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2021.09.17 16:04 Big-Lifeguard6337 it's a mem's time
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2021.09.17 16:04 John_Bedlam Last design I had focusing on a similar style. Let me know how you guys feel about this one.

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2021.09.17 16:04 littlefyres 🇨🇦 KOHO Referral : Sign up for KOHO, make your first purchase and we’ll both get $20!

Sign up using my referral code below, then once you load your card & make your first purchase, your account will be credited with $20
LINK: Or use code on sign up: VAOCDNG5
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2021.09.17 16:04 casejo5392 How to deal with ocd feelings?

How to deal with ocd feelings as soon as the thoughts hits you? Thank you so much for the help
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2021.09.17 16:04 MFBF0903 the treatment received at the hospital has been the most traumatic part of this disorder

-Threats of medication
-Threats of staying longer
-Giving up all autonomy
-Ignoring physical medical conditions (I have multiple food allergies and they either give me the regular food and say "this is all we got" or starve me until I finally get a doctor to allow my family bring in food)
-Shit nurses say: "Well that was stupid, why would you do that?!" after someone drugged my drink. "There had to be some part your illness played in this" after a random break in at my house that followed with the cops placing me under arrest at the scene because I was 'overly emotional' and threatening to take my dog away because she was out in her own yard. "Are you really Bipolar or are you just surrounded by the wrong people?" "You should try to keep your goals more... realistic." "You're not getting any sympathy out of me, you're in here because of your own doing" after a suicide attempt.
I've just came down from a psychotic manic episode and am now in a near catatonic depressive episode. I went off of my medications in July because they were worsening my prolonged QT (had to be hospitalized for a week due to cardiac event) and advanced osteoporosis in my hips, and that same week lost my health insurance - so I didn't have a chance to be prescribed alternatives. I'm looking for a new psychiatrist it's just that imo... most of the doctors accepting medicaid in my area just don't have the time to be attentive. My symptoms are too complex for an aprn. I am at the point of not being able to properly care for myself and really should be hospitalized, but, um, I'm not putting myself through that again!! I know depression puts on a negative lens but this is a shitty situation. Thanks for letting me rant.
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2021.09.17 16:04 Robertpereddit Splitting rent or bills with partner

Hello everyone!
How do you guys have the money talk when living together? My partner moved in with me about a month ago and hasn’t contributed to bills or rent yet even though he offered to pay the utilities.
When it comes to entertainment activities, we split 50/50.
Sometimes he would say let’s go there and do this and I would say: it’s a lot and I don’t feel like spending that for a day trip and he would say: I’m not that attached to money, it comes and goes.
Keep in mind that he doesn’t have a job and just on a scholarship.
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2021.09.17 16:04 agent_scully2084 Jessie was glad to finally be living as their authentic self and they were celebrating being alive, loved, and accepted.

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2021.09.17 16:04 bsmike128 For those with lots of seasons under your belt, what’s your oldest record? I’m in season 65 and my year 3 “two sacks in one game” record still stands 😆

For those with lots of seasons under your belt, what’s your oldest record? I’m in season 65 and my year 3 “two sacks in one game” record still stands 😆 submitted by bsmike128 to RetroBowl [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 16:04 DGStockAlert Big Z Malta Drop! Discraft & Marshall St
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2021.09.17 16:04 sltinker Could the core of our earth be a baby star, forming?

Earth is by far the densest planet in our solar system. It's as hot as the sun's surface. Scientists still are unsure of all the particulars of our core. So could this be possible?
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2021.09.17 16:04 mornarig8 $BANT Bantec Begins Selling Bantec Sanitizing Franchises @frontpagestocks

Bantec, Inc. (OTCPINK:BANT) ("Bantec" or the "Company") , through its subsidiary Bantec Sanitizing will start selling franchises this week.
Michael Bannon , Bantec's Chairman and CEO stated: "We are excited to start selling Bantec Sanitizing Franchises this week. With the Covid-19 Delta variant, and other possible variants, along with other potential virulent pathogens on the horizon, we believe, through Bantec Sanitizing Franchisees, we are in a great position to help businesses keep their employees and customers safe. Over last few months, we received many Bantec Sanitizing franchisee inquiries. We are now ready to market and sell franchises. We expect income from sales of franchises to substantially add to our bottom line this year. Below, I included our marketing and sales contact's email at Accurate Franchise Incorporated (AFI)".
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2021.09.17 16:04 summonmenow [Summon][PC][DS3] Any boss

Will help with any boss!
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2021.09.17 16:04 mamm67 Anybody know what this symbol is, it's also on the hidden leaf village's gate. I've been searching for over an hour by now and I cant find a single thing relating to it. So if you know please let me know.

Anybody know what this symbol is, it's also on the hidden leaf village's gate. I've been searching for over an hour by now and I cant find a single thing relating to it. So if you know please let me know. submitted by mamm67 to Naruto [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 16:04 justtuna I think my gf is embarrassed by me.

So my gf 27f is black and I 28m am white. We both live in the south and have been dating for almost 2 months now and I think she is embarrassed by me. She is well educated and has been all over the world I have been to a handful of states and that’s it.
So we talk a lot and often smoke weed together and we will just talk for hours. We ask each other all kinds of questions and I asked one night if I was like any of the other men and women she has dated. She said I was the most affectionate and passionate man she has ever had a relationship with but I am in her words “the most unsophisticated, and uncultured guy she has ever dated”. I asked what she meant by that and she said that she never dated anyone that only had a highschool diploma and she never expected to date a white guy from the south who is also a farmer and that I’m uncultured in black and colored issues and other things like music. I agreed that I don’t know a lot about black culture or really any culture for that matter. She is also an artist and last night had an opening at a museum for a collection of local black artists. I drove to the museum and went in. I saw her and went to say hey but she was talking to someone so I kept my distance while she mingled with potential buyers for her art. I went around the exhibit and I did enjoy the art even if it made me uncomfortable.
After 20mins of walking from room to room I finally see her and I go to say hello I said hey and she just gave me a pat on the arm and walked away to talk to someone else. She didn’t even say anything to me.
After the opening they invited the artists to speak. I stayed and listened amd after I went to my gf to say more than one word and we had a brief chat and when I tried to grab her hand to kiss it she immediately pulled away. I know she doesn’t like public displays of affection and that’s why I didn’t try and kiss her lips. I felt in that moment that she was embarrassed by me. She was surrounded by super wealthy people who are all educated and here I was a lowly farmer that makes $300 a week at an art exhibit and I know nothing about art. I left early after saying goodbye to her and she said that she would call me later that night. She called at 1:27am. It has been bugging me that she doesn’t tell people we are dating and has asked me to limit who I tell.
I just feel like she is embarrassed to date me. I’m her 9th partner and she is my first. Idk if it because she is an introvert (which I am as well) or if she is actually embarrassed by me.
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2021.09.17 16:04 pedrurrr I need animes with god-like animations and can't find it

So recently I'm enjoying only two animes: Lupin the Third and Cowboy Bebop
What Im looking for is a masterpiece in animation and closest to 0 cliche possible. Cliches for me is like that boy in school that you really hate and just looking at him makes you angry
There are some cliches that I can afford to watch. For reference I like Demon Slayer, 86, Slime Datta, KonoSuba, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man (love it) and probably the one that I most like is Darling in the Franxx cause it has that mysterious vibe of something is going on that nobody knows and the main characters are a small piece of this huge puzzle
Please help
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2021.09.17 16:04 SeraOfTramrAgain tf_irl

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2021.09.17 16:04 slackerama FT-5DR open squelch sound in menu

Hi all,
I just got my FT-5DR and while setting it up, noticed this open squelch type sound when scrolling around in the menu, while there is an active transmission in the background. So, if there are people talking on the repeater and I go into the menu to adjust some settings, every time I select a menu option of turn the scroll knob, I get this open squelch type his for a second or two on top of the audio transmission. If there is no transmission in the background, this doesn't happen. Is this a known problem or quirk?
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2021.09.17 16:04 innovativesolsoh My friend, his story.

Sorry if this isn’t appropriate for this subreddit, I wasn’t sure where to go..
Really good friend of mine moved here from AZ and has been working on streaming, but got downsized from his job in the BestBuy culling.
He’s a really good guy and when his family moved back to AZ he stayed behind to continue the life he had built with friends here in Ohio, but all his local friends but me abandoned him and his family can’t really do much (his step dad is an asshole and won’t let them)
He had a roommate at the time who stiffed him on rent, forcing him to sell his Xbox to cover it. I unfortunately don’t have the resources to buy it for him as I’m the primary earner for a family of 4 and I’m paycheck to paycheck myself.
He really wants a PS5 but while I don’t see that as a possibility, I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me gift him a replacement Xbox? If you have an old one that works you’d sell reasonably to me, or would be willing to donate a little to help me buy him a new one I would immensely appreciate it.
He started a new job and it’s been hard on him, so I offered to let him borrow my copy of XBox Scarlet Nexus, which he reminded me about selling it to cover rent.
I don’t wanna air too much of his dirty laundry but he’s had a rough go of it and could really use some kindness.
Thank you,
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2021.09.17 16:04 kirk_2477 Illegal road block

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2021.09.17 16:04 adventuremachinesc $65 (USD) to Denver (DEN) from Chicago (ORD) - (443 live dates, details in first comment)

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2021.09.17 16:04 GandalfDaGreeen Yeha

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2021.09.17 16:04 Couchspirit ISO Charlie goodpasture lots

Looking for 2020 or 2021 have few trades more likely to buy but don't wanna get scalped hmu with offers and plz have pics!
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2021.09.17 16:04 Existing_Mistake_22 its the final countdownnnn

Cant wait to see the crew!! Misses everyone too much lol
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2021.09.17 16:04 adventuremachinesc $65 (USD) to Denver (DEN) from Chicago (ORD) - (443 live dates, details in first comment)

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2021.09.17 16:04 twicepink_nlk Nelka - "Hallucinations" Music Video | Handdrawn and trippy music video

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