Nice back shot

2021.10.21 21:08 Katfitefan Nice back shot

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2021.10.21 21:08 LeahyMoto Sup Fellas ?

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2021.10.21 21:08 I_am_Converse Got this Velcro cable tie for free with an Amazon purchase. The hole is on the wrong end, and too small to be useful.

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2021.10.21 21:07 MrsMapleMoose Spent 3 weeks and 25 hours making my favorite sheep. Life really is a treat with Shaun the Sheep!

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2021.10.21 21:07 princessleech I feel totally normal but was told my crohn’s is “uncontrolled”

Is anyone else like this? I recently had to have a second perianal fistula surgery since they didn’t see the second one during the first surgery. My surgeon said by what she saw during the operation she could tell my crohn’s wasn’t under control, but other then the pain from the surgery I feel pretty close to how I felt before I triggered the disease in March?
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2021.10.21 21:07 sarada-chan Just a normal video with context

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2021.10.21 21:07 Johnnygunz123 Broncos 24 Browns 17 ML And the UNDER 44

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2021.10.21 21:07 DOUGH-P How does a Muslim boxer keep his distance?

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2021.10.21 21:07 VriskaSharkQueen Hiveswap 5: Drugs all the Drugs

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2021.10.21 21:07 5StarLegDrop BFG Fite discount...Help A Brother Out

I've had some unexpected expenses this month so if you I order the PPV through and use my code much appreciated. If not......enjoy the show 🤷🏼‍♂️
"Times are tough, but wrestling fans are tougher. " - Me
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2021.10.21 21:07 callofbuckets When you ending a date with a girl a see she got a cash app for the exact amount of the bill with the subject line 💰💰💰

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2021.10.21 21:07 windeddreams Brand New 2021 CE24 QC Issues???

So I bought a new PRS CE24 off of Sweetwater this past weekend. It arrived yesterday, and I let it acclimate the 24 hours as suggested. Unbox it today, excited like a kid on Christmas, only to find 3 distinct issues right out of the box:

  1. The volume knob is loose as hell. Not loose and buttery smooth like the tone knob, but the goddamn thing will roll if you move the guitar too fast.
  2. The intonation is off. This isn’t a tuning instability issue, even though that’s what the guy at Sweetwater wanted to refer to it as. I’ve stretched the strings until they stay in tune with significant bending. It holds tune perfectly well. The issue lies with the intonation on the first four frets. Even with strings perfectly in tune, notes fretted in this area are out of tune.
  3. There is a clear grounding issue. When I’m not touching the strings or any metal part on the guitar, there is a very loud and distinct humming…from humbucker pickups. When I touch the strings or any metal component, the humming stops. My amp/pedalboard does not do this with any of my other guitars.
My question is, is quality control issue a normal thing for PRS? American-made PRS at that? It just seems like for $2550 after taxes, these shouldn’t be issues on a brand new axe.
I’ve already contacted Sweetwater, but I can’t get a replacement given the shortage of guitars at the moment. I bought this one on a whim after saving from local gigs all year. I knew it was the guitar I wanted, they had one in stock, and I went for it. Huge mistake obviously. I’m so goddamn disappointed; I feel foolish. I feel duped. What good is their “55-point inspection?” With these three blatant issues, there’s not a chance in hell it was actually inspected by someone who knows a single thing about guitars.
Has anyone else ever had an issue like this from a brand new PRS? I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do.
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2021.10.21 21:07 OliverMarkusMalloy Why MAGA yokels fall for even the dumbest conspiracy theories

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2021.10.21 21:07 Kadakt Am I a looser for not having friends ?

I never had many friends like I had people I knew in HS but i wouldn’t consider them my friends . I tried , a lot but never had success in making meaningful friendships . I’m not weird , I’m pretty self conscious and Ik where I’m going wrong , also people love talking to me , not just my group age . I came to the US from a different country where I did have friends , a lot actually so maybe that’s a factor but it’s been 7 years here now and I’m 20 with no friends . Like again I know people and they know me but we don’t hangout and if I ask them they all say they are busy which again I know isn’t true but I don’t ask again . But now i enjoy just being myself , there used be a time where I used to cry but now I love it but I sometimes think if im a looser when I see everyone in college partying and making memories where im just living by myself , going out by myself and hanging out just by myself which I love btw but inner me sometimes think if im a looser for that?
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2021.10.21 21:07 ugagradlady Total diameter of Messines mine blasts?

I know there were many craters left behind but I don't know the measurements on any of them except Spanbroekmolen. Can someone help me figure the rest out?
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2021.10.21 21:07 Character-Ad2562 Anal

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2021.10.21 21:07 Independent_Score_59 hi there cuties<3 say it back hehe

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2021.10.21 21:07 GeneralScreening Ladies and germs, Obama’s Kush. Probably my favorite find thus far! (THCA Diamonds from Common Roots WA)

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2021.10.21 21:07 daveisit I recharged my lemon battery but I don't understand how.

My lemon battery was only giving out one volt so I decided to connect my lemon battery to a 9v battery for a minute and now my lemon battery gives out 3v, enough to light an led. It only last for a very short time though as the volts drop quickly. Any ideas what exactly is happening and how I can improve the process.
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2021.10.21 21:07 Front_Information652 My amazing son!

So our 7 year old son has little to no immune system, and can't be around any germs. Unfortunately we caught covid-19 and he had to be separated from everyone. He is still locked up in his bedroom, but we managed to get him a phone so he could video call.
He made everyone smile by doing a happy dance and saying how he loves us all. I guess not the normal posts for here, but it was something small but made me smile
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2021.10.21 21:07 Zealousideal_Heat412 Honest opinion on Hannha.

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2021.10.21 21:07 Ok_Katusha_Launcher Is there anyway to get rid of this scratch(?) With house hold materials? I've already tried glass and screen cleaners with no avail. I wear glasses so could it be a glasses scratch? Should I try to rma? TIA

Is there anyway to get rid of this scratch(?) With house hold materials? I've already tried glass and screen cleaners with no avail. I wear glasses so could it be a glasses scratch? Should I try to rma? TIA submitted by Ok_Katusha_Launcher to ValveIndex [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 21:07 CantaloupeRoutine649 Don't you hate it when your old "friend" is trying to befriend you again 🙂

Ok so in grade 2 I was classmates with this girl who I thought was my friend bcs of the way she treated me (I mean I was a pretty naive kid and I was very introverted so all I ever wanted was just to make friends)
I ignored all of the terrible stuff she did to me (basically physically hurting me, ripping apart any drawing I make for her that she doesn't like, and telling me I'm ugly which fucked up the way I see myself)
So this is a very memorable thing and a memory I just wanna forget:
So let's call this "friend" C, C is good friends with another kid in a different section so when her friend's teacher is absent and was sent to our classroom she was ecstatic and ignored me the whole time which I didn't mind and just drew most of the time.
So the teacher makes the kids in 3 different tables to clean and group 1 was next to clean so they cleaned our table first, C and her friend just talked while I was basically kinda just there feeling lonely and all bcs I was a very introverted kid.
So after group 1 finished cleaning our table, I was abt to go sit at my seat and eat my food but nope C made her friend sit at my seat which made me just felt even worse, I just sat at the floor and eat I resisted crying bcs at the time I didn't wanna make her feel bad or embarrassed bcs she basically made me cry (I should've cried and made her feel bad honestly).
Her friend noticed me sitting on the floor alone and thank God she's so different from C she told me she's gonna sit at C's seat and they basically shared the seat while I sat at mine, to this day we still talk to each other bcs of our similar interests.
So this year when I got into my new section in highschool I realized C is also my classmate (the school is fairly well known locally and most of the kids that went to my elementary school go to that highschool) for a few weeks C ignored me, but today she dm me asking me if I want to be her friend again.
Yeah fuck that shit I don't wanna deal with her bs again.
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2021.10.21 21:07 VladeFeria I can't seem to figure this mystery out on my own

This kinda applies to P4 and P5 as well, not sure about P2 and P1 since i haven't played those but anyways.. There's something i have been confused about during battles but no matter who i ask or where i google, i can't seem to find an answer and that is the 'Eye' animation that will happen from time to time. The one where your main character will scream the equipped personas name.. First i thought it meant it was a tell that you got a guaranteed crit or maybe a "ahaa found it" weakness proc but sometimes it would just damage them a decent amount but not knock them down, do a crit or hit a weak point. Then i thought it was a guaranteed hit tell but sometimes it would just straight out miss (mostly tested with mudo and hama skills on enemies who are neutral to them) so now i am at a loss.. What does it actually mean and do? Is it really just a fancy chance thing without any purpose to it?
[Ngl, i was half tempted to put the I as Eye in the title but i felt like a dumb joke like that would get this post into trouble]
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2021.10.21 21:07 Engineer_Economist ETFs with Investments in SP500 Winners of 10/21/2021

Three ETF's per winner (when available)
ETF Ticker | % invested in Winner | ETF Full Name
Industrials: ETFs investing in Generac Holdings Inc. IVDG-- 3.44% Invesco Focused Discovery Growth ETF PRN-- 3.40% Invesco DWA Industrials Momentum ETF FFND-- 3.34% Future Fund Active ETF
Health Care: ETFs investing in HCA Healthcare Inc IHF-- 4.46% iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF BIBL-- 2.42% Inspire 100 ETF IEHS-- 2.28% iShares Evolved U.S. Healthcare Staples ETF
Information Technology: ETFs investing in HP Inc PKW-- 4.18% Invesco BuyBack Achievers™ ETF PRNT-- 3.87% 3D Printing ETF ZIG-- 3.44% Acquirers Fund
Communication Services: ETFs investing in Match Group Inc PBS-- 5.39% Invesco Dynamic Media ETF SOCL-- 5.03% Global X Social Media ETF JHCS-- 3.70% John Hancock Multifactor Media & Communications ETF
Consumer Discretionary: ETFs investing in Pool Corporation PRN-- 3.25% Invesco DWA Industrials Momentum ETF PSET-- 1.16% Principal Quality ETF VBK-- 0.77% Vanguard Small Cap Growth ETF
Utilities: ETFs investing in Dominion Energy Inc NLR-- 7.53% VanEck Uranium + Nuclear Energy ETF XLU-- 6.56% Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund VPU-- 5.67% Vanguard Utilities ETF
Financials: ETFs investing in Msci Inc EPRE-- 4.56% First Trust TCW ESG Premier Equity ETF IVDG-- 3.23% Invesco Focused Discovery Growth ETF ECOZ-- 2.07% TrueShares ESG Active Opportunities ETF
Materials: ETFs investing in PPG Industries, Inc. JHMA-- 4.33% John Hancock Multifactor Materials ETF XLB-- 3.90% Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund RTM-- 3.65% Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Materials ETF
Real Estate: ETFs investing in Equinix Inc SRVR-- 14.72% Pacer Benchmark Data & Infrastructure Real Estate SCTR ETF VPN-- 12.21% Global X Data Center REITs & Digital Infrastructure ETF SPRE-- 11.80% SP Funds S&P Global REIT Sharia ETF
Consumer Staples: ETFs investing in Estee Lauder Companies Inc XLP-- 4.08% Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund JRNY-- 4.01% ALPS Global Travel Beneficiaries ETF PSL-- 3.93% Invesco DWA Consumer Staples Momentum ETF
Energy: ETFs investing in Valero Energy Corporation CRAK-- 6.80% VanEck Oil Refiners ETF RYE-- 4.83% Invesco S&P 500® Equal Weight Energy ETF PXE-- 4.49% Invesco Dynamic Energy Exploration & Production ETF
Happy investing!
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