2021.09.17 15:58 plucky2353 IYKYK

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2021.09.17 15:58 couponfordeals 29% off > $75.64 < POWKIDDY RGB10 RK3326 Handheld Game Console Banggood Coupon Code [32GB]

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2021.09.17 15:58 Haunting-Amoeba9903 Analog Access Channel+ Film Theory Suggestion

Perhaps this project is too young to get a full theory out of it yet. I had fun sussing out the story here though and hopefully some of you will too. Starting July 11, 2021 a youtube channel titled Analog Access Channel started posting cryptic analog horror videos along with some reddit posts, which come together as a somewhat interesting nonlinear narrative. I'll try summarizing it without giving too much away, and then put more details in the notes.
Analog Access Channel + seems to be an 'info-tainment' access channel developed by extra-terrestrial beings. Some its message seems encourage people to invite these beings, some of it seems to be a subversive warning against them. The intent of the channel is unclear; however, watching the videos and reading obfuscated messages makes it plain to tell that these beings are in some way malicious. Relationships have not yet been completely revealed; however, a small cast has been established. The mayor of a small town, Franklin (Frank) Woodard has ostensibly been compromised by these creatures. A message he put out specifically attempts to discredit one of the access channel hosts, Johnny Cartwell. Hopefully there will be more to come on him.
Rosalie Dowell, another 'host', seems to have been infected by the spores of something referred to as a 'poddling'. In her video she can be heard listing poddling components:
outer spores
*needs revision* sensory transmission
electromagnetic radio frequency signal [trans]responder
This nomenclature is consistent with a few obscure messages not-so-subtly hidden throughout the series' videos, comments, and descriptions. Howard Dowell, supposedly is not currently present. It is also mentioned that Frank recently replaced Howard as mayor.
Brian Daniels, the town's handyman, is a hypervigilant fellow, sleep deprived and on the brink. He seems to be on the lookout and advises everyone else to do the same. Although his testimony should be taken with a grain of salt given his apparent mental state in the fix-it-yourself video.
There, also, was mention of a woman named Brenda. No further information has been revealed regarding her, yet.
Main subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/useAnalogAccessChannel/
Semi-regular posts in: https://www.reddit.com/analog_horror

NOTES: ***if you'd like to decode the notes yourself, don't read any further***

morse from end of troubleshooting video
-.-. --- -. - .- -.-. - .. -. .. - .. .- - . -.. .--. --- -.. -.. .-.. .. -. --. ... . -. --. .- --. . -.. ..-. .-. . --.- ..- . -. -.-. .. . ... -.. . - .
The symbol below seems to be an extra terrestrial vessel seen in photos in the videos. Also, its pictogram is notated in some comments and descriptions.
. . . .

Encrypted/Encoded messages from reddit comments, the first two are 1:1 case sensitive substitution cipher with the same key
fix it yourself comment (92E 4@F=5 92G6 42FD65 qC:2? DF49 5:DEC6DD (92E 5:5 96 2?5 7C2?< D66 u/FE E96C6 H9J :D E9:D 92AA6?:?8 decrypted: What could have caused Brian such distress What did he and Frank see out there why is this happening
troubleshooting comment uC6BF6?4J 5:D4@G6C65 A@55=:?8D 5:DA6CD65 2H2:E:?8 >@5F=6 EC2?D>:DD:@? 2H2:E:?8 2H2:E:?8 2H2:E:?8 decrypted: frequency discovered poddlings dispersed awaiting module transmission awaiting awaiting awaiting
This was signed at the bottom of the gardening video. Assuming, for now, the same key is used. Nucgxj decrypted: _f____
base 64 under fix it yourself, assuming it is from Howard Dowell: IlNvbWV0aGluZyBzZWVtcyB0byBiZSBib3RoZXJpbmcgQnJpYW4gbGF0ZWx5LiAKRXZlciBzaW5jZSBGcmFuayB0b29rIGhpbSB0byB0aGUgc2l0ZSwgCmhlIGhhcyBiZWVuIHNvIGFuZ3J5LiAKU28gZGlzdGFudC4gCkNhbGwgbWUgYmFjayB3aGVuIHlvdSBnZXQgdGhpcyBSb3NpZSwgCkkgbmVlZCB0byBrbm93IHlvdSBhcmUgc2FmZS4gCkkgd2lsbCBiZSBob21lIGluIGEgZmV3IGRheXMuCkNhbGwgbWUuIg==
decoded: "Something seems to be bothering Brian lately. Ever since Frank took him to the site, he has been so angry. So distant. Call me back when you get this Rosie, I need to know you are safe. I will be home in a few days. Call me."

As far as I can tell, there is an alien force on approach to this small town and they have already dispatched a small reconnaissance force. It seems they wish to subvert opposition by compromising the local population. It seems their attempts at communication are maladapt to human physiology, so they established a local access channel as a work-around. However, they don't seem to fully understand the medium.
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2021.09.17 15:58 MustardInspector14 Found some water damage between a wall frame and exterior chimney. Looking for advice on what the next step should be. Is this a job for a masonry expert or will some exterior plywood and some filler do the trick? Thanks in advance.

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2021.09.17 15:58 Pabelotski1102 Is overdrill required for the secret ending?

Hi, I’m planning to do the secret ending with 2 friends, but I don’t know if the overdrill achievement is required for the final step, as you supposedly put the gold from the overdrill vault into the lament. Is this the case, or is playing first world bank normally on overkill difficulty good enough?
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2021.09.17 15:58 Humble-Chris Food licences of 2 pivoted nightlife venues revoked, 33 F&B outlets penalised over COVID-19 breaches

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2021.09.17 15:58 alihankorkm Yürüyen merdivende solda bekleyenlerin anasi orospu mu

View Poll
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2021.09.17 15:58 Jackofdemons How will data transfer work?

I played the game the first time on the test program, forget the name, will I have to rrplay chapter one, or?
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2021.09.17 15:58 landekeshav5 Anime_irl

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2021.09.17 15:58 DubstepDrugger777 Last day to submit to round 2 part 2. Also, I have closed round 2 part 1 and I'm collecting the results

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2021.09.17 15:58 Top_Reflection_6011 please read to everyone hoping things will get better love yourself first

i have given my all to my relationship with my exgf so much so that i put myself last in every aspect of my life. she has taken away my desire to do things my happiness. every time i thought it would be different her promises would fill me up with hope again to crush me back down. please everyone dont let your exbf or exgf destroyed you to the point where u get so depressed it affects your everyday life i was in a good place and now starting over again struggling to get out of bed and no i dont feel anything for my exgf anymore that feeling of depression has come back
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2021.09.17 15:58 cense_sursum Onions Growing

So I know you can find onions seeds in the mountains, but can you also grow them there? I would love to make a more self-sufficient mountain base, but the lack of food options has always made it difficult.
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2021.09.17 15:58 MercenaryJames Funny (and unfortunate) numbers are funny.

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2021.09.17 15:58 animemastermanga Today we are doing free Moon Reading explores the secret depths of your personality, relationships, and true purpose in life! Who would like one?

comment me down below
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2021.09.17 15:58 WesternMainiac1 MECA Prof. Adriane Herman took us form the Cape Elizabeth Transfer Station to the Lunder Institute in Waterville. We chatted about how she finds her inspiration from items that people of often discard and how her art deals with consumption and release, both physical and emotional.

MECA Prof. Adriane Herman took us form the Cape Elizabeth Transfer Station to the Lunder Institute in Waterville. We chatted about how she finds her inspiration from items that people of often discard and how her art deals with consumption and release, both physical and emotional. submitted by WesternMainiac1 to portlandme [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 15:58 notGhxst Jerusalem in the time of Jesus Christ

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2021.09.17 15:58 HiVDA0K Erdem'i kargonun solistine benzeten bir tek ben olamam. (nolur olmiiiim lan lütfen)

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2021.09.17 15:58 Efficient-Sir-2539 I'm the guitarist from the band Mothertown. We just released our new song "In the Room" and I'd love that you listen to it. We worked very hard on this song. It would be great if you could give me your opinion about it. Thank you :)

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2021.09.17 15:58 MyGodIsAPJ HLI, dass Alan Turing sich durch einen vergifteten Apfel das Leben nahm.

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2021.09.17 15:58 jusksmit ULTI ARENA | Launched Yesterday | Binance MVBIII Program | UI Prototype | Doxed Team | Frequent AMA's | Proof-Of-Gaming | Whitepaper | BSC Times Partnership | Audited Twice & Certik Audit | Entered Asian & US Market | Youtube Promo Video

☼ Ulti Arena is aiming to be the largest Gaming and NFT Market space of 2021. It will be a big community involving gamers, game artists, developers and freelancers. A community where people connect with each other through discussion boards, showcase their work and earn money.
🏆Ulti Arena's pre sale phase is finished. Recently Launched!
🎮Ulti Arena has officially started developing its own game, Ultimate Battle Arena. We are happy to announce our partnerships with Remote Control Productions and Frag Games who we'll work with on our own CCCG (Crypto-Collectable Card Game).
IMPORTANT UPDATE! Ulti Arena's UI Prototype is ready. We are taking big steps as launch date draws near. While using the InvisionApp, switch to other screens by clicking "Homepage" button on bottom left and locate the page you want to view. Give us your feedback by using "Comment Mode".
⭐Ama with BSC Times - Must read if you are investing in Ulti Arena: https://bsctimes.com/ulti-arena-ama-with-bsctimes-recap/

🚨We are officially participating in Binance MVBIII Program and building our relationship with Binance early! Hopefully in the future Ulti Arena will be listed in Binance Exchange.
🚨20.000 holders and counting.
🚨Ulti Arena is getting listed on Bitmart and CoinTiger exchanges! CEX listing dates are as follows: September 30 for Cointiger & October 15 for BitMart
🚨Ulti Arena partnered up with Lenonicorn Swap! You may find more about the upcoming partnership in the article here.
🚨Staking process will begin in September 21 via our own UI, Ulti Finance. Stay tuned for updates.
🚨Ulti Arena is getting noticed more and more everyday! Benzinga wrote about us; they have 33Mil monthly visitors. Read the article here.
🚨Ulti Arena's Merch Shop has opened. Visit the store for cool merch! https://merch.ultiarena.com/
🚨Ulti Arena has started bringing in talented artists to the platform for our NFT Marketplace. We have signed in over 250 artists/designers already. We are taking big steps as launch date draws near.
🚨Blockwall Capital, a German-based investor VC of projects such as Solana and Chia, has invested in Ulti Arena! Blockwall Capital I is a token fund focusing on early-stage blockchain infrastructure. The fund invests in blockchain protocols, which are the underlying technology powering the future internet, Web 3.0. We're one of the first NFT / GameFi projects in their portfolio!
🚨Panda Capital, backer of projects such as Enjin, Polkadot, Splinterlands and Chia, invested in Ulti Arena! That brings us to 4 VC's (along with Lucid Blue Ventures, Luna Capital LLC, Blockwall Capital) who are already supporting us with connections and advisory.
🚨Ulti Arena has set aside 2000BNB to liquidity pool. It will be locked forever on PancakeSwap once we're listed. Our investors can have a peace of mind while trading.
🚨Unsold Tokens from pre-sales have been burned. So far we have burned 46Bil Tokens. That puts our total supply to 204Bil $Ulti's compared to the 250Bil we had at the start. Less supply = Higher Price
🚨Audit Report by Solidity.Finance.
🚨Our 2nd Audit Report by Techrate.
🚨Our 3rd Audit Report by Certik. We have an article on our medium going in depth with the details, you may find it here.
🚨Check out Ulti Arena's Youtube teaser video!
🚨We partnered up with Pragmatic Coders.
🚨Ulti Arena has entered Japanese and Asian Markets: We have now officially entered Japan with one of our trusted Japanese advisors who has vast connections in Crypto Space in Japan, including VC's, Media, YouTube influencers and more.
🚨We sat down with Vlad, CM Game's CEO -https://www.linkedin.com/in/funtikov/- and invited https://cm.games/ to be our first Game Studio partner in the NFT marketplace. They will be the first Game Studio to join our marketplace! We're on our way to both develop the NFT platform and onboard Game Artists with Studios. More partnerships to come in near future!
🚨Ulti Arena has new VC/Advisor! Head of Polygon/Matic China and also Managing Partner of LucidBlue Ventures has invested in Ulti Arena! Charlie will become our next Advisor and will help us expanding into Chinese Gaming Market. We are very excited to have him on board: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlieyechuanhu/


Users will have multiple ways to earn $ULTI




🏆Q2 2021: Testnet Launch, Smart Contracts, Wallet Integration, Token PreSale, Start of Development
🏆Q3 2021: IDO, Public Security Audit, Creation & Trade Features, Token Staking, Beta NFT Marketplace Lauch(invitational-only), Unity + Unreal Engine Plugins
🏆Q4 2021: Mainnet Launch, NFT Marketplace Release, Job Matching Marketplace, Discussion Board, Artist Storefront and Portfolio, Social Features, 2D/3D Collaboration Tool
🏆Q1 2022: Proof-Of-Gaming, Binance and Other Major Exchange Listings, Game Client + Analytics, eSports Tournaments, Community Moderation
🏆Q2 2022: Metaverse Integrations, Social Channels, Donations, Mobile Support, Collections
🏆Q3 2022: ULTI Metaverse Game Engine, Metaverse Onboarding of Game, Creators and Influencers, Growth of All ULTI Products
🏆Q4 2022: Coinbase Listing, ULTI Metaverse Engine v2.0, ULTI Metaverse Games made by Creators
THE SINGULARITY: Ulti Arena's goal is to become the centre point for all things gaming. Be part of revolution!

OUR WEBSITE: https://ultiarena.com/
Team Ulti - Find out our Team Members and Advisors
☀︎︎ https://ultiarena.com/ko/index.html Korean version of our website
☀︎︎ https://ultiarena.com/zh-hans/index.html Chinese version of our website

༄ Official Token Contract Address: 0x42BFE4A3E023f2C90aEBFfbd9B667599Fa38514F
Pancake Swap (Slippage: 8%-15%)

Pancake Swap buying guide for Metamask users here (medium article)
༄ Pancake Swap buying guide for TrustWallet users here (medium article)
Youtube buying guide here

Telegram Announcement Channel

  1. Twitter
  2. Our own subreddit
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitch
  5. Youtube

02/06/2021 | Youtube
11/06/2021 | Youtube
09/07/2021 | Youtube
12/08/2021 | Youtube
20/08/2021 | Youtube
26/08/2021 | Youtube
11/09/2021 | Youtube

#ultiarena #ultimoon
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2021.09.17 15:58 CanalVillainy Anyone want to export trash to Sweden?

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2021.09.17 15:58 Axon0815 Ich♿iel

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2021.09.17 15:58 taxiJuice Too late to add a combined major to my degree. Are there post-undergrad options?

I am currently in my third year of a computer science major at Northeastern University.
I have come to the conclusion that I wanted to switch to the combined major offered at Northeastern called Computer Science and Behavioral Neuroscience.
Because I am in my third year(and because of my Spanish minor), it is too late for me to switch to the combined major. There are just way too many requirements for the behavioral neuroscience half for me to squeeze in before I graduate.
I guess one option would be to continue my undergraduate for a lot longer than four years, but what are my other options? Are there post-undergrad options available? I am not really familiar with the university structure outside of undergraduate.
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2021.09.17 15:58 luciferz2021 Brave Eirika True Solos Abyss Julia

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2021.09.17 15:58 PokerEnthusiast Tim Roughgarden (Stanford Prof famous for Algorithms Illuminated and Algorithmic Game Theory classes) is teaching a Blockchains course (deep dives on bitcoin, ethereum, level 2 scaling, stablecoins, oracles, etc.). Here's the current lecture notes.

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