venez vous branlez sur léa elui apo ou muatori si vous avez des photos

2021.10.16 14:02 esdgewged venez vous branlez sur léa elui apo ou muatori si vous avez des photos

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2021.10.16 14:02 LongResponsibility84 M4A 36.....anyone in the oxford area tonight...would love some anything goes company

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2021.10.16 14:02 GotNoThumbz H: | Red Asylum Set | Skull Lord Set | Plan: Mirelurk King/Super Mutant/Wendigo Tube/ |Plan: Ultracite Targeting Hud | W: Offers

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2021.10.16 14:02 Natalisia200 Yall plz send a condo I need it for something

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2021.10.16 14:02 introsort [Hiring] Architecture & Drafting Jobs in Miami, Florida | Facebook (Facebook)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Architecture & Drafting Jobs in Miami, Florida | Facebook
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2021.10.16 14:02 FR4NC1SCH13LL0 POV: you find out Leclerc music playlist

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2021.10.16 14:02 Hot__Lips__Hoolihan The Prince by David Austin

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2021.10.16 14:02 SmokersLiveForever Cazadores

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2021.10.16 14:02 Pickleballer420 Turns out maybe people doctors are better than horsey doctors

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2021.10.16 14:02 Scarpazone How do I convince my father to let me be unschpoled

I am 15M and I have autism. Public school is extremely stressful for me and so is virtual school. I want to be unschooled but when I bring it up my father he pulls his usual mental abuse crap like gaslighting me and making fun of me and doesn’t even want to listen. My therapist has even talked to my father about me being unschooled and he won’t even listen.
School is driving me insane and I’m starting to get homicidal thoughts towards my classmates because of how stressful it is for me. I know unschooling would help.
How can I convince my father?
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2021.10.16 14:02 Minute-Eggplant6162 Sinkhole caught on tape

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2021.10.16 14:02 That_Weird_Bird How a stranger became king for a day because of a fish

This is a direct follow-up to my first post in gametales, "How two spaniards peacefully met a whole new culture by nuking the first house they saw". I will recap here so you don't have to check out the other post, but it'd be nice if you still did !
I am not a native English speaker, help me spot mistakes !
This story takes place later in the first session of a homebrew I call "Tales and legends of Rénévac". In 1632, a spanish ship headed for Mexico got caught in a violent storm and sent donw South. After days of navigation under skies noone recognized, they eventually hit the shore of an island inhabited by a culturally developped folk.
There were three players at this point : Miguel, a crook, Walid, a merchant, and Archibald, a mercenary (more in depth description in the first post of the serie). All three were Spanish.
After befriending the king of the island so that he wouldn't kill them on the spot, the players decide to explore. Doing so, they meet a local who happens to speak Spanish. With his help, they manage to learn some basic information about the island, the traditions of the place and the language.
The island they had landed on was called Tissan. It was the Easternmost island of an archipelago called Valpié (pronounced "Val-pe-ay" for English speakers). The archipelago extended North of an immense continent, upon which were several countries and cultures, probably much more advanced than Tissan was. That raised the Spaniard's curiosity.
Miguel and Walid didn't plan to come back to Spain. They had realized the goods aboard their ship were unheard of in this unknown world, and they could make A LOT of money if they set up a plantation. Archibald, on the other hand, was interested in the fame that would come with the discovery of this place, and required as much information as possible about the continent. In any way, the three of them agreed on the fact that staying in Tissan wouldn't satisfy their ambitions.
The problem was : they had no way to convince the locals to help them refurbish their ships, and there was too few Spanish survivors to handle the reparations before the autumn's tempests. They had to find a way to earn the Tissanoïte's trust.
The translator helped them, although he spoke with broken Spanish :
"There is a task for the brave.
- What is it ? asked Archibald.
- Every year, at end of summer, we fish crabs. Crabs are expensive, we sell them ; merchants give a lot of money. But crabs dangerous. Very big. And fast. A lot of deaths, every year. If you want prove worth of you, then help fish crabs."
And so it was. The next morning, while Walid was trying to figure out exactly how much money was a lemon worth (about 500 Emperins, so, about 24.500 €), the other two climbed down the cliff to reach the rocky beach where the locals were assembling.
It was a cold, windy day. The sea was rough, and the local's ships were tiny catamarans. But the season was very short, suboptimal conditions weren't enough to stop the fishermen. Thanks to the translator, Archibald and Miguel could embark on two separate boats.
Each boat was manned with three people : a helmsman, a man tasked with maneuvering the sail and a third one to fish with a line of baits. The fishing zone was only a hundred meters away from the beach. The fishing boats quickly set up a big circle in the waves, waiting for something to get baited.
It wasn't long before a ship got a touche. Miguel and Archibald witnessed the locals turning towards the beach, full speed. The crabs were so big, the only way to get them out of the water was to beach the boat and strand the beast. And while they did so, the two spaniards realized the "crabs" were in fact 3 meters long sea arthropods, with a crayfish's tail, a round, sturdy head, and one meter long claws. Despite it's size, the animal was incredibly quick. It's carapace was so strong no gun nor knife could pierce it. The fishermen had to asphyxiate it on the shore to kill it.
The sheer strength of Tissan's crabs caused several ships to capsize, causing several locals to be caught in the claws of their preys. The luckiest lost an arm or a leg, but some were swallowed in the deep and drown by the creatures.
Miguel and Archibald escaped such fate, and even managed to capture a crab each. Until the crabs themselves became bait for an even more fearsome creature.
As one may say, there is always a bigger fish.
At first, the fishermen simply lost some of their catches, only drifting empty shells ashore. But then, it got bored of simply crabs. All of a sudden, a catamaran was lifted into the air, caught in the mighty jaws of a gigantic armored fish, and crashed into the waves causing all locals aboard to jump into the sea.
The locals fled to the beach. But Archibald had an other idea.
While all of this was happening, he was drifting a crab ashore. He ordered his boat to turn around towards the fish.
"What on earth are you doing ?! screamed Miguel from the shore. You're going to die, you absolute moron !
- No matter how many crabs we drift, it will never earn as much respect as this fish !
- The only respect you'll earn will be the one owed to the dead ! Get back here !"
But Archibald had set his mind to it. The crab they were drifting was his new bait, and the fish, his new prey.
And they did get a catch.
The line was sturdy enough not to break, but the ship was too light and almost tiped over due to the size of the beast. Then, a ship of locals came to the rescue. Seeing what Archibald was trying to do, they assembled all their courage and rushed in with harpoons.
The two ships then tried to drag the fish ashore, but it was still way too strong. So, more and more locals set sail to help them. Several catamarans were capsized, some cut in half by the tail of the mighty fish. At some point, Miguel even came to help.
Soon, the whole fishing fleet was there, trying to kill the fish, and they finally managed to hit the shore. They, using all their strength and with Miguel's coordination, they managed to strand the fish.
The locals screamed in joy, cheered Archibald, and brung the fish up the cliff to the village. It was a monster, ten meters in length, three metric tons in weight, with teeth as tall and as wide as a human hand. The locals called it a "Tamarin".
The king witnessed the return of the fishermen.
The Tamarin was so mighty a beast that no one could have killed one in more than a century. Asking who managed such a feat, the king was surprised and pleased to hear that it was Archibald that iniated a collective effort.
Right then and there, according to tradition, the 92 years old king ordered a big party, appointed Archibald knight of the crown, and declared him king of Tissan for a day, and Ren d'Espa.
That last title could be translated as either "the best among the Spaniards", or "the King of the Spaniards". At the moment, Archibald was pleased.
He didn't forsee that being king of the Spaniards would mean a lot of opposition from, namely, Miguel, who wasn't too keen in receiving orders, much less so from Archibald...
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2021.10.16 14:02 710999make Also wanted so share my 1st big Rock. Took sum off like a gram I think. Im a geologist now lmao.

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2021.10.16 14:02 introsort [Hiring] Job Application for Network Software Engineer - Magic Transit at Cloudflare (Cloudflare)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Job Application for Network Software Engineer - Magic Transit at Cloudflare
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2021.10.16 14:02 jonr2975 What’s this blue emoji sharing link?

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2021.10.16 14:02 Malthus0 End Racial Preferences at Colleges? - John Stossel

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2021.10.16 14:02 Mindehouse Decided to do a little compilation of the best clips i saved - maybe someone wants to check it out

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2021.10.16 14:02 gh0stsandG0blins Is it rude to ask a tattoo artist if there’s any open spots available for the month?

Title - I know most of the do’s and dont’s when it comes down to talking to an artist but I am curious if this is a question that would come off as rude or impolite?
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2021.10.16 14:02 SnooSuggestions7767 נמרוד קצת סוס

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2021.10.16 14:02 Pipster142 Your username is what you’re eating next. What you chowing down on?

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2021.10.16 14:02 How to get people to love you, like you as someone with social anxiety and lack of self esteem and self confidence?

My guess is that I don't have some deep relationships due to my lack of confidence and lack of self esteem. Please recommend some therapy for me...some best therapists for affordable price in Nepal. I can't talk with eye contact with most people which is really ruining my life, because of that I am unable to connect with people and people feel I am faking love and not really loving them...Please recommend some therapies.
to Nepal [link] [comments]