Chief spiecial

2021.10.21 20:27 RukowaTempest Chief spiecial

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2021.10.21 20:27 brandon_the_bald [DavidVassegh] Max Fried told me earlier this season that he grew up as a kid coming to Dodger games and his favorite players were Shawn Green and Jayson Werth, "When I got older I really enjoyed watching Clayton Kershaw." #Dodgers #Braves #NLCS #818

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2021.10.21 20:27 Internal-Motor Local ad.

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2021.10.21 20:27 Educational-Honey514 $DOGEBUCKS | Community Token | Hyper Deflationary Token | Great Tokenomics | 4 Huge Influencer Partnerships | Launching Now 🔥

The Doge Cupholders - A Real Community token
DOGEBUCKS is a hyper deflationary token that collects 10% of each transaction and then, after any sale happens, the contract will automatically buy tokens and burn them. This system causes there to be more BNB in the Coffee Liquidity Pool and fewer beans, which increases the price!
We believe that DOGEBUCKS holders should be rewarded for their loyalty, so every cup that you buy, comes with Free Bean Distribution. We prevent Bucks holders from dumping huge bags of beans at once and every transaction adds more beans into the coffee liquidity pool! Plus, there will be extra espresso moonshots added to the coffee pot when someone sells their beans!
💵 Marketing 💵
- CMS Trending Posts
- 4 Big Influencer Partnerships
- 6 Other Influencers on board
- Coinsniper Ads
- WeChat Community
- Piccadilly Circus Banner Ad soon
📊 Tokenomics 📊
Total supply
No Team Wallets
Liquidity locked Till 2100
💰 Taxes 💰
☕️ 10% Tax
☕️ 7% $CAKE Reflections
☕️ 1% Into Liquidity Pool
☕️ 2% Into Marketing.
So grab a cup of the finest Doge brew on the menu. Get your Be-an Beans ready and get strapped in for an aromatic experience and trip to the BariStars.
Contract: 0xb3bf76367787d162899790048e8b0707920192ae
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidty locked:
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2021.10.21 20:27 EdwardHeisler Emirati trainee astronaut Nora Al Matrooshi: The field of space exploration is open to everyone

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2021.10.21 20:27 DAN13LP8 Can we talk about the 4.1.5 AppleTV app update?!

I’m still navigating it and have found some useful navigation upgrades and layout upgrades. I love the less detail but super fast guide and also love the swipe down, on-screen menu when your watching live tv! What are some of your favorite finds?
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2021.10.21 20:27 YodasChick-O-Stick Anyone else remember these two?

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2021.10.21 20:27 jk99951 Green Coconut Curry Mai Tai

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2021.10.21 20:27 chopchohp YouTube needs a copyright infringement option for non holders

A lovely bot has been able to add some videos that are all ridiculous.
However they managed to post through the filters, they come up at the top of certain searches.

When you want to report the user for clear copyright infringement, you cant because you're not the owner.
This seems weird to me, I can see it's clear, but can't do anything about it.
I recognise this could easily be abused if it was an automated take down. But surely Google and YouTube could afford to manually process these requests based on volume.
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2021.10.21 20:27 DoctorMantel Erdversteck: Braune Schlange

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2021.10.21 20:27 DemoArgenti Haven't watched this video through, but it opens with this dude accusing Vaush of being devoted to white supremacy. We gotta show this to Vaush.

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2021.10.21 20:27 IvyHav3n What are some ingenious tricks in architecture that have been out of use?

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2021.10.21 20:27 No-Entrance-6269 I'm so happy others can find joy in their Autism but I just can't

I'm crying as I right this. Let me list to you the many ways my autism has made my life miserable:
I'm so socially awkward I can't speak to anyone I don't know without having a panic attack.
I have temper tantrums in school because my teacher was being a wad, further isolating me from everyone else there,
I used to get bullied mercilessly at my old school and I didn't even realize it.
I'm constantly initialized and treated like a dumb-ass when I can't remember even the most obscure useless details.
I have weird hyper-fixations & special interests at random times and few of them are healthy for me, like Suicide, picked up via Omori, for example.
I'm so obsessed with doing and wording everything in a specific way that when I try to do something different, I have a panic attack.
I do really weird things in public even though I don't want to, like stimming.
There are so many things that I didn't realize where weird until I found out.
Depression is fucking amplified by 50% because certain coping strategies just "don't feel right" and so I just kind of wallow in my misery for 40 minutes until I fall asleep.
I can't focus or control my thoughts unless I'm talking, so I talk a lot. People do not like this.
All loud noises piss me off to the nth degree. I live with babies and a very frustrated mom.
I wish my Autism was just fucking gone so I could live like a normal fucking human being.
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2021.10.21 20:27 lovely_gay_boy how’s ur guy’s week going?☺️

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2021.10.21 20:27 thedudxo Balmora Map Progress

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2021.10.21 20:27 levitatingloser This poem made me cry, in a good way. It was so healing, I felt heard. I want to share this poem with the world.

To This Day by Shane Koyczan When I was a kid
I used to think that pork chops and karate chops were the same thing
I thought they were both pork chops
My grandmother thought it was cute
So she let me keep doing it
Because you know, they were my favorite
It wasn't a big deal

Until I was seven years old
Before I realized fat kids are not designed to climb trees
And a bad fall caused me to bruise my upper arm and shoulder rather severely
I didn't wana tell my grandmother what happened
Because I was afraid I would get in trouble
Because I was playing somewhere I shouldn't have been

One day in gym class the teacher notices the bruise
And I was sent to the principals office
Not long after that I ended up in another small room
With a really nice lady who asked me all sorts of questions about my life at home

I saw no reason to lie
It was pretty good as fas as i was concerned
So I told her, whenever I'm sad my grandmother gives me karate chops
This lead to a full scale investigation
And I was removed from my grandparents house for three days

And then returned when they finally asked me how I got the bruises
News of this silly little story eventually spread through the school
And when the students finally caught wind of it
I earned my first nickname

Pork Chop

To this day I fucking hate pork chops

I'm not the only kid
Who grew up this way
Surrounded by people who used to say
That rhyme about sticks and stones
As if broken bones
Hurt more than the names we got called
And we got called them all

So we grew up believing no one
Would ever fall in love with us
That we'd be lonely forever
That we'd never meet someone
To make us feel like the sun
Was something they built for us
In their tool shed
So broken heart strings bled the blues
As we tried to empty ourselves
So we would feel nothing

Don't tell me that hurts less than a broken bone

That an ingrown life
Is something surgeons can cut away
That there's no way for it to metastasize
It does

She was eight years old
Our first day of grade three
When she got called ugly
We both got moved to the back of the class
So we would stop getting bombarded by spit balls

But the school halls were a battleground
Where we found ourselves outnumbered day after wretched day
We used to stay inside for recess
Because outside was worse
Outside we'd have to rehearse running away
Or learn to stay still like statues giving no clues that we were there

In grade five they taped a sign to the front of her desk
That read
"Beware Of Dog"

To this day despite a loving husband
She doesn't think she's beautiful
Because of a birthmark
That takes up a little less than half of her face
Kids used to say she looks like a wrong answer
That someone tried to erase
But couldn't quite get the job done

And they'll never understand
That she's raising two kids
Whose definition of beauty
Begins with the word mom
Because they see her heart
Before they see her skin
Because she's only ever always been amazing

Was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree
But not because his parents opted for a different destiny
He was three when he became a mixed drink
Of one part left alone and two parts tragedy
Started therapy in 8th grade
Had a personality made up of tests and pills

Lived like the uphills were mountains
And the downhills were cliffs
Four fifths suicidal
A tidal wave of anti depressants
And an adolescence of being called popper
One part because of the pills
And ninety nine parts because of the cruelty

He tried to kill himself in grade ten
When a kid who could still go home to mom and dad
Had the audacity to tell him "get over it"
As if depression is something that can be remedied
By any of the contents found in a first aid kit

To this day he is a stick of TNT lift from both ends
Could describe you in detail the way the sky bends
In the moments before it's about to fall
And despite an army of friends
Who all call him an inspiration
He remains a conversation piece between people
Who can't understand
That sometimes becoming drug free
Has less to do with addiction
And more to do with sanity

We weren't the only kids who grew up this way
To this day kids are still being called names
The classics were
"Hey stupid"
"Hey spaz"

Seems like every school has an arsenal of names
Getting updated every year
And if a kid breaks in a school
And no one around chooses to hear
Do they make a sound?
Are they just the background noise
Of a soundtrack stuck on repeat
When people say things like
Kids can be cruel?

Every school was a big top circus tent
And the pecking order went
From acrobats to lion tamers
From clowns to carnies
All of these were miles ahead of who we were
We were freaks
Lobster claw boys and bearded ladies
Juggling depression and loneliness playing solitaire spin the bottle
Trying to kiss the wounded parts of ourselves and heal

But at night
While the others slept
We kept walking the tightrope
It was practice
And yeah
Some of us fell
But I wanna tell them
That all of this shit
Is just debris
Leftover when we finally decide to smash all the things we thought
We used to be

And if you can't see anything beautiful about yourself
Get a better mirror
Look a little closer
Stare a little longer
Because there's something inside you
That made you keep trying
Despite everyone who told you to quit
You built a cast around your broken heart
And signed it yourself

You signed it
"They were wrong"

Because maybe you didn't belong to a group or a click
Maybe they decided to pick you last for basketball or everything
Maybe you used to bring bruises and broken teeth
To show and tell but never told
Because how can you hold your ground
If everyone around you wants to better you beneath it
You have to believe that they were wrong

They have to be wrong
Why else we'd still be here?
We grew up learning to cheer on the underdog
Because we see ourselves in them
We stem from a root planted in the belief
That we are not what we were called
We are not abandoned cars stalled out and sitting empty on some highway
And if in some way we are, don't worry
We only got out to walk and get gas

We are graduating members from the class of fuck off we made it
Not the faded echoes of voices crying out "names will never hurt me"

Of course
They did

But our lives will only ever always continue to be a balancing act
That has less to do with pain
And more to do with beauty
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2021.10.21 20:27 Professional-Taro525 💎 Axienomics 💎Play 2 Earn NFT Game Coming! Multiple celebrities on board! Launch today after presale filled! Whitelist competition on going!🔥

Our community is growing rapidly, MORE AND MORE to come at launch!
Our sweepwidget competition for whitelist presales spots is ON GOING!
Sweepwidget -
💎LAUNCH after presale filled
1: Many big celebrities will be collaboration with us
2: There will be billboards in NYC on Wednesday
3: Play to earn games Trailer launching soon
It is one of the first unique
🔥 Rebase + Rewards (AXS) + Buyback
🔥Anti Snipe and Anti Bot with 7% tax.
There will be 3 games
1.Basic Graphics Game
2 Mid graphic Game

💸5% Rewards AXS ( Axie Infinity )
🎯5% Marketing
🔥2% Buyback wallet
💰3% Added to the Liquidity
🚀P2E NFT Game Coming🚀
🌎 Contract Address: 0xc17AdbbF8FE3f6853c929C9f935372C4661957A5
🌎 Pancakeswap:
🌎Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.21 20:27 KimberleysS13 Downy commercial

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2021.10.21 20:27 Penguin_Puncher9000 NKD. Finally a fixed blade I can carry. Bradford Guardian 3.5

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2021.10.21 20:27 tiago231018 Interview with Green Lantern showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith

The showrunner for the upcoming HBO Max show has revealed a few things about the series:

Here's the link for part of the interview:
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2021.10.21 20:27 JackG553 Wiring

Does anyone know where I can find a diagram that shows where all the wires go under the hood. Thanks much appreciated
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2021.10.21 20:27 -LNZ- Hello to everyone in this community 🌕🚀

Hi, I’m new here. Just joined the SFM army on Monday cause a friend of mine initiated me to this token and immediately captured my attention. I want to learn more. I want to learn more about this token, about the projects, about how it works, about the difference with the other cryptocurrency ecc… I’m making this post in hope that someone links me to something interesting to read. Thank you if you’re going to help me, I’m already happy to be part of this Army.
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2021.10.21 20:27 Calawah Solution for Clash of the Titans SBC

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2021.10.21 20:27 CompetitiveRelief303 Room available for sublease, 480 plus utilities. 5 minutes from UCF in Rexford at Waterford gates.

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2021.10.21 20:27 walled2_0 Yes, always 100%

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