Please sign! Date rape drug case is running out of time for an appeal. Need awareness!

2021.10.21 21:31 Tagawat Please sign! Date rape drug case is running out of time for an appeal. Need awareness!

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2021.10.21 21:31 remaininganonymas Political consideration and labels

So something I always find interesting is how quickly people want to identify things with labels, it gives them the ability to try and marginalise and silence rather than open dialogue think and find a way to move forwards together united.
We need to consider expanding terms. Fascism didn’t work out too well back in 1939-45, communism didn’t work too well in practice either.
Capitalism has limped along but changed face over time and the only periods in which it could truly be said to be even close to ‘working’ is when there is a strong and burgeoning middle class but, someone always has to lose for someone else to win and the ones with the most resource know the infighting will be between the poorer people.
The concept of time labelling these flavours of capitalism might be more helpful.
Is it miltonfriedmancapitalpunishmentism or is it SalvadorAllendecapitalism? These distinctions are important given the vast difference in goals yet using the same system.
The legal system is a game to the rich but life or death in many instances to the poor.
Ideally we figure out a way to replace these outdated and binary left v right views into something that takes a more complex worldview, how about we try some kind of holistic altruism?
If we could create something that future generations would feel thankful for it would be a good place to start
Politics needs to be broken down to be several smaller systems each about representing the voices of those represented and the powers limited to not allow police states anarchy, politicians, chaos or oligarchs to reign.
How do you achieve this? Well an example is to shift the way money works.
Bitcoin has a public visible ledger, so we find a way to invent ‘taxcoin’ so every tax dollar is actually visibly used to further the interests of the people taxed and implement checks and balances.
Build into taxcoin a way to generate ‘welfarecoin’ and ‘feedthehomelesscoin’.
Put all politicians on a capped equivalence of what the value of 70k is worth a year right now with their travel covered while they are employed, and jail the fuckers when they embezzle and commit fraud, then use the way it was done to reprogram these systems to detect it.
Penalise narcissistic behaviour and force politics to be about how can they add value to the world rather than act like children.
Bring back lawyers who know how to actually write a statement of claim
Abolish systems like workcover
Create a means to provide free healthcare and education globally
Upgrade the school programs each year with more knowledge so that your least educated people today are on par with your highest educated a decade ago
Forcing fields of science and medicine to continually develop rather than stagnate
Legalise and regulate and have research into every discovered compound on earth and its affect on people.
Focus on preventing then curing rather than medicating
Maybe we need united goals beyond resource control and policy into how to best find human harmony.
When you start thinking longer term about what we are doing and how things tie in, we should consider systems and how they interact, how the output of one system could be the input of another where possible and reward environmental efficiency.
I could go on but I hope you get the point, move away from profiteering and more into wealth being common
Only when the affluence of a country is reflected in the wealth of its people can it truly be called rich.
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2021.10.21 21:31 The_Real_Mofuzz New Filament Thursday

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2021.10.21 21:31 WeaponX757 What are yall runnin for cqb domination loadouts?

Keep trying different stuff, what yall usin for domination?
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2021.10.21 21:31 GoingHamilton Bessa R | Jupiter 8 | Cinestill 50D

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2021.10.21 21:31 sdtfyghjrtykius This is a lovely piece I’ve bought.

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2021.10.21 21:31 PonziiofResdayn 5 Star OT Zach Rice to UNC

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2021.10.21 21:31 MrDeegham1 First time trying Cresco's durban flower! First off this thing smells amazing, one of the best ive smelled in the program yet, hoping the effects are on par too!

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2021.10.21 21:31 ContentForager So I got three pike beams... (/r/ftlgame)

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2021.10.21 21:31 williambotter 'Paulo Guedes continua no governo', afirma Bolsonaro

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2021.10.21 21:31 ShrewdNewt I just heard that people in Dubai don't like the Flinstones.

But the people I'm Abu Dhabi doooooo!
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2021.10.21 21:31 Gluten_maximus I’m not I pilot or anything, but here’s this cool prop I found in the attic of the house I bought a few years ago

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2021.10.21 21:31 Plantago_minor a mood:

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2021.10.21 21:31 Eaistrash69 So Ea how about you guys add an Xfactor re roll set?

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2021.10.21 21:31 Segrimsjinn Is a Superior Wyrmhide good enough for a fortitude?

I got a 503 def superior wyrmhide to drop looking for a base, is this good enough to use to make a fortitude for my bowazon?(clvl79)? Or do i need to hold out longer looking for an archon plate?
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2021.10.21 21:31 Recent_Storm (26F) boyfriend(27M) suspicious of sack of cotton balls I accidentally took home w/me why…???

I live four hours from my boyfriend. We keep getting in fights about how I need more sleep and how he needs more attention from me. I have spent less than a week at my own home over the last four months so I don’t think he actually needs more attention from me..just saying… I’m never ever ever home and he doesn’t like when I leave his place. I went home this morning after needing to really just go home. Feeling a bit suffocated after arguing about sleep/attention/needs. Back story -Yesterday at his house I practiced face paint and put the cotton balls away with my supplies after cleaning up. he didn’t know I used cotton balls to clean makeup off of me. This evening he discovered the sack of cotton balls missing (which he doesn’t use). I called him to talk about our fights and asked him to please stick to “the issue.” He blow up in rage and says “are you alone or are you with somebody else?! Because you took my entire bag of cotton balls. What have you been doing with them? bc I KNOW what people do with cotton balls!!!!”
I’m confused
1left MY whole box of cotton swabs behind so we are like basically even (sarcasm:) 2 what specifically do “two” people “do” with a sack of cotton balls? He asked if I was with somebody else. what does HE DO WITH A SACK OF COTTON BALLS?! Please tell me why he is both angry and suspicious that I am with somebody else due to the fact that I accidentally took his sack of cotton balls. No sack? Sack sack sack I like the word sack it’s funny when your angry Sackage Thanks all
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2021.10.21 21:31 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage W CHARLESTON BLVD and INDUSTRIAL RD; EB 10/21/2021 05:27:57 PM
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2021.10.21 21:31 Adonay710 😭😭😭 after 2 weeks since my phone interview

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2021.10.21 21:31 Ill_Priority_649 What are your top 3 favourite Transformers Figure in your collection and why?

Mine are :

  1. G1 Optimus Prime reissue because he is just a super cool figure!
  2. Punch / Counterpunch g1 figure because its unique, and fun
  3. Im debatiing on Kingdom Dinobot, or perceptor. (dinobot because he is one of my favourite characters of cartoon and movie history, perceptor because he is a thriple change , (tank to microscope and a robot
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2021.10.21 21:31 TheElementOfFyre What the fuck even is a packed lunch if not a bunch of random snacks?

I'm really getting mad here. I just bought this super cute bento box with all the accessories, I needed my own lunch box anyway as I've been using my step-moms old one. Normally I would pack leftovers but my mom hasn't been making dinners as often since my brother moved out and both my sisters are in college now. I'm also 23 so technically I can make my own dinners, which I do sometimes. But she doesn't EVER plan out jack shit so I have no idea if I'm about to walk into a fully cooked home made meal or if it's door dash or nothing. I've been trying to research things to eat for lunches and I just do not understand them. Garbage ass lunches look like just unhealthy snacks or a boring af salad and it infuriates me we can't make anything halfway decent.
So I guess my question what do you pack for lunch?
If you want to know I'm American so my lunches are pretty boring.
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2021.10.21 21:31 Old11B5G LaTeX keyboard for iPad

Does anyone know of a (software) keyboard geared towards writing LaTeX on an iPad? I get so weary of shifting between the keyboards when editing documents on my iPad.
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2021.10.21 21:31 raptorsvt65 All my twosun knives.

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2021.10.21 21:31 larki18 My low tech tank

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2021.10.21 21:31 KYOKUSHIN_SOCIETY I need your help figuring out who are the karate practicioners in this old kyokushin summer camp picture standing with sosai Mas Oyama and from what year it is.. Please let me know if you have any idea :) ARIGATO

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2021.10.21 21:31 Curious-Increase-132 Samsung galaxy s20 ultra screen repair

I need to repair my screen. Any suggestion where I can buy the oled screen for my galaxy s20 ultra. Everywhere I look are so expensive. I’m looking for Anywhere I can get it cheap or refurbished?
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