Help whenever i sleep the next morning the vacuum has less pressure any tips? I used rubber band to seal the vacuum correctly however it hurts after 4 hours

2021.09.17 14:08 WishbonePlastic4290 Help whenever i sleep the next morning the vacuum has less pressure any tips? I used rubber band to seal the vacuum correctly however it hurts after 4 hours

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2021.09.17 14:08 shegotthejack7 Why did he blow up on me?

I, 49F, have been exclusive with a 44M for over two years. It has always been more on the casual side as neither one of us wants a very serious relationship. We care about each other greatly and spend most of our free time together, nearly living together. I stay at his house quite frequently and have his key code to get in as he lives just minutes from my work. He left to go out of town for several days and as he was leaving and saying goodbye he said “love you” which he has never done before. I figured it was just habit as he does the same thing with his kids and didn’t think much of it. After work I went to his house as I had laundry there and texted him as I hadn’t heard from him in awhile. He immediately asked if I was at his house and I said yes. He blew up on me and went off on how people were texting him that someone was at his house while he was out of town. He said he was livid I was there without asking. Thus something I do on nearly a daily basis and he is just fine with it. I apologized and told him I truly thought he wouldn’t mind but that was why I was texting. He went on and on how mad he was and was very unlike himself. He has never done anything like this before. What is up with this all of a sudden?
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2021.09.17 14:08 Kodys_angel Experience of module failure? Have student finance

Hi all!
I’m wondering if anyone can let me know if they have failed a module and what happens?
I have MST124 exam on Weds. I have to get at least 40% to scrape a pass in the module. In all honesty, I’ve kind of given up. Personal circumstances and this being a deferred module in the first place, I’m worried about failing (as much as I’m expecting it…)
What happens if you fail a module? Do you just retake the exam? What’s the implication with Student Finance?
It’s my final level 1 module, starting 2 x 30 credit level 2s in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for any insight you can give!
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2021.09.17 14:08 BinaryOptionAlliance ⛲️TheExclusive | Dreams come true| Best NEW XRP Rewards Token💰| ETH &BNB GIVEAWAY 🔥| x100 Killer

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2021.09.17 14:08 rosseepoo Ball bag earrings

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2021.09.17 14:08 Tornado9797 6Lops's Victini!

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2021.09.17 14:08 Mr_Vicky Profit baby 💸💸💸🤑🤑🤑🤑 yolo just kidding . Being consistent is important if u make little Is also fine

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2021.09.17 14:08 Dylan_Bhurji You meet an alternate universe version of yourself that is the opposite gender, you have 24 together, what are you two doing?

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2021.09.17 14:08 _breaths_ Kiribati Space Agency flag.

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2021.09.17 14:08 diditmakesound Since yesterday's reminder was so surprising to some.

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2021.09.17 14:08 yesmaqueen No pot fury

What is a no pot fury worth? I got 4 😁
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2021.09.17 14:08 touchanpapa $25 off Fire TV Cube | 4K Ultra HD | 2019 release, seems like a decent price

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2021.09.17 14:08 Affectionate-Pie-539 How far are we from building a robotic arm with human like performance?

I don't know if my post will be banned, may be the mods will consider it as "low effort" or "futurism". I will post anyway and see how it goes.
So you know there is this talk among the people about future automation and how humans will be replaced by robots in work places and so. But in my opinion no full automation really possible without building a device that can perform as a human arm.
It means this robotic arm will have to be able to perform a very complicated movements and handlings of objects, also have micro sensors that will "feel" the objects that it interacts it and so on.
I think you get the picture, you know how sophisticated human arms are and what they can do.
So my question is how long do you think will it take before we will be able to build a human like robotic arm? 100 years? 200 years? 500 years? And what new technology will we need? What stopping us from making it right now? How is our hardware and software is not good enough to achieve this goal?
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2021.09.17 14:08 wtrose Bob Bradley as FCC GM?

Sam and Paul, on the Allocation Disorder podcast that just dropped, suggested Bradley as a candidate for GM (not a rumor, just as someone to consider). Thoughts?
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2021.09.17 14:08 Aleena-Conor-- Im horny again :((((((

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2021.09.17 14:08 SearchEnvy How to Create Landing Pages for Real Estate [+Examples]

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2021.09.17 14:08 Obi-1Kenobi_ INFP Music Recommendations

As an INFP, I got hooked with "Dire Straits" over the last year. Songs such as: Tunnel Of Love, Romeo and Joliet, Brothers in Arms, Your Latest Trick, Skateaway, Where Do You Think You're Going?, Sultans Of Swing, Wild West End, Sailing To Philadelphia, and much more... Mark Knopfler has this ability to make the guitar sing, really making the guitar a melodic singing tool. I think for us INFP's this kind of music is really relevant for our deepest feelings. When I heard Tunnel Of Love Final solo I cried the entire solo, felt as I was flying over a rainbow of feelings, It was really intense and awesome. When I heard Mark's playing, I knew this is the kind of music only us INFP's can truly FEEL and Understand, because we drive on emotions, we express ourselves through music, drawing, writing and other creative fields. So that's my recommendation for you guys, get to know Mark Knopfler's playing, especially if you're into rock music. Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Queen, John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Radiohead really opened my feelings in this past year. Go and Explore yourself musically and please comment your recommendations! Let's make an awesome comment section with lots of music for us to discover ❤ Have an awesome weekend.
P.s. my favorite line In "Skateaway" is "She's making movies on location". I felt so much resemblance to the roller girl in the song, go check it out💪🏻
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2021.09.17 14:08 Pure_Golf8893 💰MISSBUSD💰 | Low mc gem | Launching Now | Welcome to MISSBUSD 💰

MISSBUSD 💰 is extremely valuable as it is hyper-deflationary with static reflection that rewards holders in Binance Pegged Cardano BUSD
Each transaction will benefit our holders with a 7 % distribution in BUSD🔥 Another 2% will be added to the LP + 1% for the marketing wallet 📸.
This will be a 100% fair launch 🚀
Tokenomics 📑 :
✅ 7% Distribution in BUSD (just hold our tokens and you receive automatically BUSD rewards in your wallet every 60 minutes)
✅ 2% in LP (In order to keep a healthy chart there will be a % added to the liquidity)
✅ 1% Marketing Wallet (we need to push our project forward, for that we need a marketing wallet)
✅ 3% Max Transaction
✅ 5% Max Wallet
The dev is based and trusted, he doxxxed on the previous project called MissBUSD, he made a video chat on telegram and even showed his family so people understand he's very serious about his projects.
Contract: 0x9cb193d9a4e6b36a9e8529f49592282869463cea
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
Get in a project with a legit based Dev! No BS or Scams, with a real community following
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2021.09.17 14:08 RuffTalkVR Ruff Talk VR - App Lab - On Target VR Darts

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2021.09.17 14:08 lmxuq Is the West entering a Cold War with China?

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2021.09.17 14:08 wintermute-84 Suppressing an 11", any issues I should address ahead of time?

Waiting on a YHM Turbo for my 11" Bren2. I have heard there may be issues of over gassing so I figured I would ask here. Has anybody used HBI to drill out another setting in the gas regulator? Let me know guys, thanks!
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2021.09.17 14:08 crab13577 A

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2021.09.17 14:08 Tunneltunnelbook Free Sample Recipe

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2021.09.17 14:08 CoinjoyAssistant PayPal officially rolls out crypto service to UK customers

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2021.09.17 14:08 unicornimg USCE, telerotation, LORs

Hi, I’m currently reviewing for step 1. I’m supposed to have my US visa interview next month but was cancelled due to pandemic. I was planning to do observership sometime June-Aug 2022, but visa processing in my country isn’t really moving. Would LORs from telerotations be suffice?
Any advise?
Thank you so much!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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