My friend has a crush on the guy who asked me out

2021.09.17 15:53 Important_Caramel My friend has a crush on the guy who asked me out

So there’s this guy (21M) that I (20F) met a couple weekends ago and we got along really well and both are interested in each other. He really wants to go on a date sometime soon. However, a few days after meeting this guy, I found out that another friend of mine (20F) matched with him on a dating app earlier in the year and really really liked him but he ghosted her after a few weeks of talking. I think she was really upset about this, but moved on somewhat. But recently, she’s been bumping into him at bars and parties and they’ve been making polite small talk that she’s been reading into as something more. She’s also aware that he and I like each other, but I told her that when she was pretty drunk so I don’t know how much she remembers lol. It’s always so awkward when she tells me about how he spoke to her and asks me if I think there’s something more between them. I do value her friendship so I need to tell her he asked me out, but I don’t know how to do so in a way that doesn’t sound like I’m bragging or asking her for permission. Any help would be great, thanks!
TL;DR Guy that my friend and I like asked me on a date and I don’t know to tell her without hurting her feelings.
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2021.09.17 15:53 Arrews Archaeological Event chain created same system couple times ?

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2021.09.17 15:53 Gatinhoinhu !!!!1!

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2021.09.17 15:53 MissAlcremie Character Idea: The Grieving a.k.a Tainted Delila

I just thought I'd write her tainted variant for funsies. Original:
Starting Health: 2 red hearts and 3 broken hearts
Starting Items: Heartbreak
Special- Tainted Delilah gains +1 tears rate for each broken heart she has, this can go past the tear delay cap.
Character Gimmick: Tainted Delilah is unable to go past having 6 hearts at a time. Additional health ups after reaching 6 hearts instead generate a broken heart.
Birthright- "Collector of Shards": Tainted Delilah gains a broken heart counter similar to Bethany's soul heart counter. Whenever Tainted Delilah would gain a broken heart it is instead added to her broken heart counter. Each broken heart in her counter adds towards Tainted Delilah's Heartbreak. Tainted Delilah cannot exceed having 6 hearts while having birthright as usual and her counter can hold up to 15 broken hearts. Should Tainted Delilah surpass this maximum she is immediately killed.
Isaac, ???, Satan and The Lamb- Heart Plaster "Patch up your heart." Trinket Upon entering a new floor one broken heart is removed. If Isaac has no broken hearts, the next time he would gain a broken heart is prevented. Removes up to two broken hearts with Mom's Box or golden variant.
Ultra Greedier- Fate's Reversal "Change your destiny." Trinket Increases tarot card drop rate by 10%. Additionally, all regular tarot cards dropped are instead dropped as their reverse variant.
Boss rush and Hush- Soul of Delilah "Turn them against themselves." Rune Upon activation charms all normal enemies in the room. This charm duration does not expire. Clear Rune Recharge: 4 rooms
Mega Satan- Renewing Fire Places Random fire places have a chance of relighting when Isaac enters the room again. If a fire has not dropped a pickup on the first extinguish it gains a new chance of dropping a pick up. When a fire place does drop a pick up the fire place stops igniting again.
Delirium- Funeral Lily "Send them to the heavens." One Time Active Angel Room Pool Upon use sacrifices up to two random familiars and spawns an item pedestal from the angel pool for each familiar sacrificed. If either of the two familiars sacrificed is from the devil pool a Seraphim pedestal is spawned as well.
Mother- Samson's Eyes "Delilah's betrayal." Trinket Upon entering a new room a random enemy is marked by this trinket's icon. If that enemy is killed first, Isaac gains a +1 damage up for the rest of the floor. This effect can stack up to 6 times.
The Beast- True Love's Kiss "Just like the fairytale." Passive Angel Room Pool All of Isaac's broken hearts are removed upon acquiring True Love's Kiss. This includes all of Tainted Delilah's broken hearts via her birthright mechanic. Every 2 broken hearts removed is replaced by a red heart container or a soul heart.
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2021.09.17 15:53 Tribalcheifromanfan Should cory bring back cooking with kenshin?

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2021.09.17 15:53 Revolutionary-Water9 Free PSN Codes

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2021.09.17 15:53 Adelu1219 Can’t make it up.

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2021.09.17 15:53 beary-unhappy Why Is The COM Building So Slippery??

Why the hell does it always feel like an ice rink in that building? I almost slip and fall every single time I enter that building. Get your shit together, COM
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2021.09.17 15:53 throwra-jenni-c Does this mean my boyfriend is losing interest in me?

My boyfriend and I are both 24 and we’ve been dating for about 2 months now. At first he was very enthusiastic about our relationship, he was the one to make the first move and not too long ago he said “I love you” to me for the first time.
Now, this week especially, he’s been more distant in terms of texting. We see each other once a week because of our schedules and work.
He used to text me back within a few hours and we’d exchange several texts a day. Now I’ll be lucky if he responds to me within 12 hours. He still says he misses me, he loves me, he’s thinking about me, he’s sorry he took so long to reply because work’s been busy. He did just start a new job.
But still, I feel ignored throughout the day, like I’m not even worth a few seconds of his time to send a few texts to. And he’s working from home.
My friend said it sounds like he’s seeing someone else. Now my mind is overthinking things out of proportion and I don’t know what to do. Maybe he is seeing someone else? Maybe he really is just that busy at work as he says?
I’m getting suspicious and feeling rather down about the state of our relationship. I get the sense he is losing interest and it makes me sad. Anybody else can lend any insight? Is this a normal thing that happens in relationships or is it suspicious?
TL;DR: Boyfriend has been taking really long to text me back, almost an entire day. is this a sign he is getting bored?
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2021.09.17 15:53 Thoughts_n_ideas Felt this! Never giving up!

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2021.09.17 15:53 MathGuyTony What kind of cars do sheep drive?

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2021.09.17 15:53 smallz86 TIL There is only one primary nickel mine in the US, and it is located in the UP of Michigan.

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2021.09.17 15:53 gxmezalan [FOR HIRE] My comission are open for this month. More infos on coments!

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2021.09.17 15:53 Serjohn2 If I'm buying a series I have read. Should I go for the Japanese or European version?

How are the prices in comparison? In which cases the Japanese is better or vice versa. Is it cheaper to get in japanese? How is the used market in both? And what about the shipping? Do you own a volume in both languages? What about European versions Italian, French, German, are those cheaper? Please share any info regarding language versions.
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2021.09.17 15:53 watan592 اصابة شاب فلسطيني بعد اعتداء المستوطنون عليه بالسكاكين

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2021.09.17 15:53 UltraLayer Pokemon Gym Challenge - 2000 Vintage WoTC - Choose Your Card! First Editions!

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2021.09.17 15:53 TheSwedee SP Optimizer not restoring full build

I have been using the Mmlh SP optimizer for some build testing, and noticed that it doesn't restore the full builds I have saved. It fills up the first 3 trees (Knight, summoner and warlord) but then it just gets stuck. I always clear the skill tree before I restore an old build. Anyone that knows why?
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2021.09.17 15:53 RandomerSchmandomer How quick is finding a new job in your field?

You see a job on indeed and you apply.
How long between application and interview?
How long before interviews plural if they happen?
How long before the job offer comes in?
My current role was 10 months from application to starting (it was during the beginnings of covid and is a council role which has a famously efficient HR ...)
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2021.09.17 15:53 CelticsPrincess1991 Have Any Of You Heard Of The Channel Aurora?

Because I found another Ideal Reality sub I might wanna use but I wanna make sure this channel is safe first before I fully dive in. do you guys know if he or she is a safe channel or not? any kind of help would be appreciated, nice comments allowed.
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2021.09.17 15:53 Luscious-Llama-Licks VIP ticket holders, anyone get their Red Barn refunds yet?

I remember it said within 2 weeks and it's been nearly 4 now... curious who may have gotten theirs yet, if at all.
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2021.09.17 15:53 Reddit_Fever Do Scheduled Transactions Appear In Budget & Goals For Mac Version?

When using Quicken For Mac, if I enter all of my scheduled transactions/bills, will these entries automatically appear in my budget or will I have to take the additional step of entering them again when using the Budget tool in Quicken?
With other apps like Banktivity, scheduled transactions automatically appear in the Budget - hoping this is the case too for Quicken?
Also, have they yet implemented Goals for the Mac version of Quicken? If not, how is everyone handling annual expenses where they want to calculate how much they need to save each month to ensure they have sufficient savings to cover those larger annual expenses? I'm currently using YNAB but the direct banking import is driving me nuts so I'm looking at other alternatives.
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2021.09.17 15:53 Ayden-btw The cool person I was talking to yesterday on reddit got suspended so now I can never talk to them again :(((

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2021.09.17 15:53 Pixie-dust-71 Banning the Wake n Bake from my life

I've smoked for about 10 years continuously. I'm 30 now and was going through some very dark times when i started around smoking regularly around 20 - 21, i was an occasional smoker back then but as soon as i realised the weed numbed the pain and made life bearable again i was hooked. Weed became my lifestyle and I could not enjoy anything without being stoned, life seemed boring without it. Now I know that dependance indicates a problem and I have been on this subreddit before and have quit for a month or so in the past but have always relapsed and gone back to it. I'm back to the point where I am acknowledging my dysfunctional relationship with the herb. For me it all begins at the start of my day with that glorious wake n bake, to me the wake n bake is better than any other feeling, however the great feeling also brings with it an inability to focus on a single task, this has naturally affected my work life in a bad way. I have also been diagnosed with adhd and the weed in the morning kinda compounds the problem and my monkey mind becomes super monkey mind.
So yesterday i decided I must stop doing the thing i love because the thing i love is ruining my chances at financial freedom. I have zero will power when it comes to the wake n bake so I had to clear out all the weed from my house, i gave it all to a friend. So now if I need to smoke i will have to go to this friends house and that's just not possible in the morning so hopefully this should work. I think taking control over the herb is the first step. I know cold turkey isnt the answer for me cuz i will relapse once the will power runs out. So instead, I'm trying to have a healthier relationship with it. No more wake n bake no more smoking during work hours, if i really need to smoke it can only be done by taking the effort to visit said friend and only at night. Wish me luck.
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2021.09.17 15:53 DerB_23 Flag of !wave

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2021.09.17 15:53 ei283 What animal is this?

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