even further.
The temperature is trending down again, but is this level of overshoot normal?
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2021.10.16 14:56 MaouMaouu Its.... acceptable

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2021.10.16 14:56 oswords Birthday present, choosing a plant!

Hello houseplants. It's my spouse's birthday today and she love's her house plants. She does not have a Monstera yet and I thought it would be lovely for her to come home from work today to a new plant. I however, do not have a green thumb. When I go to my local greenhouse what are a few tips for what to buy and what to pass on? TLDR: How to pick out the right Monstera without picking a dud (no offense to duds they have their place too!)
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