Minoxidil heart problem

2021.10.21 21:03 Lazar3833 Minoxidil heart problem

Hello i used to be minoxidil user for 2 months,i used minoxidil spray btw,i started getting palpitations and collapsed one night due to heart stabbing and ended up in hospital,doctors told me how my results were great as well.its been 8 months how i stopped using it but my heartbeat is still strange,i dont get heart stabbing anymore but my heartbeat feel irregular and i feel so much weaker,can someone help me recover from this?
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2021.10.21 21:03 therealkurumi The Fickle Finger of Fate

"What did you tell your wife this time?" she said as she poured him a cup of hot apple cider. They were seated near a cliff overlooking the valley. The sun was about to set.
"The truth, basically. Discussing the sales kickoff with a colleague. After what happened this morning I'm going to tread lightly. It's like… I don't believe in fate, but shouldn't push my luck for a while."
"Good thinking! The one day you get a ride to work, those kids steal the car out of your driveway, and get about five miles before it blows up? That's insane to think about. It's like a miracle." She clicked her mug to his. "Cheers."
"So no fun stuff today," he said. "I'd like to get back home earlier and maybe have a late dinner with her. I'll have to smile politely while she talks about destiny and fate and everything. Hell, it was probably in my horoscope this morning."
He sipped his cider. "Hey, this is pretty good. Normally I'd throw in some rum, but not tonight."
"Certainly." They gazed at the sun in silence as it sunk beneath the distant mountains, finally winking out.
"This stuff is really good," he said. "Are you sure it's not spiked?"
She shook her head. "No alcohol."
"Yeah, so. I got lucky today. But I don't think it's, um…"
"Yeah. Yeah." The combination of the warm cider, the gathering dark, and the near silence, was making him drowsy.
"Just the idea that you were supposed to be in that car, and you did something different, and here you are."
He pointed a finger, forgot the point he was to make, then remembered again. "You know what's weird? When you say 'supposed to' it almost sounds like I was, like, going against fate."
"You were," she said. She looked him in the eye. "And your wife had to scramble for a plan B."
He tried to stand up, or even sit up straight, and failed. What the hell had she put in that drink—
She dragged him toward the edge of the cliff. The ravine was a good two hundred feet at least, mostly straight down. The mountain lions would find him long before anyone else did.
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2021.10.21 21:03 Monerus Celer on 2nd place in Binance Trending search.

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2021.10.21 21:03 Powerful_Strategy498 🌓CRYPTONITE ⚡️ Just Launched 🚀 | TOP 5 on Dextools🌟 | NFT Game Play to EARN Dropping Soon | Be Rewarded a Cash Prize Bonus💸 | Help Us Save RUGGED ⚡️

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🌎 Website:https://cryptonite.io/(coming soon )
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2021.10.21 21:03 CodyBye The best sort of error... we forgive you

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2021.10.21 21:03 CrimesFromTheEast Murder by Snakebite - How a killer Husband devised a plan to blame a Serpent's curse for the snakebites that he facilitated, ultimately killing his wife

With dense forests, mangroves, fields snakes find perfect habitats for themselves in India. In India, Bengal & Kerala see a higher number of snake bite incidents because of the terrain, rice fields and lush vegetation. Often the victims are farmers, hunters and villagers who still sleep on the ground in thatched huts.
Cobras are highly revered in India and there are several sacred Cobra deities In Hindu mythology. Lord Shiva has a Cobra named Vasuki around his throat. Lord Vishnu is often seen laying on a giant multi headed Cobra deity called Adishesha. Naturally the people of India treat Cobras as a sacred being and even pray to them during a religious festival called Naag Panchami.
In May of 2020 last year all the local newspapers and news channels were abuzz with the tragic death of a young Mother & wife of Sooraj Kumar. The community rallied around this grief-stricken man who had lost his beloved wife to the bite of a deadly Cobra. Everyone sympathized with Sooraj and expressed sorrow at Uthra’s unfortunate fate. After all who can blame a snake for murder?
In 2018, Uthra was a bright 24-year-old woman who was raised by loving parents, Father Vijayasenan – a small business owner & Mother Manimeghala a school teacher in Kollam Kerala. Their home fondly called Vishu would soon become a place of nightmares.
Uthra’s parents arranged for her marriage with a 25-year-old man called Sooraj Kumar who held a well-paying stable job at a private bank. Tall and decent looking, he seemed like a good match for their daughter & he had expressed that he like her so the couple wed with all the usual fanfare of a Hindu wedding.
Uthra was differently abled. Uthra’s parents gave the customary dowry to Sooraj & Uthra on their marriage. It was a huge sum of 98 Gold sovereigns. This is the traditional form of gold given in many South Indian communities. The approximate value of these coins would be 50 lac rupees or $67K USD. On top of this the gifted Sooraj a car worth 7 lac rupees or $10K USD. This is a very large sum for a normal Indian family. Parents will start to save for dowries right from when the girl child is born. This gold was kept in a Bank locker under a joint account in Sooraj & Uthra’s names.
At first the marriage was going fine and the couple even had a child a year later. Soon after though there was trouble on the horizon. Uthra complained to her parents that her in laws and husband would mistreat her at home and ask her for money.
This happens so often all over India. Women are abused and treated like slaves in own homes by their spouses and in laws. In a land where women are considered Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth & prosperity, there sure is some hypocrisy in how they are treated.
Petty squabbles were common in the home of Sooraj & Uthra who lived with Sooraj’s parent’s as is the custom in a lot of families in India. Sooraj’s mother Renuka Panicker & sister Surya were harsh to Uthra often. It seemed like Sooraj no longer wanted to be married to Uthra and wanted to get rid of her but divorce would mean alimony as well as losing out on the huge dowry amount in the locker. So, a different kind of plan had to be put in place.
In late Feb 2020, Uthra found a snake in the upper floor of their home. Sooraj expertly caught it & got rid of it. This was a surprise as this is not something most people would attempt to do themselves. Typically, when you encounter snakes indoors you would call a snake charmer or snake catcher to do the job.
Uthra told her parents about Sooraj’s expert snake handling and how he saved the day. In reality Sooraj had been watching videos on the internet on how to handle snakes. He was secretly training for his deadly mission.
Uthra was super lucky this time. Her husband Sooraj however said she was bitten because she had a Sarpa Dosham in her Kundali. This is a superstitious belief based on Vedic astrology. According to the Sarpa Dosham, if you were born at a certain time & place when the stars were aligned in a certain way, your past Karma can cause struggle & chaos in your current life.
Sooraj was ignorant in his interpretation of the Sarpa Dosham, he took it literally and planned to have Uthra bitten by snakes to try & hide the murder behind a superstition.
Just a few days after this incident, Uthra was shockingly bitten by a Russel Viper in her home. Fortunately for Uthra, she was alert and quickly sought medical attention. The bite was nasty and required a painful recovery with weeks of hospital stay. Uthra even had to get plastic surgery to repair damaged tissues. Russel Viper bites are horrific btw, the hemotoxin venom stops blood from clotting and you get painful muscular paralysis, spasms, acute kidney failure is also a possibility even if you survive the initial bite.
After a grueling 52 days of being bed ridden Uthra was discharged from the hospital on April 22nd. In need of some rest & relaxation so she could fully recuperate she went to stay with her parents. A couple of weeks after that, on May 6th Sooraj went to visit his wife & child at Vishu in Kollam. Sooraj who was a habitual late riser woke up earlier than usual and went out of the room for a walk. When Uthra did not wake up at the time she generally did, her mother went in looking for her and found her unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital but she died of a suspected snake bite. The room she was sleeping in was searched and lo & behold a 32 inches long Cobra was found hiding under the bed.
An Indian Cobra’s venom is a neuro toxin & cardio toxin so it paralyses the muscles often causing a cardiac arrest. Uthra's family mourned her loss. Her son who was just over a year old at that point now has to navigate life without his mother.
Uthra’s family was quite taken aback by this sequence of events and despite Sooraj’s claim of the Sarpa Dosha being responsible, they were highly suspicious of him given his history of harassment of Uthra.
a wildlife conservationist & snake expert called Vava Suresh was visiting a home in that neighborhood and heard about this case. He went to survey the Vishu home and was immediately skeptical of the snake getting in the home on its own. He noted that the room in which the couple were sleeping was Air conditioned which means the windows were sealed and the door would be closed leaving no means for the snake to get in. The home has gravel surrounding the exterior perimeter of the property. Snakes do not like gravel and cannot wriggle around over it much. He inspected the room and found no openings or cracks through which the snake could have come in. The pipe beside the home was flush with the wall so no way the cobra wound its way up to the window either. Vava Suresh’s gut told him this was not a natural snake bit case.
The family was told about Suresh’s concern & after a week Vijayasenan finally lodged a complaint with the police asking for an investigation.
The special crime branch of police in the state was engaged & they conducted a very rapid & thorough investigation. It was found that the gold from the couple’s joint locker at the bank was now missing. Well, missing in the sense, it was withdrawn by Sooraj alone.
The prime witness in the case is the Snake Charmer Chaavarah kaavah Suresh Kumar. He has confessed to the Police about being contacted by Sooraj in January about buying a snake from him. Suresh then caught a Russell’s viper for Sooraj for the first failed murder attempt. Then he caught a Cobra and gave it to Sooraj for the 2nd murder attempt. When Suresh saw the news of Uthra’s death his conscience got to him and he felt remorse for having been part of this diabolical plot. He is now a witness for the prosecution against Sooraj.
He was arrested in July 2020. He confessed to the brutal murder of his wife & mother of their son. According to his public confession, Sooraj had bought 2 snakes from the snake charmer to try & get them to bite his wife. After the failed attempts in Feb and March. This time Sooraj wanted to be sure the deed was done so she starved the Cobra for 11 days and kept it in a jar. On May 6th he had hidden this jar in his bag under the bed. At night he sedated Uthra so she would be completely unconscious, then Sooraj let the Cobra lose hoping it would bite but it did not. He had to force the snake to bite Uthra and she succumbed to the venom, never really waking up during the whole ordeal. The motive for this murder was freedom from the marriage & ownership of the Gold that Uthra had brought with her as dowry. This guy didn’t just stop there though, like a total moron he had taken out a life insurance policy just months before the murder.
The crime branch also did a DNA test to match the dead snake from that day to the one that bit Uthra. The snake expert Suresh showed them how a Cobra will not strike aggressively unless provoked or cornered in most circumstances. The depth of the bite was consistent with a forced bite like is done while extracting venom from a snake’s fangs. A natural bite is not that deep. It definitely appeared that Sooraj must have held the snake down to make it bite Uthra.
This case reeks of careful premeditation. Months of planning went into this murder. Also, I don’t think this guy did it all by himself. His parents & sister could have been complicit in the crime since they too wanted to get rid of Uthra one way or another.
Uthra’s son was placed in the custody of her parents and now lives with them. His legal name was changed by them to cut his ties with Sooraj’s family who gave him that name. Every morning the little child is taken to kiss his mother’s photo after which he folds his hands in respect and starts his day.
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2021.10.21 21:03 JamesIsNotAGiantNoob i told my mum i need antidepressants lol

she's a bitch and said no :D she has no idea how bad i need them
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2021.10.21 21:03 patatatinahat Lol just had a Kevin Reich canvasser convince me not to vote for him

I was solid with Kevin and just had a long, honestly great Convo with the door knocker. Didn't even know Kevin was anti ballot question 2. Now voting for Elliot Payne.
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2021.10.21 21:03 xavierlee0609 I've played the game for about 20 min and it crashed out of nowhere and been on this screen about 10 min what do I do

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2021.10.21 21:03 dafones IHA COVID-19 update for October 21: 137 new cases, 808 active cases, 36 hospitalizations, 31 critical

BC CDC COVID-19 resources:

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2021.10.21 21:03 NomDeSpite What did Hitler say to the pretty girls when they were walking down the street?

Nothing, Hitler preferred men. Check your heteronormativity. The world is more diverse than you think.
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2021.10.21 21:03 jawnyappleseed Those buckets were clean at the start 🤢

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2021.10.21 21:03 pushytub Looking for Bethlehem - Dictius Te Necare back patch [US or world]

Does it even exist...?
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2021.10.21 21:03 viperfide Do I send?

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2021.10.21 21:03 esr95tkd Moon vs. Lightning

Magic, which one do you think is stronger, as lighting is antimagic magic, do you guys think it could manage to destroy Makoto's moon magic?
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2021.10.21 21:03 sbags [FRESH ALBUM] Clinic - Fantasy Island

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2021.10.21 21:03 LovYouLongTime Countless games where all the Allie’s had to do was DEFEND TOWER 2!!! Finally done….

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2021.10.21 21:03 Zach-Huffman Electric Blue Jack Dempsey in 40 Breeder

Hello, aqadvisor says that an electric blue jack Dempsey can be in a 40 gallon breeder and is only 45% stocked. Based on other things I have read that doesn't seem to be correct and I was just wondering which was true.
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2021.10.21 21:03 Jasmur PlanetWatch Explorer Mobile App

PlanetWatch Explorer Mobile App Hello. I have just made a tutorial on how to get PlanetWatch Explorer on mobile. Video and text tutorial are linked below. IOS USERS will need to be able to use XCode. This is an UNOFFICIAL method.

Video Tutorial
PlanetWatch Explorer App Tutorial

Text Tutorial
  1. Copy the URL of the page you would like to be the startup page, go to GoNative, and paste your link.
  2. Edit name, package details, or import custom settings to customize your application.
  3. Finished! It is that simple.
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2021.10.21 21:03 CaptainRedBeard35 I need your guys' help, i cant decide which one is better for a new game mat.

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2021.10.21 21:03 Captinglorydays Julio shows what is really scary

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2021.10.21 21:03 Marth171 Bed homes, lifts up maybe 20mm, and then first layer cures without the bed touching the FEP

Replaced the screen on my printer recently, leveled the bed, and went to run a print. The bed homes, then lifts up, and then the first layer starts to cure. Ran a file that I sliced and printed before replacing the screen, so it shouldn't be the file. Regardless, I resliced the file in Chitubox and in Lychee, and this issue still occurred. Figured I should try updating the firmware next. Printer was running 4.3.9 and was updated to 4.4, but still the issue occurs. Running out of ideas, hoping someone has run into this before and can lend a hand.
Video of the issue,. Please forgive the audio, my printer is in my laundry room and the dryer was running.
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2021.10.21 21:02 Ben_Wallitsch Just noticed Scott had 2 copies of Rhythm Heaven Fever on his game shelf.

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2021.10.21 21:02 BluShimmer DAE not experience boredom?

I experience a kind of boredom I think. When I’m alone for a long time with nothing to do, I just feel this deep gnawing sense of panic. Kind of like I am extremely late to some very very important event, but no matter what I can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing, or convince myself to do anything but panic and over think trauma and relationships.
So instead of just being bored and learning something new to stave it off like I’ve seen a lot of my friends do, I just dissociate completely and end up doing nothing. So I have no hobbies, no passion, nothing. I feel like a hollow person because I’m always just in survival mode. I can never rest and discover what it’s like to be bored.
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2021.10.21 21:02 650tk I think I’m bout to relapse

Basically I’ve been sober for about 2 1/2 years from weed, I stopped smoking cuz I got caught up (yes I’m that young to say that I got “caught up”) and Ever since I haven’t smoked weed (mainly because I hurt my parents when they found out and it was a whole situation) recently all my friends have been having fun smoking weed and I just want to join them thinking about all the times I had fun laughing high and I missed it. I really think I won’t get caught this time cuz when I was younger I was just dumb with it. I honestly think my parents won’t find out and I won’t do weed as often as I used to. I used to do it everyday n couldn’t live without it but now I’m just going to smoke when my friends have it and never buy for myself. That’s if I do start. I just really want to get high only with my friends and to have fun with it. Idk I’m on the edge I feel like the next time I get offered to smoke imma just hit it.
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