[US, FL] [H] PS1, PS2, Switch, Gamecube, Wii, 3DS games for sale, along with some misc items [W] Paypal G&S

2021.10.21 21:53 TavrosNitrous [US, FL] [H] PS1, PS2, Switch, Gamecube, Wii, 3DS games for sale, along with some misc items [W] Paypal G&S

Haven't sold on here yet, but I have a trade history on Gameswap.
Just trying to make funds for life events going on, will include some small gifts for the first two PS1/PS2 sales (if there are any). Also, if you like Homestuck let me know, I have a gift for you as well! I hope you find something you like :)
Final Fantasy Tactics (GH, CIB) - 27
Final Fantasy IX (CIB) - 20
Final Fantasy Chronicles (CIB) - 35
Final Fantasy VIII (CIB) - 22
Final Fantasy VII (No manual but art/discs are all there) - 25
Vagrant story (CIB) - 85
Monster Rancher 2 (CIB) - 50
Um Jammer Lammy (CIB) - 55
Grand Theft Auto III (CIB with map/poster) - 12
Grand Theft Auto Vice City (CIB with map/poster and cheat sheet) - 12
Parappa the Rapper 2 (CIB) - 70
One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows (CIB) - 20
Slime Rancher Deluxe Edition (CIB, pretty sure the extras have not been redeemed) - 20
Mario Kart Double Dash (loose) - 50
Teen Titans (loose) - 13
Metroid Prime w/ Metroid Prime Echoes bonus disc (CIB) - 40
Xbox 1:
One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows (CIB) - 20
Yakuza Like A Dragon Day Ichi Steelbook (CIB, I think the extras in this haven't been redeemed either) - 18
Bravely Default (CIB) - 40
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen (CIB) - 25
Dark Souls Remastered (CIB) - 38
Yoshi's Crafted World (CIB, artwork worn/has a tear but is complete) - 27
Crash Bandicoot It's About Time (CIB) - 30
Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Sealed, have two of these) - 50
The Adventures of TinTin (Sealed) - 12
Trinity Blood Chapter IV dvd (w original case & art, comes with cool little Funimation booklet from 2007) - 5
Ghost in Shell Standalone Complex Complete Collection (all discs are included, but the case is broken at the top) - 16
My Hero Academia Vol. 13 (English, book is in great condition) - 5
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2021.10.21 21:53 3fxz she wants me to wear a maid costume 😔 RIP dignity

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2021.10.21 21:53 Multi_ikus Root rot? How can I save this baby? She’s sad all the time and new growth takes five years and the leaves are just bad

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2021.10.21 21:53 legendaryfoot Billionaire Brags About His Influence Over Senator Joe Manchin on CNBC

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2021.10.21 21:53 Whitelinedefraim Help with enclosure

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2021.10.21 21:53 sergeant_cabbage FH5 Multiple transmission settings?

I use a g29 and I often would like to switch between transmission types and clutch control depending on the car.
Is there a quick access setting I can change for individual cars easily?
H-Pattern/Sequential/Paddle shift
Without having to remap or alter bindings so frequently? Is there something I missed on the previous titles? On beamng I can simply tap a key and it changes my preset.
Thankyou in advance.
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2021.10.21 21:53 Randabar Different dosage than what my doctor told me?

I'm still gonna call and ask my doctor asap in the morning but I just wanted to see if this maybe happened to anyone else and is normal. My doctor finally prescribed me progesterone after like 4 visits of me mentioning it. I'm about a year and a half on hrt so I figure it's a decent time to start. She said she would prescribe me 100mg of progesterone, but when I got my prescription it was only 5mg of medroxyprogesterone. What I'm thinking is that maybe what I was given is just like, a concentration of progesterone, but I'm not sure. I'm gonna call her as soon as I can tomorrow, but I was just wondering if maybe someone else had encountered this same thing. Any ideas or examples of this happening would be great!
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2021.10.21 21:53 TheRealVaultCrawler H: AA E 250 Fixer plus trade list below (will bundle) W: Weapons from my Wishlist - Q 50crit 25 Handmade, Q 50crit 25 Fixer, AA 50crit 25 Fixer, AA 50crit 25 Handmade

Ari E Dur Fixer
AA 25 250 Railway Rifle
AA FFR 250 Fixer
AA 50H 250 Fixer
F FFR 15R Fixer
I E Gho Fixer
Jug E +P Fixer
Jug FFR 250 Fixer
J FFR 50 Fixer
Mu E Gho Railway Rifle
Mu 50H 25 Fixer
Mu FFR +P Fixer
Mu FFR 90 Fixer
Q FFR +P Fixer
Q 25AD 15V Handmade
V FFR +A Fixer
V AP 15V Fixer (2)
V 50crit Gho Fixer
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2021.10.21 21:53 KnopeWeCan24 The pest dream 🤦‍♀️

How is this a real post on DS? Some things are better left unsaid.
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2021.10.21 21:53 Iwanttoplaytoo Not bad right?

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2021.10.21 21:53 entrap space station interior

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2021.10.21 21:53 SGZF2 Deactivation? Or will I be fine?

I'm a bit worried because I know someone who was deactivated from Instacart after a pretty minor mistake, so I'm hoping Doordash isn't the same. Also, I'm not even 100% sure I did anything wrong lol. It is possible that the customer is making stuff up, but I really have no idea.
Anyway, I dropped off an order at 4290 apt 5, sent the pic to the customer, pressed complete, started walking back to my car, and within 20 seconds my phone started ringing. I hadn't even gotten back to my car yet. He called me immediately after dropping it off. I answered (I know, big mistake) and he told me that he thought I dropped it off at the wrong apartment. I said "I don't think so. Apartment 5, right?" and he said "Yeah... 4190, apt 5." I immediately thought "fuck, I'm at 4290." but by the time I turned around the order I had just dropped off was gone. Keep in mind that only about 30 seconds had passed since dropping off the order. I dropped it off, started to walk back to my car, got the call, turned back around, and it was gone. I knocked on the door to ask for the order back, but they never answered, which seems kind of crazy to me. Like, this person knew that I knew that they were home, yet they wouldn't open the door and give the order back? If an unknown package showed up at my door and it was there for like 15 minutes I might keep it, but if the driver came back 30 seconds after dropping it off saying he made a mistake, I'd have to be a major asshole not to give it back.
So one of two things happened. Possibly #1 is that I dropped off an order at the wrong place, the person who ordered immediately noticed, but whoever lived at the place I dropped it off immediately grabbed the order and then ignored me when I knocked again. If this is correct, it's just insane how unlucky I am lol. Possibility #2 is that I dropped it off at the right place and the customer is making shit up. That would explain how both the customer and the person who lived where I dropped it off acted so fast, because they're not two separate people. If this is correct, the customer would have been waiting for me to drop off the order, immediately grab said order and then call me saying I left it at the wrong place. I truly have no idea which is correct. I guess if Doordash asks I have to say it's the second one to protect my job lol. Should I be expecting an email?
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2021.10.21 21:53 CorruptFed CNBC not displaying quotes with Ublock on

I've been trying to report a problem only to have my case closed so I am posting it here. Suddenly today CNBC.COM is not displaying the quotes in both Firefox and Chrome with the latest version of Ublock. When I turn ublock off it display, can someone please fix this?
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2021.10.21 21:53 texastoasty Erad 1000w bbshd battery pack plug standard?

I bought an erad 1000w bbshd kit from a friend, I was setting up a bench test today and realized I didn't have any way to interface the battery pack mount with my battery.
Connector has 5 connectors, in the shape of a smiley face, and uses a threaded ring on the outside to secure itself.
Unfortunately I can't get a picture to upload.
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2021.10.21 21:53 gbands3ds Bara_irl

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2021.10.21 21:53 Alarmed_Requirement4 Was rewatching the trailer and I found this patch of grass that looks really weird??

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2021.10.21 21:53 FartrelCluggins [OC] The Most Underrated Player of All Time: Adrian Dantley

After the controversial release of the NBA's top 75 list, there is plenty of arguments going on about who doesn't deserve it, who was snubbed and one thing stood out to me that blows my mind. Adrian Dantley was the lists biggest snub by far and further than that, not a single comment on the nba thread announcing the list even mentioned his name! (at least not in the top 100 comments)
So let's take a look at his career and see why I feel that he's the most underrated player by the NBA, and by this sub.
Career Average of 24.3 ppg - good for 18th all time in NBA history (likely will be 16th after current players get old and regress) - Dantley is the only player in the top 25 for ppg to not be named to the NBA's top 75 list
29th in career points scored - 23177 points scored over his 19 year career - one of only 2 player in the top 35 all time to not be named to the NBA's top 75 list (the other being Vince Carter)
2 time NBA scoring champ !!! Dantley is the only player, post merger to lead the league in scoring and not make the NBA's top 75 list. Not only that but he led the league twice! This being in the 80s where there was some fierce competition.
8th All time in TS% - I shouldn't even need to explain this one but I will. Any non big man being top 10 in this stat is incredible. Shows how efficient of a scorer he was
Six Time All Star - if not for injuries this number would easily be 8, he also had many seasons as a fringe nba all star who was getting snubbed even back in the day
1x Rookie of the Year, 1x Comeback Player of the Year
Career 6rbg and 3apg and a plus defender not amazing numbers but show he wasn't purely a scorer, and his defense wasn't the problem either
Advanced Stats for Nerds - 13th all time Off Rating - 39th all time VORP - 35th all time Win Shares - 47th all time PER
May I reiterate, not only did he miss out on the NBA's top 75 list, but he also wasn't even mentioned as a snub by anyone on the sub. That's insane to me.
So why doesn't Dantley get the respect he clearly deserves? 2 reasons, the main one being RINGS, Dantley never won an NBA championship, but I believe this is overblown in his case, as his GMs failed terribly to put solid teams around him during his prime. The second reason being that he had a reputation as somewhat of a ballhog. I also thing this is very overblown. If you have a guy who is averaging 30 a night with a stellar TS%, then that player has the right to be a ballhog, especially considering the lack of talent that surrounded him.
What are your thoughts on the original AD? I want to know if you think he is extremely underrated as I do, or if you think that I'm out of line. Also don't shame me for putting [OC] in the title, this is the hardest I've worked on a post for a while so don't say anything!
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2021.10.21 21:53 rs156 I left my new poco f3 charging overnight for 6 hours. Will this damage the battery?

Few days ago, I left my new poco f3 on charging for 6+ hours by mistake. I am worried my bew phone might be damaged. When i picked up my phone from charging it was surprisingly cold instead of warm.
I have heard keeping your phone on overnight charging for few days itself will do significant damage to your battery. Is it true?
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2021.10.21 21:53 Smooth_Gap_9519 Do Exploring Metawars galaxy through the METAVERSE

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2021.10.21 21:53 moonchild365 Potty training advice

My daughter will be 3 in a few weeks. She’s pee and poops on the toilet when she feels like it she gets excited and proud of herself. I’ve put on undies and she tells me she has to go to the bathroom half the time. Don’t have it in me to read a potty training book. Best methods to try?
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2021.10.21 21:53 feligatr Cr@z¥ for Catnip!

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2021.10.21 21:53 takataka360 Adventure Report; D&D Beginner's Group

Adventure Report; D&D Beginner's Group I was hosting a beginner D&D adventure. Here is a brief record of the adventure.

Borg: Half-orc fighter. Tough.
Seater: High elf rogue. Good at killing and killing.
Amel: Human ranger, good with a bow.
Lina-Melia: Wood Elf cleric. She uses a long sword and is also good at melee combat.
Hourou: A high elf wizard with a passion for magic. Dragon fanatic.

The adventurers receive a letter from a village called Tsukafumoto asking for help, and head for the village.

On the way, I came across a wagon being attacked by goblins, and saved it.
The wagon we saved belonged to a halfling named Sten, who was a merchant at the Tsukafumoto, on her way back to her village.
The adventurers decided that this was a good idea, so they offered to accompany Sten to the village.

Just as they are about to reach the village, they are attacked by goblins once again.
The adventurers fought them off and took one of them prisoner.
In the battle, Seater and Amel's shooting skills were excellent.

After arriving at Tsukafumoto, they geared up and Borg intimidated the captive goblins, leading them to ONINAKIANA, where the goblins were.

At the entrance to ONINAKIANA, two goblins and a dog stood guard.
The guards are quickly taken out by Seater and Amel's shooting.

When they entered the hole, they found a door at the back.
The goblins, noticing the sounds made by the adventurers, emerged from the door, and a battle began.
The goblin flees to the back and summons the bugbear. The bugbear goes on a rampage, wielding a glowing shield, but is finally defeated by an arrow fired by Amel.


Afterwards, the adventurers who explored the cave received information that there might be black dragons in addition to the goblins in this cave.

Hearing the word "dragon," Hourou, a dragon enthusiast, quickly explains to everyone how scary, ferocious, and greedy dragons are.

As it was, the adventurers proceeded to the end of the passage to settle the score with the goblins.

In the dining room, you will have a battle with the cook's goblin, but the cook's voice is so loud that the other goblins rush to the adventurer.

Processing img f7ybkpkegwu71...
Then, a fight to the death ensues.
Amel, the archer, is felled prematurely by a goblin attack from behind, and Borg is also felled by fierce sword fights and spells.
They’ll use Hourou's sleep spell to reduce the number of enemies and divide them, and Lina's recovery spell and Channel Divinity to hold them off.
The resurrected Amel shoots the enemy general, Dalax, and under Borg's intimidation, the headless goblins surrender.

When the adventurers heard that the Black Dragon was in the depths of the cave, they decided that true peace would not come to Tsukafumoto unless the Black Dragon was defeated as well, and set out to slay the dragon.

After drinking an acid-resistance potion, Lina and Borg lead the way deeper into the cave where the dragon lurks.

Then a winged reptile the size of a kitten appears.

Is this a dragon? As the adventurers are stunned, a terrible torrent of acid gushes from its mouth and burns Lina, Borg, and Hourou.

It's not good if he blows his breath again!

The adventurers repeatedly attacked desperately, and finally succeeded in defeating the dragon by the Seater's shooting.


In this way, the adventurers were able to save Tsukafumoto from danger and return in triumph with the dragon's hoard of treasure. It was a happy ending.
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2021.10.21 21:53 HoneyFlea Thoughts on this picture layout? I thought they were too similar in shape to do a normal gallery wall, but now I’m worried this looks a little boring...

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2021.10.21 21:53 nsandz I’m going to be heading to the Beaverton and Hillsboro OR area this weekend. Lounges anywhere?

As the title states I’m heading to OR this weekend. Any cigar lounges in the Beaverton or Hillsboro areas?
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2021.10.21 21:53 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-lucio-anneo-seneca-73

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