Trying a new way to figure this out. Do I look ok in white?

2021.09.17 15:14 KelsieLynn256 Trying a new way to figure this out. Do I look ok in white?

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2021.09.17 15:14 TheKillerGoose Hello (Tell me if wrong flair)

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2021.09.17 15:14 Satans_buttplugs What, can u help a redditor out (comments)?

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2021.09.17 15:14 clementineskies Recent surgery

I recently had surgery for my hyperhidrosis about two months ago. I was cauterized at levels T3-T5 and wanted to know if anyone had this surgery at similar levels and what your experience has been?
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2021.09.17 15:14 Nils_the_cook Can have sexy with woman’s in this game? Please I need sexy with the women’s I need to sex with women in the game where sex button gone I need it to sex with women in this game please give me sex in game please

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2021.09.17 15:14 Exam_Responsible Any Manga in German Language

Hie , guys I was wondering that are there any Mangas in German and if yes then where can I read them ?
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2021.09.17 15:14 vidyadharGAME8520 My Friend calls me daily ? I'm feeling stressed

I'm feeling guilty for posting, I am the one who friended with him. He calls me daily, (when other friend said he is a head eater). I think I judged . He calls me daily from 2-3 years , talks 3 hours even after meeting in college, calls every 2 hours once. I can't even talk with other friends. He coincidentally calls at that time. Once even no topic, calls and simply sit silent. Other time he will energetic and calls me. Once, when I was in joke mood. I called him and tried to talk with him in fun, he immediately cut the call. Now he is not like that, one day I scolded him "not to call" and he said "okay, I'm even ready for that" and I cut the call. I felt guilty and asked him sorry . And talked with him daily, he asks my other friend to conference call to me. Now I am feeling I need to spend alone and keep a limit. But I can't , I feel that if I don't pick up a call , I'm neglecting him. He is a good and caring person, what shall I do?
I feel something is not right even when he is good person, don't know why?
Please any suggestions
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2021.09.17 15:14 agecosmos 加油鄒幸彤! Long live Chow Hang-Tung!

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2021.09.17 15:14 HerpDerpCrabMan Rick and Morty Mazda

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2021.09.17 15:14 AnImperialHerald Nu-uh, no way! Shove your "final solution" to somewhere the sun does not shine.

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2021.09.17 15:14 Parysapt Anyone else get email offers from AFB?

I keep getting emails that say the following:
Spectrum Healthcare Resources has an opportunity for a night-time civilian Pharmacist supporting the Eglin AFB near Destin, Florida.
This contract position offers: Full time opportunity, Inpatient Hospital Nights Only Full benefits to include medical, dental, and 401(k) One week On and One week Off (current work week of 70 hours) The position will have the following requirements: Graduate of an Accreditation Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) accredited school or university Doctor of Pharmacy preferred Any State License Minimum 2 years of experience within the past 3 years BLS
I work retail at a three letter chain. It’s been a year that’s taken a toll on my mental/physical health. This is the only offer I keep getting. It’s my third time getting this email.
Anyone have insight into working on an Air Force Base pharmacy?
I’m tempted to relocate because I’ve heard they offer loan forgiveness. I can’t be sure since this pharmacy looks like it’s under a private company. Also, since there are people reaching out and recruiting, does it imply that turnover is huge?
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2021.09.17 15:14 A-Z123 Don’t Start

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2021.09.17 15:14 Krazy_Kalle WG: "We bring you new line starting from T1 Heavy!" Also WG:

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2021.09.17 15:14 beavernator Maneswap - Unicorn Edition! by Syrupyyy

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2021.09.17 15:14 respondin2u I’m having trouble believing this is actually Brian playing on this track.

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2021.09.17 15:14 let_it_bernnn Has anyone reviewed the top daily moving stocks to see what connections there are between them?

I wanted to dig into this since there are a lot of stocks increasing substantially in volume/gains on no news. Just wanted to check if anyone has tried this already
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2021.09.17 15:14 itsbntrn 🚨 FAQ regarding the compensations (Airdrops) 🚨

Quick Airdrop Guide
I think I haven't received my compensations (airdrops) yet. What should I do?

  1. When did you buy your old Tata tokens? If it was before Jun-22-2021 06:59:29 PM +UTC go on. If it was after that, you are not eligible for any compensations anyways.
  2. Did you add the new contract address to your Metamask or Trustwallet? 0xBb2FA5B2D19209f4Cf50cF745Efc32641A7c9fb1
  3. If so, does any HKUN balance show up? If yes, you are good. If no, continue.
  4. If you haven't received your airdrops yet and have followed the steps above, please fill this form. The devs will process your case.
  5. Please be patient. We have SO many requests of people claiming they have not received their airdrops yet, even though they do have. It takes time to go through all of them one by one, that's why this can take a while. However, rest assured if you are eligible for compensations we will make sure you get them sooner or later.

Full FAQ regarding the Airdrops
How do I see my Airdrops?
How many HKUN tokens will I receive for my old TATA tokens?
What to do if I have done all the above and have correctly calculated my airdrop amount but really haven't received them yet or I have received a wrong amount of tokens?
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2021.09.17 15:14 kunkai88 Has anyone ever tried to introduce their 15yo youngsters in competitive matches and play 50 games a season?

I've been wondering since I haven't tried this approach since... FM08 I think? Back then in my opinion the game dynamics were a lot simpler, I played my 16yo wonderkid 40-50 matches per season. And he turned out great. Attributes skyrocketed and his maturity got better over time.
Has anyone tried the same approach for FM20/21? And how did it went?
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2021.09.17 15:14 faulty19 How many pheonix could I get for fg fr fury

View Poll
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2021.09.17 15:14 Thickdaddy117 Kill Team Idea

I love my gas mask bois, but I got my models ready and I’m unsure of a color scheme.
Being a huge fan of other sci-fi video games I was thinking of giving them a Helgast vibe from Killzone. Black, grey, white, with some orange and red.
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2021.09.17 15:14 Stefonzie [Request] How many of these rice Godzilla's would it take to equate the size of actual Godzilla? Let's assume this is the Godzilla from 1954 - 1975 who would be 50m/164ft tall, 122m/400ft long, and weigh approximately 20,000 tons

[Request] How many of these rice Godzilla's would it take to equate the size of actual Godzilla? Let's assume this is the Godzilla from 1954 - 1975 who would be 50m/164ft tall, 122m/400ft long, and weigh approximately 20,000 tons submitted by Stefonzie to theydidthemath [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 15:14 Parkeralanss Found on r/tuckercarlson

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2021.09.17 15:14 Fuzzy_Education4705 Surprise....

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2021.09.17 15:14 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,70W x 100H x 0D cm,Alexandra Mikaczo Minimalism,Abstract,ModernAbstract. Cardboard,Yellow,Minimal,Blue,Contrast,Constructivism,Minimalism,Geometric,Painting,Simple,Grey

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2021.09.17 15:14 Reclaimer2511 People who live close to ancient structures like the Colosseum in Rome, how do you feel about them? Do these things just fade in the background or always amazing?

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