UnConventional Warfare: Deafening Whisper

2021.10.21 20:45 PlopCopTopPopMopStop UnConventional Warfare: Deafening Whisper

So After my Electric Cowboy post, I wanted to do more posts like it. Highlighting some of my favorite unusual play styles and weapons. And I've decided to start a series called UnConventional Warfare in order to cover exactly these things. Today we'll be covering one of my favorite weapon in the game at the moment, the Deafening Whisper. And recommending a certain loadout for it that is just about downright broken in high level PvE.
Just to get this out of the way, this isn't viable in PvP. It doesn't do enough damage with a direct hit or the energy wave to kill a guardian in 1 shot with makes it pretty useless compared to other breach loaders.
The Deafening Whisper is abit of an obscure weapon with abit of an obscure frame. It's a wave frame breach loading grenade launcher. Newer players may not know what that means so I'll spell it out. I remember it being talked about alot when season of the hunt stater but after a week or two it just sorta fell off the face of the earth for some reason.
"What's A Wave Frame?*
A Wave Frame is a frame exclusive to breach loaders, a pretty unique one at that. It doesn't detonate on collision with enemies. It goes off upon hitting the ground, sending forward a wave of energy that does some pretty decent damage over a very large area in the direction in which it hit the ground. (If you get good with it you can take advantage of how ricochet can control waves travel path.)
This means firing at the floor is a very effective way to use this, especially considering it doesn't do much self damage. In fact it hits half your shields.
Wave Frames are spectacular for ad clear. But you may be wondering why you haven't heard of them. That'd be because at the moment the only obtainable non-sunset wave frame is Deafening Whisper.
The only other one is the now sunset Marty's Retribution. So unfortunately Deafening Whisper is your only option. But very fortunately...
What To Get
It's farmable. It also it has good perks ontop of that. My recommendation is Surplus and Rampage with Quick Launch and High Velocity rounds. Surplus is a favorite perk of mine, it increases relaod speed stability and handling for evey ability you have charged. I'd also recommend you have on Rampage Spec. A reload masterwork is recommended as velocity isn't actually to important with a wave frame as you'll mostly be firing at the ground, though you can do some cool stuff by taking advantage of how it only goes off on contact with the ground.
Rampage needs no introduction but for the unacquainted, it increases damage for getting kills and stacks up to 3 times for a 33% damage buff. That's only in PvE but like I said, it sucks in PvP anyways.
Since it's so easy to decimate ads with DW it's remarkably easy to keep Rampage active, meaning you can easily maintain that damage buff.
Oh yeah I mentioned it's farmable.
How To Get
The Deafening Whisper drops from Wrathborn Hunts. Meaning you can even go as far as choosing your masterwork and excluding certain perks. Given how easy Wrathborn Hunts are it shouldn't be hard at all to grind for a good DW. Just know if you can't get the exact roll I recommended, at least go for surplus and rampage. They're the most important parts of it.
The Strat
So my strat for you today is a Warlock loadout. Incorporating the exotic helmet Nezerac's Sin which drops from random exotic engrams. What this exotic does is give you ability energy on void kills. Deafening Whisper is a void weapon that's amazing for ad clear.
I'd combo it your kinetic of choice, ideally one with osmosis though. I'd suggest, a masterworked Travelers Chosen.
Other exotics I'd recommend running it with in this loadout are Black Talon (random drop) or Deathbringer (quest exotic from Shadowkeep)
In terms of non-exotic heavies I'd say it's mostly up to you. I personally like to use Bad Omens or Falling Guillotine with it.
With this loadout you can consistently do high damage and constantly have your abilities recharging. Recommended subclass is middle tree void for the synergy between it and Nezerac's.
The End.
Did you like this post? Any recommendations for future posts? Anything to say about what I had to say? Them comment any thoughts and feelings you have below. I have a few more posts lined up.
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Thank you!
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Are the codes 50k for each region or 50k for all regions?
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QUALIFICATIONS: Must have a high school diploma or GED. Texas Food Handler Card required. Must be familiar with all phases of food preparation and related techniques. Must be able to get along with co-workers and work as a team. Must be able to uphold company standards related to appearance and dress. You must have one-year prior experience in a kitchen as a prep or line cook. You must be able to meet the physical demands of the position: Mobility and dexterity to move/lift large, heavy objects up to 100 lbs.; able to stand and walk for periods of up to 8 hours; able to work in a hot environment and/or close-quarters; manual dexterity to include using kitchen utensils and handling food items. Must be able to tolerate industry standard chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing and be able to withstand a hot and/or close environment. Must be able to work at a fast pace, and to respond to visual and oral cues.

kinda sums up why we feel more valuable than what we are being paid.
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Should I assume that I'm not selected? Or is this indicative of some sort of behind the scenes workflow within ICIMS for a candidate (e.g. going between hiring manager, interviewer, and HR)?
Thank you!
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So right now I'm on ODSP. I have a very old car. The only way I can get a newer car is if I find a full time job. Problem is is that I have a student loan I am.not paying because I'm too poor. If I find a full-time job I wanted to save a shit ton of money to go towards a newer car. But if I get a full time job will the collection agency just garnish my wages for the student loan? If so then it doesn't make sense for me to get a full time job. Please let me know. Thank you.
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Hi! Just bought a Suicune Gold Star from ebay, because I've wanted a Gold Star card for ever, and the legendary dogs seem like the most affordable. I was wondering if someone could give me a PSA estimate for it? If anyone has experience grading cards/getting their cards graded. I don't know if this is the right place for that, but if it isn't is there a place I could ask? Thanks a bunch! (Also, I bought it for about 200 dollars, I hope it's a good investment/amount for the quality I'm getting :3)
Photos of the card:
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