External HDD or SDD?

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2021.09.17 15:03 Jaffar10 External HDD or SDD?

I'm planning on purchasing the new mbp coming out later this year. In order to save a little bit on price, I planned to purchase the 256G version and buy an external drive. I'm not sure between purchasing a 500G SSD from Sandisk or samsung for 100$ or go with a 2T HDD from seagate for the same price.
What do you think?
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2021.09.17 15:03 Islamrony About of BITGAME

Bitgame is a professional blockchain sports & iGaming platform that supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BNB, and USDT.Extraordinary project and very impressive. it will be very successful. I really loved to be a part of this great project, good luck.
For more information web link: https://www.bitgame.com/
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Moderní šachovnicový koberec z hovězí kůže https://t.co/Ya2ReaGQxS #Kobereczkravskékůže #BlackandWhiteRug #BlackWhiteDecor #BlackWhiteHideRug #CheckCowhideRug #CheckerboardCowhide #CheckerboardDesign #CheckerboardRug #CheckerboardStyle #CheckeredHideRug https://t.co/DYgEEDfyXd submitted by upcyclerefinery to cowhidepatchworkrugs [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 15:03 UF_Requiem1 D2 veterans

When diablo 2 resurrected released D2 veterans returning, get to campfire character select 'hello old friends now let's warn deckard cain hes going to die to a evil butterfly if we dont stop the acts of d3'
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2021.09.17 15:03 WowitsAnime Favorite Uconn bfast CARB?

I can fuckin devour those vegan french toast like a horny cow
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2021.09.17 15:03 BlancheFromage Example of how ethical research is conducted

We've had some issues with bad-faith actors misrepresenting themselves as "researchers" or "journalists" when their intent is at best undefined and when what they make available shows only misrepresentation and harassment. As explained here, there are ethical standards whenever a researcher wishes to study a person or a group; the intention needs to be honestly made clear and permission obtained from the identified research target(s) before any research may be conducted. I ran across an example of how this looks in real life and thought you might like to see it:

One Monday afternoon in the Spring of 2019, I agreed to get coffee with Jerry Ross, the head pastor of Mercy Church, a local evangelical “bible” church in Oxford, Mississippi. I planned to ask his permission to conduct my Masters thesis research at his church. In addition, I wanted to ask if I could participate in a bible study, what the church calls a “Mercy group,” that he hosts at his house every other Sunday. Pastor Jerry paid for my coffee, and we sat across from each other in a booth for close to an hour. I explained my broad research interests in evangelical Christian identity, symbolic boundaries, and subcultural identity to him before describing why I thought that his church would be a good case for my study. I told Jerry that I want to observe how Christians at Mercy Church evangelize to [those they have defined and identified as] Others and their attitudes about how it should be done.
“So,” he earnestly began after I had finished describing the project, “are you a Christian?” I told him the truth: Yes, I am a Christian; no, I do not affiliate with any specific denomination. I told him that I still struggle sometimes with reconciling some Christians’ attitudes and beliefs about culturally salient movements and issues, such as feminism and samesex marriage. His response--in an attempt to provide me with some clarity, I felt--was that faith that Christ died for our sins, and to love Him unconditionally, was the “first step”, or the most important criteria for being a Christian. The rest should follow, he said, although I was unsure what exactly he meant. Nonetheless, once establishing that I am indeed a Christian, the pastor granted me permission to study his congregation and his Mercy group. In fact, he told me he would be happy to have me. “I know now,” he said, “that you’re not out to get us.”
Nothing similar was ever done by those who purport to wish to "study" us (me) for whatever purpose - they were, indeed, "out to get us".
When we first met, Jerry suggested that my being a social science researcher might have barred my entry to his church had I not been a Christian, which seems counterintuitive to the focus on outreach and conversion in evangelical Protestantism. Source
That would have been the group leader's right, and the researcher would have respected that established, defined boundary. No means no. Consent must be obtained or no further action may be taken. This is what it means to be ethical in research. If the identified subject does not wish to cooperate, the researcher must choose a different subject and gain their consent. It's definitely a process, the same way people must not be compelled to participate in medical research studies. Those likewise rely on volunteers who must give their consent before anything may proceed.
Beware of anyone who purports to be a researcher, or an investigative journalist, or whoever it is that is seeking your cooperation without:
1) Clearly identifying who they are
2) Explaining specifically what their purpose is for your information
3) Assuring you that they will not proceed without your enthusiastic consent and permission
4) Ensuring your privacy will be protected
5) Showing you examples of their previous work
That's at a bare minimum. When several of us interacted with Kacey over at Cult Vault, we found that she operates in this full-disclosure, respectful mode; no surprises, no "gotchas", just honest interviews where people expressed themselves and that was the purpose. Describing who they are/what they do in their own words. That is what professionalism is all about; that is what ethical research looks like.
Do not settle for less. If someone comes sniffing around, fishing for your personal information, ask why. Make sure you're satisfied with the answer(s) before proceeding. Honest researchers and journalists will have no problem providing the information you need to make your decision.
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2021.09.17 15:03 AdeTheux Kiosk Mode (or equivalent) on the Home Screen for home automation

Is there a way to lock the iPad to the first Home Screen, kind of Kiosk Mode but without having a specific app opened?
Use case: iPad being used as home automation control panel, lots of Shortcuts icons to control a bit of everything. However, I've also got a few apps set up so I can occasionally take the iPad with me on holidays.
When it's at home, though, I'd like to make sure no one can swipe and go use random apps/access emails etc.
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2021.09.17 15:03 smartybrome Bitcoin For Beginners: How To Earn Bitcoin Online For Free

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2021.09.17 15:03 sirnightw Returning to the game from a long absence, good mods to give me an edge?

Hey everyone, PS4 player returning to the harsh conditions! Last off I remember unlocking Alaska and trying to unlock the garage and running out of gas lol

Are there any mod vehicles you guys recommend to give me an edge but not totally break the game?
I heard R3nger? Not sure if the name is correct has good mods, I can check his mods out, anything specific mod wise you all like to use to make the game more fun for yourself?
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2021.09.17 15:03 Stock_Visualizer Will Meade might have just sent BBIG to the launch pad!

Will Meade might have just sent BBIG to the launch pad!
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