💸Trade Fighter is Launched ☄️ Predict Currency Movement and Win Up to 97% Profit 🥵

2021.10.16 13:17 Top_Location 💸Trade Fighter is Launched ☄️ Predict Currency Movement and Win Up to 97% Profit 🥵

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2021.10.16 13:17 TheRealSeatooth Trials Discussion Mega-thread - Week 5

Do avoid flooding the sub with non-gameplay related Trials posts, please use this mega-thread to discuss things like match-making, rewards, or new Trials modes.
Map: Bannerfall
Adept Weapon: The Messenger
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2021.10.16 13:17 Eockaste .....

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2021.10.16 13:17 Albertjweasel More than 90 per cent of trees next to Lancashire roads have ash dieback disease

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2021.10.16 13:17 brackett666 HIMBO

I've decided to go with the HIMBO mod for my male characters because I liked the ability to adjust fine tune my male characters. However, when I put on armors, they change the body back to vanilla or whatever. I have bodyslides for Nordwars stuff, but I went back to using vanilla armors and really don't want to go back to the Vanilla Armor Replacer. Anyone know any good armor mods that work with the HIMBO and it's bodyslide that are non adult or at least doesn't have his goods all hanging out??
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2021.10.16 13:17 SabSab787 What is the best specna arms edge for between £150-£250 ish?

I’m looking for a specna arms edge m4 style rifle to become my new primary. £150-£250 price range would be perfect. Electric not gbbr. Anyone know any good ones?
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2021.10.16 13:17 Lapingapara Ukraine Citizenship by origin

my gf is a russian citizen. Her grandfather(mothers side) was born in Ukraine(the capital) in 1931 and moved torussian 10 years later.
Can she apply for Ukranian citizenship by origin(art 8)? and if so,
I read she is supposed to give up her russian citizenship, Does she really have to? ive read of people just "declaring to renounce their citizenships'' but not actually given them up after acquiring the ukrainian citizenship .

all inputs are greatly appreciated.

ps; she will need her grandpas birth cert. i heard this might by at the archives but we dont know anyone in ukraine and lawyers found online charge like 200 dolars for this!! any idea how we could contact this archives? thank youuuuu
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2021.10.16 13:17 RSBennett Whiskey after it’s been in a leaded decanter

So yesterday I posted a picture of my infinity bottle. A few people have reached out to warn me that it looks like and most likely is leaded crystal (or leaded glass? I’m not 100% on the distinction there) but they’ve warned me it’s not a good thing and could potentially be dangerous.
I happened to also last night buy a bottle of whisky that comes in this really stunning glass bottle that’s really nice shaped with some nice detailing in the glass. I was thinking I’d soak the stickers off and repurpose that into my new infinity bottle.
My question here now is this. Is the whisky in the decanter safe to pour into the new bottle? Is it even safe to drink or should I cut my losses and start a fresh infinity bottle? I’m not sure how much difference this will make but I’ve been using the decanter for about 2/3 months so stuff hasn’t been in there long, but I don’t know enough to know how long it would take.
Thanks for any help and suggestions people can throw out, and especially thank you to the people that reached out to warn me!
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2021.10.16 13:17 jxfallout Login Issue With Firefox?

Whenever I try to login to the website when using Firefox, I get an error message (see link below) after a couple of seconds on the login page.
This doesn't happen when using Brave, where I can successfully login
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2021.10.16 13:17 klemenid I downloaded CoD MW3 for 5 minutes before turning on VPN, got a "copyright infringement" email

Hey folks. I've just started with NordVPN and forgot to turn it to auto start. I started downloading Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, it was going for a few minutes before I realized VPN was off so I turned it on immediately. The following day, copyright infringement email came from Comcast. The awkward part is the internet is in my in-laws name so I had some explaining to do. I was wondering is this normal? MW3 is a fairly old game, I'm afraid to download another torrent if my VPN disconnects while downloading for a few minutes, the same could happen?
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2021.10.16 13:17 Paka_Boy אוטובוס זה_במ

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2021.10.16 13:17 Acoje No effort.

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2021.10.16 13:17 SirSeppuku Grayness

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2021.10.16 13:17 ribblle Why your right about the future being weird

We're Innovating in all directions, and making up solutions to the new problems we make on the fly. Theres no getting rid of the free market at this point; we're currently locked in to essentially a natural system of furiously Innovating our way to survival in competition with each other. Straight nature. And nature is weird as fuck.
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2021.10.16 13:17 smoothiesandcookies Easy Sweet Potato Smoothie Bowl

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2021.10.16 13:17 thomas0si create measurement in OSS

Hi everyone,
I'm currently working on a MVP in hope to get some funding for a project, I've chosen influxdb to store some data, i've been trying to create some measurement but i get an error message telling me that its only possible in the cloud.
Is there a way to develop it in local without using the cloud and be ready to use the cloud in production whenever i need it or will i be limited if i don't pay for the cloud right now?
thanks for your help.
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2021.10.16 13:17 TheoreticallyBased looking for some reasoned input, any advice would be greatly appreciated

So here's the rundown and my hazy plan now i'll try my best to not make it an autobiography, but no guarentees. I feel like the appropriate context is needed for one to understand and critique my thought process
I hadnt been taking lifting so ssriously for the past couple years, i'd show up and lift, bur not push myself too hard. I'm 20 and half now, and last year like a dumbass I ordered some ostarine and started taking it and worked up to 20mg a day, and quit 4 weeks in cuz i realized how stupid i was being and was paranoid about hair loss.
I also ordered rad and then actual test like 8 months later + some ancilaries to manage sides, didnt use any of it thankfully, cuz once again, I realized my teenage lizard brain was about to make a big mistake.
Flash forward to now, I've been going hard at the gym for the last couple of months, just hitting a ton of volume for my main workout and doing a ton of diamond pushups and curls throughout the day as a break from sitting on my ass all day on the computer. I'm a comp sci major, ao that aspect of my life is essentially unavoidable, but I try to mitigate it like that.
Anyways i'm seeing gains come in faster now, but I am a greedy bastard and want faster results. I'm mostly * slowly* leaning out a bit and gaining only a tiny bit of atrength rn.
If I all out on my workouts one day I feel absolutely fucked the next and can barely work out. To be honest, I'm a virgin (I have friends, but women are a different story) who hasnt had a date in 2 years and is graduating in 2 semesters, so the fear of being forever alone is very real to me.
Hsre are my stats: 6'4.5 203lbs Working sets: Bench 5x5 185lbs Ohp 5x5 105 plateuing here for quite a while now Bb row 7x7+ 185 (i love volume for my upper back, I have naturally wide hips so a big upper back hides it a little) Squat: 210 lb x 5 (yeah I know i slacked big time on legs, catching up now) Dont deadlift cuz I cant seem to do it quite right and i like the idea of having a functioning back at age 40.
Slow Diamond pushups at least 15 reps, all throughout the day. I want to believe that i'm pretty strict on form.
Curling a 35lb plate for 8 reps, balancing a plate vs a dumbell is much harder, when I didnt have a home gym I was curling 40s.
As you can tell, these are very mediocre to downright underwhelming lifts, but I concocted one last plan to try to speed this shit up.
I have ru-58841 to mitigate hairloss. i have a whole bottle of rad and half a bottle of ostarine, and a bunch of nolvadex and raloxifine and some hcg - tho it has probably degraded since I didnt refrigerate it and i threw away all my needles anyways, I did keep it in a cool dark place tho. I'm not taking test this young in my life, and indefinitely blasting and cruising is distasteful to me. I just want one minor run to jumpstart me.
My plan is to take 5mg of rad ed for 12 weeks while working out like crazy as i'd wish to do at maintaince or a slight surplus with crazy high protein. I also currently take ashwaganda and other vitamins to support my anabolic potential. I figure at 5mg, the rad will give me that little extra push I need if I am working out HARD, and the dose wouldnt be high enough to crash my t levels and necesitate pct (which based on evidence I've read, nolva and other serms dont seem to be that effective in regaining your natural t if it crashed, only hcg gives you a shot at recovery).
I also reckon at 5mg, the rad sides will be pretty low to non existent, and i'll be taking ru-58841 the whole tine + two weeks post cycle to stop any hairloss. I have ralox in case of gyno, but i'd have to be one unlucky son of a gun to get gyno off of 5mg of rad-140. I'm planning no pct, cuz again, its a pretty low dose, and nolva comes with all kinds of potential sides of its own. Im taking rad over my old bottle of ostarine cuz its been a year since i opened the osta, and the rad is still sealed.
I'm not aiming to be the next Zyzz, in fact I am gaining confidence in my body now especially with the punp, but I do want to get a bit bigger and a bit leaner in a time frame that is likely not naturally possible. Honestly if I looked normally like I do with the pump id be a pretty happy man.
What do you all think of this? I know a subtantial portion of my reasoning is just guesswork + a dash of optimism, but I generally have a strong intution, and I dont think anything I said is unreasonable. Should I go through with this? Should I not? Am I crazy? Will I be able to keep most of the gains post cycle? Will I be fucking up my hormones bad?
Sorry for the wall of text, it just had to be done.
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2021.10.16 13:17 Michellegreyson Halloween

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2021.10.16 13:17 boringbluez [For hire] hey reddit! Im open for commissions, starting price 30 usd! Please dm me here or on my twt ,link in comments

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2021.10.16 13:17 Garpaleke Мудаки

В Польше предложили Евросоюзу ввести новые санкции в отношении России. Соответствующую инициативу выдвинула учрежденная парламентом страны исследовательская организация «Польский институт международных отношений» (PISM). Причиной для данного решения, как считают представители организации, является «агрессивное» поведение РФ в отношении ЕС. «Агрессивное поведение России в отношении стран Евросоюза и их соседей означает, что ЕС должен разработать варианты ответа в случае дальнейших враждебных действий со стороны российских властей», — указано в аналитическом бюллетене PISM. При этом самыми эффективными могли бы стать финансовые санкции, введенные в отношении банковской и энергетической сфер, убеждены в организации.
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2021.10.16 13:17 CTW1988 Scholarship Available

Please complete the form:
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2021.10.16 13:17 Fokil Lush underwater cave

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2021.10.16 13:17 jhertz14 It’s so bizarre to me that so many of us go to work putting up a facade that we’re all alright.

I just feel like a lot of us are suffering and we exchange pleasantries like it’s all good. Maybe I’m depressed so this is how I view the world. But I can’t stand it
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2021.10.16 13:17 BotDefense overview for One-Tonight2975

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