Left eye for Rangefinder?

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2021.10.16 13:15 Zalumar Left eye for Rangefinder?

My left eye is my dominant eye. In considering cameras, I get that a DSLR style body won't really matter. But for a rangefinder style, will my nose and cheek just be smashed against the back of the camera? Any folks here use their left eye to shoot? I realize this may be a very nooby question.
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2021.10.16 13:15 picscrolling Is it racist if in my opinion Ive only found it to be the case that black women either have amazingly spectacular breasts or very bad ones?

Nothing in-between. There haven't been any okay tits they are either great or unattractive. This just hasn't been the case with other races.
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2021.10.16 13:15 platgamers تحميل لعبة Total War Three Kingdoms للكمبيوتر من ميديا فاير و تورنت

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2021.10.16 13:15 barberererer Current games link

What's good where can I find the most current roms?
I got gba & n64 rn but would like links for anything available on current emulators. Lmk if you need to know which emulator(s) specifically I am using.
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2021.10.16 13:15 Kxnnii sure i guess

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2021.10.16 13:15 malr0n Does this still count as autoclicking?

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2021.10.16 13:15 carrotnose258 Brazil: cat running from the dog, burglar running from the police, and a guy running from his wife (SFW)

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2021.10.16 13:15 platgamers تحميل لعبة Morbid The Seven Acolytes للكمبيوتر من ميديا فاير و تورنت

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2021.10.16 13:15 Sorkiy8 Persimmon Inn, Bloomington

Persimmon Inn, Bloomington Persimmon Inn, Bloomington https://persimmon-inn.usa8.info Persimmon Inn, featuring a mature garden and free breakfast, is located in Bloomington. Free WiFi access is available. The inn is 1.3 mi from Indiana University. Each room at the Bloomington Persimmon Inn will provide you with a TV and a seating... 412 West 4th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404, United States of America
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2021.10.16 13:15 barbar84 Match Thread: URC | Benetton V Ospreys | 15:05

Round 4 OF the United Rugby Championship
Official Match Centre
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2021.10.16 13:15 ReligionIsAScam_ Is the brown budrot? Ignore the white, it's flour

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2021.10.16 13:15 excellentsituation Schoolie stripers hitting the swim shads all night in nyc. All three of us caught, so fun.

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2021.10.16 13:15 eldritchshark Toxic friend trying to get back in my life.

Please excuse any jumps or train of thought derailment as I've had a sort of brain fog since I was recently sick.
I've had a friend for 18 years. He has always been the type to vie for attention from our group, whether positive or negative, even known to lie about things for fun. Last year I had a revelation of sorts, due to his behavior of starting arguments for fun, doing questionable things in general, the way he talks to people, I started talking to some people who have a background in the psychology field who almost all came to the same conclusion: he's a toxic narcissist with slight sociopathic tendencies. Long story short I kicked him out of my life after a fight I actively tried to evade by telling him I didn't want to discuss it. That turned into him harassing me on multiple platforms accusing me of starting the fight and not finishing it even though I said from the beginning I didn't want to have an argument and I didn't want to discuss the topic, the events of January 6th, because I knew he was in an argumentative mood and I didn't want any of it, I told him I was done and that he was a toxic person. The harassment went until I sent him the Verizon "this number is not available" message and he finally stopped. He has reached out since saying how a difference in politics is a stupid reason to end a friendship and that he wants to reconcile, also that I had "called his bluff" and he wanted to talk, I had explained during my refusal to talk about it and at previous occasions that it wasn't about political views at all.
Recently we saw each other at our friend's wedding, which my friend didn't even want to invite him to, but ended up giving in to demands from his mother because she "wanted all of his friends to be there." He then added his brand new girlfriend to the RSVP, which did not have a plus 1. At the reception during the cocktail hour he came over to me and the groom's brother and gave us a half-assed awkward apology because we "hate him". I explained that I didn't hate him, I hate the things he has done and the person he has become, but that doesn't mean I hate him. We got interrupted by the announcement for everyone to go inside the venue for dinner.
I had promised to be cordial and civil to him while keeping an eye on him. I did my best to make sure he wasn't doing anything to upset the wedding. During the reception I saw him talking to the groom's brother and saw how uncomfortable he was, so I relieved him by inserting myself in and letting him walk away. He asked me about love at first sight and asked how I knew my wife was the one, I gave him a spiel about chemicals and hormones in the brain giving an initial feeling of euphoria and so on, but ultimately I don't know. I don't remember how it got brought up but the conversation went to him being in therapy, but also hiding things from his therapist, such as suicidal thoughts that he didn't act on because he didn't want to leave his surviving parent to grieve for him. I said something about "that's what therapists are there for." The conversation went on, we talked about recent developments in life, including him being super persistent so that his GF would date him. I then made a point to have him go back over to his GF so she didn't think he abandoned her, though I was kind of worried for her at that point.
I went over to the GF and apologized to her for stealing her BF, she said it was fine and reintroduced herself. I wanted to make sure she was okay and get to know her a bit to see what kind of person she was. What I found is she loves to talk about her obsession with Broadway, which I indulge in, and how many shows she's seen for cheap, not the worst thing in the world, just loves talking about the shows she's seen without taking a breath. She was definitely okay and could handle herself. She says my wife and I should join them to see a Broadway show with them, I tell her that'd be cool, just gotta find the time. I end my interaction when I notice my wife on the dance floor and tell them goodbye, he says to me, out of earshot of the GF "I don't expect it any time soon, but I'd like to go have lunch and talk one day if we could." I told him we'd see and left it at that.
I have given so many chances to him that I'm not sure I've got anything left to give. I could take a chance and see if he's changed, but I don't want to get suckered in again. My wife says I'm better off without him in my life, and I tend to agree. I also know, though I feel a sense of responsibility towards him, that I have no such responsibility. What should I do?
TLDR: ex-friend has had a copious number of chances, wants another after I actively took him out of my life. What do?
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2021.10.16 13:15 WillingPlatform8988 aged like milk

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2021.10.16 13:15 hjras Apocalypsis 1932 by Jomar Machado

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2021.10.16 13:15 ZeroDucksHere “Epic Games Opening Doors For NFT Games” is good for Crypto

Epic was asked about the possibility of games featuring NFTs, to which it replied that it would be willing to work with early developers in the field.
However, Epic mentioned that the games would have to be compliant with financial laws, clearly state how the blockchain would be used, and have appropriate age ratings. The company also stated that developers would not be allowed to use Epic’s payment services to accept payments in crypto and instead will have to utilize their own payment systems.
Tim Sweeny, CEO of Epic Games tweeted:
“Epic Games Store will welcome games that make use of blockchain tech provided they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms and are age-rated by an appropriate group. Though Epic’s not using crypto in our games, we welcome innovation in the areas of technology and finance...As a technology, the blockchain is just a distributed transactional database with a decentralized business model that incentivizes investment in hardware to expand the database’s capacity. This has utility whether or not a particular use of it succeeds or fails.”
While I personally don’t like Epic Games and I’m not deep into NFTs or NFT based games but no one can deny the popularity of Epic Store or NFT games these days, so combining the two will definitely bring more exposure to crypto in general and increases public adoption which is always good.
What do you guys think?
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2021.10.16 13:15 allrisestrawberry [Academic] Use of TikTok during COVID19 Pandemic (Filipino, 18+)

Hello, we are students of Masters in IT from DLSU-Dasmarinas. We would like to ask for your participation in our survey regarding the use of Tiktok (watching and content creation). Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You may refuse to take part in the research or exit the survey at any time. Thank you very much! https://forms.gle/1jtV9SskS4M6vdxK7
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2021.10.16 13:15 Former_Order3994 Who snitched on me? 🤨

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2021.10.16 13:15 slowdownonlyslims 13 terrorists killed in 9 encounters after civilian killings. We have neutralised 3 out of 5 terrorists of Srinagar City within less than 24 hours: IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar

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2021.10.16 13:15 Taka00R Im using complementary shaders. Anyone knows what setting i need to tweak to smooth out the lighting. I hate how the light is blocky

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2021.10.16 13:15 ShadonQuartz Spun 2 wheels (how and what group), and got these, so here

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2021.10.16 13:15 Masimat "If you can see the I'm the one who understands you"

"Been here all along so why can't you SEEE-ehh-eee"
"You belong with MEEE-ehh-eee"
"STAANding BYYY and WAAiting at your backdoor"
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2021.10.16 13:15 Furrer676 Mono Ghost Done. Mvp was mimikyu it swept l of lance except dialga

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2021.10.16 13:15 somegridplayer Injunction denied: Massachusetts prisoners’ guard union argued COVID vaccine mandate a violation of their rights

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2021.10.16 13:15 Immediate_Question99 💟 MINI BITCOIN CASH 💟 Stealth Launch 💟 Listed On PancakeSwap 💟 Liquidity locked 💟

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🎯 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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