bysy5 8t77d her6y byznb iifkt 6rtz7 s3s9h i85e5 7r8ki sn7b5 8kde3 z9ddz 9zisy y4sn8 hhnfy 229y4 5sd7z 5ty82 f8hsn 6beir by2r4 Bulls fight to keep Ethereum price above $4K ahead of Friday’s $435M options expiry |

Bulls fight to keep Ethereum price above $4K ahead of Friday’s $435M options expiry

2021.10.21 21:53 Salt-Shop Bulls fight to keep Ethereum price above $4K ahead of Friday’s $435M options expiry

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2021.10.21 21:53 snippysnapper23 iOS 15 super buggy screen becomes unresponsive during calls. Notifications don’t clear properly.

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2021.10.21 21:53 Xx_Rick_Rolled_xX What is this "Ariana Grande Event" item in the new bundle? is it an event for people who buy the bundle?

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2021.10.21 21:53 DiamondBreakr Minecraft dye update

-Add Light Brown Dye. Crafted from White Dye and Brown Dye. Colour of peach but less saturated.
-Crafting Green Dye with Red Dye makes Brown Dye
-Crafting Blue Dye with Yellow Dye makes Green Dye, and Light Blue Dye with Yellow Dye makes Lime Green Dye.
-White Dye can be crafted from White Tulips.
-Add Turquoise Dye. Crafted from Blue Dye and Lime Green Dye, or Turquoise Dye and White Dye.
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2021.10.21 21:53 AJsnameistooshort Rest and piece

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2021.10.21 21:53 Left_Cantaloupe5658 Join the Bored Ape Loot Club Discord Server!

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2021.10.21 21:53 pimpdaddyswggy AMS oil alternatives

Hello I’m wondering if anyone could recommend best alternatives to amsoil heavy duty metal protector? Our parts guy at work hasn’t been able to get any stocked in about a month and claims it’ll be another 6.
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2021.10.21 21:53 Maximum-One-5856 which level do you reach in class pass

me 70
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2021.10.21 21:53 iamcire95 Oh no, Tweety knows..... Pls don't tell her

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2021.10.21 21:52 tomytronics New computer fan doesn't fit gaming computer

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2021.10.21 21:52 Peaceful_Mockingbird Some nice calligraphy I purchased on Etsy. The top is part of the diamond sutra, the bottom is nothing.

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2021.10.21 21:52 groovypidgeon My aunt died and I don't feel anything, is this normal?

She was 67 and died suddenly last week from a complication regarding diabetes. When I was a child she was a big part of my life, I would spend summers there, we would visit on Christmas day and generally she and my cousins (who are much older than me) adored me and my siblings and were very close to us.
However, we moved to a different part of the country and as time went by I became distanced from extended family, to the point where I haven't seen some of my cousins in close to a decade. My aunt and one particular cousin would come and visit my mum a few times per year and so I would see them sometimes, but not for around 2 years now. Ultimately I wasn't very close to her at all and other than a handful of times where she's been at my mums, I haven't been close for years.
Since she died I really only care about my mum. My aunt was a lot older than her and was almost like a second mother after her actual mother died when she was 22. They remained close and my mum is very upset about it and so I call every day to talk with her. Personally though I feel nothing. I look at pictures, recall memories, and I just feel apathetic about it. I feel bad for those close to her but I don't feel personal sadness or loss whatsoever. I was the same way when my grandmother passed, although again I wasn't close to her either.
I feel that the only people I would be genuinely upset about losing would be my parents and my siblings. Is it normal to not feel sadness when extended family passes?
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2021.10.21 21:52 npteacher Tomorrow I have a meeting with the superintendent of my school about the gender wage gap

Some background: I was hired by a school at a step three (three years experience=step 3 salary differential). A few months later, a man with only two years (at most) experience at a step 6. There is a HUGE amount of money between the two. Tomorrow I am going to my superintendent to address this after I got nowhere with the head of HR or even the union. Does anyone have any suggestions on questions I should ask or points/proof I should bring up?
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2021.10.21 21:52 Vela4331 [USA] [H] Deathloop ps5/Death Stranding ps4 [W] $45/$20 Shipped

Deathloop ps5 - $45 Shipped Death Stranding ps4 $20 Shipped Both used, OBO
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2021.10.21 21:52 chief_homer Mortgage Refinance Appraisal Question

So my wife and I signed papers to refinance our home. We have three days to cancel the refinance process.
The question is, the lender went with an online market “appraisal” instead of the traditional have an appraiser come out and look at the property.
We will be receiving a lower interest rate than our existing mortgage (2.65% compared to the 3.25% we are at), a lower monthly payment, and the removal of the PMI. My wife is concerned that we aren’t getting a fair market estimate without the appraiser coming to look at the house.
I figure that an “official” appraisal wouldn’t really matter unless we are looking to sell now or cash out some money from the equity of the home, neither of which we are looking to do within the next year or longer.
Is there a good reason for us to back out/request a true appraisal? If I’m wrong and an idiot, please tell me and explain why.
I appreciate your help in advance.
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2021.10.21 21:52 MrCashAlot SteveA's NFL Week 7

Last week:4-2, +1.85 units
Season: 16-24, -10.65 units
Broncos +3 +100 vs Browns (BetDSI) - yes this line was really available on BET DSi at their superbook, which is one of the multiple books they allow bats on. It went down minutes later, but I did get a bet in at this #. If they call it a mistake and cancel it I will report that here and not count it.

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2021.10.21 21:52 kravdangle Minute passes in a second

This is bland as hell but today i was staring at the digital clock in the bottom right of a computer screen and it went from 1:52 to 1:53 in literally less than a second. It was 1:53 on both the computer and my phone. Sorry this is way less action then a normal post here but I thought i would share and hear y'all thoughts.
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2021.10.21 21:52 asontokai [No Spoilers] Did this "Lost pages" kind of saved GoT's ending for anyone else here?

Talking about this crazy fic in real video format:
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2021.10.21 21:52 Knario1954 Frases_&_Reflexiones

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2021.10.21 21:52 RustyAsAShakleford I completely dominated today

I didn't drink, I like did stuff at work, and I shaved my legs. All of them.
Obviously I have this life shit down.
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2021.10.21 21:52 Pleasant_Serve_8846 Here's a new guild and the manager will give the scholarship this day absolutely no fees attach DL discord and click this link of discord ,this is a high opportunity to get a scholarship

Here's a new guild and the manager will give the scholarship this day absolutely no fees attach DL discord and click this link of discord ,this is a high opportunity to get a scholarship submitted by Pleasant_Serve_8846 to AxieInfinityScholar [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 21:52 Chr0n3x Residential Street Parking Permit

Hello, I'm currently looking at a new apartment. But there is no parking included. I was wondering what are my options ? I was looking into residential street parking. Is there anyway for me to check if a street or address has residential street parking permits available ?
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2021.10.21 21:52 Solid-Influence645 Finally found my people!

Seems like Reddit is mostly for the younger generation. Had me feeling old as dirt. Hopefully there are a few friendly people here. Looking forward to making a few friends. I’m male/45 from North Carolina, stop and say hi!
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2021.10.21 21:52 Tiny_Technician28 It baffles me that Wyvern bots are still a thing

I camp at wyverns for afk money-making and it seriously blows my mind how obvious all of the bots there are.
Obby capes, nezzy helm, combat bracelets, Barrows top and bottom, d boots, whip, glory, and an elemental shield. It's the same uniform every single time.
The supplies that Wyverns drop are kept artificially cheap by the thousands of bots that infest the caves. Jagex, for fucks sake, get better bot detection.
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2021.10.21 21:52 Netflixandchillibean Soft punk slime

I would say this shop is more of an underground shop but they do have a decent client base. But I feel like so many more people need to know about this shop especially adult slimers. Their scents and textures are so different and unique every single time I order from them it's like I don't know what I'm going to get but in a good way.
They have an original texture called their lush texture and it's amazing there's no way for me to even explain it. They have several textures that I've never tried in any other shop. It's worth checking out.
Bonus if you are part of or support the LBGTQ community and are more liberal. They base their slimes around human rights and songs. There's always a whole theme I love it
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