Trinidad crime causes

2021.10.21 20:10 tikudz Trinidad crime causes

First three causes are worldwide as experts attest, rest locally specific.

  1. POVERTY AND LOW WAGES - exacerbated by high cost of living in COVID's pandemic. 300.000 at mercy of the "poverty line" years, this oil rich land. A man's belly drives him to misdeed, unable to socially progress nor live humanely, all the while stressed.
  2. FAMILY - a forthright examination pegs this. More attention from authorities is warranted
  3. MENTAL HEALTH – nary anyone in power brings up its role. Would like a ministry of “mental health and loneliness.” COVID drove Japan that way, a low crime state no less.
  4. DRUG SMUGGLING – the ONE PERCENT ship in vast amounts as intercepted shipments attest. TT is a transhipment point. They bring the drugs people use and guns young, disadvantaged black males die from, the “law” disproportionally targets, unable to so much as prosecute one of the upper class.
  5. FAILURE TO FULLY DECRIMINALIZE – i.e. light and heavy, in the class of weed and cocaine respectively. JAIL SHOULD BE EXCLUDED AS A POSSIBILITY FOR USING. Weed simply regulated and casual smoking permitted, cocaine has REHAB and WELFARE open to the vulnerable.
  6. POOR EDUCATION SYSTEM – “outdated” sufficient appendix too. The British system is DESIGNED TO MAKE FACTORY WORKERS UNWILLING TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES SERVING THE EMPLOYER CLASS. Cuts in education bound to leave their mark in addition. CANADA is the world’s highest proportion of tertiary graduates in a population – brought on by high expenditure. Would like a FINLAND model – school equality; master’s degree for teachers; relaxed atmosphere; no homework (as a school counsellor told me); end of SEA and all standardised tests save for 17 year olds; subsidized day-care.
  7. HARSH PRISON – as things stand are criminal schools. REHAB must be at the forefront. NORWAY provides living comforts; prisoner education from trade skill to degree; good behaviour rewards that are EARNED; 2 year guard training; what’s more POST RELEASE SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAMS.
  8. OVERCROWDED PRISONS – 7 speaks for itself. 5 would reduce the number. Reform the law such that prison is ONLY FOR THE HEAVY CRIMES, ALL minor offenses made non imprisonable – those people released at once. ALTERNATIVES TO PRISON the norm like home detention and scalable fines (size determined by wealth).
  9. POORLY TRAINED POLICE – end the joke of 6 months. NORWAY’S undergo a journey of three years to a BACHELOR DEGREE. Leadership roles require an extra 2 to a MASTER’S. TTPS’ disregard for assault complaints and tendency for criminality does not need explanation.
    1. Coast Guard's training must be more robust - make as America's. The US Coast Guard Academy at four years, awarding a Bachelor of Science degree.
In short reform.
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2021.10.21 20:10 bannannaboy On paper I have 5+ years of experience in software engineering but I don't want a senior position

I have been getting linkedin messages from recruiters asking if I am interested in Senior Software Engineer positions. On paper I have 5+ years experience so is there anyway to downplay the amount of years I have worked? I graduated in June 2016 and started working immediately but I didn't really start learning and growing until nearly 2 years later. As a result it feels more like 3years of experience. I really think given my experience that I would be more in line with a mid-level position. Is it better to flat out say this to recruiters or is it better to fail the senior interview and ask if they would consider me for a mid-level position? This may just be a lack of confidence problem on my part but I am getting serious anxiety thinking about going into these senior level interviews?
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2021.10.21 20:10 MrScaryMedicine Micheal Myre is either Satan or Freddy Kruger's step bro. Lemme explain

This isn't gonna be put together that well and has spoilers for some of the Halloween Movies
In every Halloween movie, Michael "Dies". But then years down the road, he re-emerges. Someway somehow he escapes. He gets shot to obliviation and burned in Halloween (2018), stabbed multiple times in the Halloween movies. In Halloween kills (where I got inspirational for my theory) Michael is shot, stabbed with a knife, had a pitch fork in his back, shot again, beaten to a pulp, and then slaughtered everybody with so many wound that no human could survive.
He teleports, he kills, he vanishes. All of these "lethal" wounds should've killed him by now unless he is Satan or Freddy Krugers immortal Step Bro.
Arnold Schwarzenegger would be dead if he recieved the same amount of wounds as Michael Myers and he is basically immortal.
So, yea
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Does anyone know if there's any Fender eliminator kits for the new V7's? I haven't had any luck trying to find one.
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If anybody found a green and brown purse with keys (including a citibike key fob) today in midtown west near 57/57 street, please do let me know! Those are mine!
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Isekai is my favorite genre, and I’d love to watch every single one of them! Please recommend me every one youve ever heard of being on Crunchyroll! Bonus if the main character is op or super weak thanks!
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I just ordered a ender 3 from this website ( and they took the money from my back account. Received a email confirmation of the payment. After two minutes I received another email saying I have to pay again and my order is not confirmed!! Can someone tell me whats going on? Is it a scam? Thank you in advance
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Seriously if yall are unhappy about the PA and/or Hamas. Why not protest to call for elections?
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